Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Last day

This is the last day of the TIAS 2016 and the link is here. Please - even if you haven't taken part publicly and even if it's months since the TIAS started I would still be grateful to receive your completed rabbit. By gathering them all in it gives me a 'certain incentive' to run another TIAS next year. 

Well as you all know now - the Tat It And See turned into a rabbit this year. Why a rabbit? Well I was getting to the end of my tether hearing Maureen going on and on and on about the result of the TIAS each year being a rabbit!!! Teasing you, Maureen. Thought I'd give her a shock and make her one. Maureen had what can only be called a 'bad year' last year resulting in the fact that we didn't meet up in Canada as hoped by both of us. So - she deserved a rabbit. 

These are two that I made during the process of finalising the pattern. The reason I was able to go ahead with the pattern is because one day my granddaughter came over one day and saw a green trial on my table. She looked at it and said 'I like your rabbit'!!! Result - if a seven year old can recognise a green bit of tatting as a rabbit then it IS a rabbit!!!

First in this morning is from Sharon who has sent in her day 13. She says.
"Bunny doing an Irish jig. I can't wait to see his teeth. 🤔"

This was followed shortly after by Joanie who has the same trouble as most of us - finding and deciding!!!
"Sorry I haven't been able to do the TIAS day by day this year, like it is supposed to be done! But, I have tried to keep up with the TIAS blog. When I saw AnneMarie's two bunnies on Sunday, it looked like they were waving, bye. And it did seem rather sad as the TIAS will be over soon! 
I may have been able to have him completed a LOT sooner, but you had me go look for eye beads on Monday (because I didn't get them BEFORE I started! I couldn't chose the color then either!)! I thought I might get by with #8's and looked through that box and didn't really find any color that jumped out at me AND Jane said #6's! So I found my #6 box and looked through that box and some bags and... After fondling so many beads (and samples and UFO's!), the day had passed and it was too late to tat without making mistakes! And I had all those beads to put away!!! So, finally, here is my bunny!"

Oh I full know the problems of 'sourcing' beads and threads that you know you've got 'somewhere'!!!!  My problem is that I get sidetracked too and start getting other things out 'just in case' I may need them too!!!  I think we all just have to accept that this goes with the territory!!!!

Next to arrive is Irene who says.
"Hi Jane, 
He is waiting to eat his carrot ;-) 
Thanks Jane 

Just before I have to go out I have the first of the last rabbit in today. This has come round the world in one huge hop from Bev who says.
1.  "G'day Jane, Tatters and Rabbits in Tatland!!! 
Fair dinkum!!!! You kept us guessing right to the end. Congratulations to BC3 for plotting such a challenge, and thank you so much Jane for all your efforts on our behalf!!!! 
Bev - Sydney, Australia 
Rabbit - Lizbeth 701; Carrot - Lizbeth 100 and 404"

Ummmm, not quite gone out yet as I saw Maureen's message. She says.

2.  "I am so thrilled that this is "my"rabbit!! - but a little sad too, because it means that another TIAS is over and I won't have a rabbit to look forward to next year - I will have to pull another "want" out of my hat..... be careful what you wish for. 
I saw how quickly Katie's rabbits have been breeding, and it is by a hare's breath that my rabbit has escaped from Sue's pie - but here he is carrot and all. 
Thank you for a wonderful game, you kept most of us guessing until Day 10. You can tell your granddaughter that there are herds of coloured rabbits hopping all around the world now. 
Maureen - Queensland Australia"
You are VERY welcome, Maureen - I'm now looking forward to your guesses next year!!!!
I'll have a word with 'that Sue' if she mentions pies again!!!!!

