Monday, 8 February 2016

More and more!!!

Before I start - tomorrow will be the last day. I'll miss you all after it's over. 

Again I would like to remind you that I'd love to hear from everybody who has taken part with their country and the threads used - if you know them. Even if you haven't posted before I'd love to hear from you so I know roughly how many have taken part.

First in is Bernice who says.
"Hop hop hop almost done, no orange well cream color parsnips may be in my future. 
Bernice B 
Calgary Canada"

Following on shortly after is Judy with her rabbit. I don't think he's crazy at all, Judy.
"My crazy rabbit."

The next 'overnighter' is Sarah - rhyming Sarah. She says.
It is fun to play this game with you 
I'm always sad when we are through. 
This little bunny 
is a real honey. : ) 


Finally in this batch is Christine who's rabbit has been given a present!!!! Love the picture, Christine.
"Hi Jane 
Here is a picture of my rabbit. 
He is very glad now to have a right arm, so that he can hold his balloon! 
I hope everything is going well for you. 
The TIAS has been great fun and a good learning experience. :) 
-Christine in Alabama"

Just found Catherine's TIAS on Facebook. She says.
"Et voilà mon j13 mes dernières photos pour l'instant, je finirai lorsque je serai assise de nouveau...."

And now my j13 my latest photos for now, I'll finish when I am sitting again .... 

Micheline has just arrived in my inbox with her rabbit. She says.
Hello Jane, 
that's my rabbit but I put both arms on the same side, I thought I was wrong in putting an arm in the air. It does not matter it will be different."
Well I suppose his carrot will be 'dangling' from his arm!!!!

Mary Jane is the next to arrive. She says.
"My little guy says. Good morning from Indiana USA 
I used DMC Cebelia size 20 
Sure been a joy. Working my frog that turned into a cute Easter bunny."
There's still another day to come, Mary Jane!!!!  Hope to see you again tomorrow!!

Helene has just popped into my inbox with a troubled rabbit and her 'tiger'!!!   Once that 'tiger/rabbit' has got his teeth the other rabbit will have to take care!!!  She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Now that you are talking about teeth, Rabbit is not so happy that he added the tiger tail. Tigers are know for having a sweet tooth for carrots. 
Have a great day. 

Katie is back now with her little herd of rabbits. I've never seen dancing rabbits before but these are great.
"Hi, Jane, 
Here's five rabbits that dance round and round, 
Each one a-thinking, "Now our limbs are sound, 
What is for dinner? Where will it be found?" 
Been such fun, Jane! These guys are hungry! 
Katie V in NC"

Andrea has just sent in her days 11 and 12 combined. This is what she says.
"Hi Jane, 
Days 10 and 11 here after a little hiatus! I couldn't get my head round Day 11 until you helped ... Then I felt really silly as I knew what to do all along. Anyhow this one is called Sky now(so my granddaughter says), but is a little wonky! Adds character I think Xx 😉"
Tell your granddaughter I think that's a splendid name for a white rabbit.

Wendy has just arrived in my inbox and she says.
"Hello Jane
Here he is, nearly finished, looking good.
Wendy x"

Next in is RoseAnne. She's had a few problems but her main concern is that it isn't a frog!!!!
"TIAS 9 and a mess on Day 10 instructions on my part. I realized right away when I made the mistake and now have a painful time trying to RIPPIT their tightly secured knots. Also I see it's not the FROG I thought recently it was, royal or natural! Now it kinda looks like ET's Sci Fi friend? 
Well it's looking great to me now.  Upwards and onwards!!!

Now I think Julie's carrot is a bit 'over the top'!!!! Oh, sorry, I've just looked again - it's not a carrot it's a shuttle. Her rabbit is obviously going to take up tatting.
"And here is my day 13 !"

Celine has just arrived along with her three rabbits. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane! Voici mes 3 lapins. Demain est déjà le dernier jour. J'ai eu énormément de plaisir à participer à cet événement! Merci beaucoup. Bonne soirée. Céline"

Jane Good evening! Here are my 3 rabbits. Tomorrow is already the last day. I had great pleasure to participate in this event! Thank you very much. Good night. Céline

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