I'm back home for a while so will catch up with the inbox!
First in this time is Berit with her day 12. She says.
"Dear Jane, 
These rabbits look a bit sad without carrot and teeth. Luckily all will be well soon. 
Kind regards 

Next to finish her rabbit is Elisabetta and her last day. She says.
3. "Carissima Jane, 
Le invio, con molta malinconia perchĂ© l'ultimo giorno, i coniglietti completi. Per il verde ho usato filo di scozia Freccia n. 16 della C.C.C. Per l'arancio filo poliestere n. 20 della Arianna srl. Per me è stato un onore fare parte di questo TIAS e le assicuro che ci sarò anche per quello del prossimo anno. 
Mi chiamo Elisabetta e vivo a Torino Italia. 
Un abbraccio e un buon chiacchierino a tutte le partecipanti. 
A presto Elisabetta"

Dearest Jane, 
The submission, very melancholy because the final day, the full bunnies. For the green I used lisle Arrow n. 16 of the CCC for the orange polyester thread n. 20 of Arianna srl. For me it was an honor to be part of this TIAS and I assure you that I will be there for the next year. 
My name is Elizabeth and I live in Turin, Italy. 
A hug and a good tatting to all participants. 
Elizabeth soon 
It was good to meet you and I look forward to seeing you for next year's TIAS. 

Now I have Patricia next with a lovely happy bunny picture. Thank you, Patricia.
You are talented and generous 
You've done it again--without a fuss! 
Thank you again-- 
for the pattern, the blogging and the fun! 
Now just look at what your Rabbit has won! 
Lizbeth, size 20, color 644
Muskogee, OK USA
Patricia Lyn Cobb 
Thank you for my winnings!!!!!!

Next in the inbox is from Carine who says.
5.  "Hello Jane, here for you and Julie the rabbit dalton's family ! 
First one is made with Lizbeth thread col 136 20 Autumn spice 
Second one is made with Lizbeth col 150 40 Rootbeer float 
Third one is made witht thread c- nylon 0.25mm red 
Last one is made with Lizbeth col 179 80 Herbal garden 
Thanks a lot I have learned many things and it was very pleasant to participate ! Kisses"
Glad you enjoyed the whole experience, Carine.  Thank you for taking part.

Finally in this batch is Irene who says.
6.  "It was really funny, thanks a lot Jane. 
The rabbit : Lizbeth 20 color 701 
The carrot : lizbeth 20 702 
Green color, I don't remember. 
I'm waiting next year for a new one. 
I am glad you enjoyed it.  See you next year, I hope.

Now I have Anita's final day and she says.
7.  "Hi Jane! 
This was such fun, so I decided to make another bunny, grey this time! 
For the white bunny I used DMC size 20, and since I didn’t find any orange/green tatting thread in my stash I used three strands of left over DMC embroidery thread. 
For the grey bunny I used a local tatting/crochet thread by the brand Mölnlycke that I like very much, size 20. 
Unfortunately this thread isn’t produced anymore so I try to buy it whenever I find it on Swedish Ebay. 
The carrot is DMC embroidery thread and for the teeth I used DMC size 3 to make them a bit bigger. 
Thank you sooo much for doing this TIAS, I have enjoyed it very much and I am really going to miss it! 
All the best, 
Anita from Sweden 
You are welcome, Anita.

Hello - I'm back again after a lovely afternoon drinking gallons of tea with a friend. First in on this session is from Sue who says.

8. "Hello Jane. Harvey Campbell here... the Pooka belonging to Sue. She tatted me with some Coats 20 from her stash!! As you can see I've been secretly raiding her garden for the biggest carrot I can find! She says that due to all the rain here in East Yorkshire in the UK its very muddy so I now have to have a nice 'fragrant mud bath' and then she will wrap me in a warm short crusty blanket!! She promises I won't get cold if she does that!!!"

Next in is Shelly who has sent her last day too.  She says.
9.  "He is adorable!  Thank you so much for the fun challenge.

Another really funny picture - this time from Helene who says.
10. "Hi Jane, 
Well here it is, my last day. As you can see in the picture, the rabbit finally won. Out with the tiger!! 
I am so grateful that you share this wonderful yearly event. I had great fun! 
THANK YOU JANE! Till next year. 
Lizbeth Twirlz col. 406"
The Twirlz looks FANTASTIC for this rabbit. Poor tiger, though!!!

Emilia is next in and she says.
11. "Hi Jane, 
The rabbit is with his head in the clouds and enjoying his carrot. 
Thank you for all the fun. I hope you have next year another challenge for us. 
Kind regards Emilia"
Oh, yes, Emilia - next year there will be another TIAS.  I enjoy them too!

Now I have M@dinina with her finished rabbit. She says.
12. "Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mon Day 14 : mon lapin vert est fini. Il y a quelques erreurs et son bras n'est pas dans le bon sens mais il est mignon et je l'aime bien. 
C'est la fin de cette aventure et j'espère que ce ne sera pas la dernière. Je suis ravie d'avoir participĂ© Ă  ce TIAS. C'Ă©tait la première fois. J'ai dĂ©butĂ© la frivolitĂ© Ă  l'aiguille en juillet 2015. J'ai appris Ă©normĂ©ment de choses. DĂ©sormais, les modèles Ă  un niveau intermĂ©diaire et qui me plaisent, me semblent un peu plus comprĂ©hensibles. Merci pour tout. 
Fourniture : lapin : CâblĂ© 8 cotone mako (100 % coton) vert 
Carotte : Jaipur (100 % coton mercerisĂ©) - coloris 207 de Katia orange 
Feuille : Freccia #12 de Anchor - coloris 322 
Aiguille #7 
Hi Jane, 
Here is my Day 14: my green bunny is finished. There are a few errors and his arm is not in the right direction but it's cute and I like it well. 
This is the end of this adventure and I hope that this will not be the last. I am delighted to have participated in the TIAS. It was the first time. I began tatting needle in July 2015. I learned a lot of things. Now, the models at an intermediate level and who I like, seem a bit more understandable. Thanks for everything. "

Jane is the next arrival and she says.
13. "This greedy rabbit comes from South Africa. Thanks very much Jane, I thoroughly enjoyed your TIAS. I hope you have a whole bunch coming in, I wouldn’t like to contemplate a start to the year without TIAS!" 
Nor me, Jane, nor me.  It wouldn't be January without a TIAS to keep me busy!!!

Now we have another rhyme from Sarah and instead of a carrot - a bunch of flowers!!!!
14. "Jane, 
I like carrots it is true 
but first I must bring these flowers to you. 
The fun you provide 
goes far and wide. 
I'm sure I speak for all the rest 
when I say you are simply the best! 
A great big thank you 
for all that you do. 

Westbrook, CT USA 
thread: Lizbeth Linen # 693"

Next in is Phyllis who has finished her rabbit too. She says.
15.  "Here is my finished rabbit. I do believe he was born with a foot and ear defect. Lots of fun. Will make another when I am feeling better and can concentrate at reading the pattern clearly. Look forward to next year! 
Phyllis from GA - USA "
Poor rabbit but he's never known any other foot or ear so I think he feels fine.  Hope you're better soon.

Mary Jane has just arrived with her finished rabbit. She says.
16. "Sitting on the ground eating my carrot. DMC thread size 20. Indiana USA"

Now I have Barbara with TWO rabbits. This is what she has to say.
17. "Hi Jane 
I learned SO much with the 2016 TIAS and really enjoyed it - I made 2 rabbits - my firstborn is Perkie with his lopsided ear - he was conceived with Lizbeth Rootbeer Float size 20. 
His brother was conceived with Aunt Lydia's crochet thread, viscose from Bamboo size 10. 
The teeth are dmc white size 12, the carrots (dmc red 321 no 8) and the carrot tops (hh Majestic 837 size 80) were what I had "in stock". 
I'm Barbara from Westchester, New York, USA and started tatting a year ago but took a long hiatus, so I probably just have about 6 months experience. 
This exercise was excellent for me - Thank you so much for doing this!!!"

Next person in my inbox is Denise who says.
18. "Thanks for a great time as always. " 

Margaret from England has just arrived with two pictures. The robin is looking hungry - beware of the carrot. She says.
19. "Hello Jane, thank you for all the fun of another Tias and a lovely bunny to show for it. Mine quickly jumped off the settee and went to find more food, which he is jealousy guarding from the robin overhead. I can see he is going to be one hungry bunny! What is next year's 10th anniversary going to be, I wonder, looking forward to it. Can't believe we have been doing these Tias for nine years. How time flies! My thread is Flora no. 224.
From Margaret in Norfolk, England."
Is it really that long, Margaret?  You know what 'they' say - time flies when you're enjoying yourself!!!!!

Orane is next in my inbox with a rabbit made in one of my favourite Lizbeth threads. She says.
20. "Bonjour Jane 
Je suis desolĂ© j'ai complètement oubliĂ© de t'envoyer les photos des jours prĂ©cĂ©dents. Mais mon lapin n'est pas en retard comme dans Alice au pays des merveilles alors le voici 
Bonne journĂ©e 
Merci beaucoup pour cette super aventure je me suis régalée"

Hello Jane
I'm sorry I forgot to send you the pictures of the previous days. But my rabbit is not late like Alice in Wonderland so here it is
Have a good day
Thank you very much for this great adventure I really enjoyed myself
No, not like the white rabbit in Alice's book - perhaps her rabbit should learn to tat?

Finally in this batch from the inbox is Jacee who says.
21. "Hi Jane, 
Just got home from a heavy schedule - as is always during the CNY. Here' s my red CNY rabbit done with Coats size 20 - red 469, orange 687 and green 776. Thanks so much for yet another wonderful TIAS. Had so much giggles when all my earlier wild guesses were all proven wrong as the answer to the mystery gradually disclosed itself. Thank you again and looking forward to TIAS 2017!!! :D 
Lots of hugs, 

I've just found Anke's rabbits in a Facebook message - here's what she says.
22. "hello Jane, Thank you very much for the TIAS. I have enjoyed it . Here you can see my results."

The next arrival is Judy who has popped in to say.
23. "Jane, United States 
20 tan LizBeth 
Can't wait until next time!"

Sharon has just arrived with her rabbit and she says.
24. "Definitely dancing an Irish jig but even happier with his carrot & something to eat it with. Thanks, Jane. Not only did I learn a lot but it was also great fun. 

Next in the inbox is Elizabeth who says.
25. "Jane, 
This has been a delightful TIAS.It had be guessing for a while. Thank you for 
you efforts. My rabbit has already multiplied. 
Semmes, Al. USA"
I'm very pleased to see he's not going to be a lonely rabbit.  GREAT.

Carollyn is next with her rabbit and a very interesting comment. The TIAS is never meant to leave everybody with a perfect result and I'm pleased that Carollyn has felt comfortable enough to share her rabbit with us. Thank you Carollyn.
26. "I get sidetracked to easily, he is cute but someone did a little blue one that I love them more :) Well there is more after seeing the light blue one I thought it would look better if it were pink and so I decided to bleach it :) an it is a disaster !!!!! and blotchy red, and so I didn't make the carrot and too embarrassed to send the messed up rabbit picture :( well here is the before anyway :) and I should not have gotten creative 
take care from Carollyn"
Carollyn later sent in these two pictures as they show her rabbit better.

Cheryl has now arrived with her completed rabbit. This is what she says.
27. "Well, there he is our cute little “wabbit.” I started out using blue, but ran into trouble on that second ear. So after excessive picking out, or retro tatting as they say...I sent him to file 13 and began again. When I get in a bind, I should just stop and make a cup of tea or do something else until my brain starts to function again. But tatting is soooo fun. 
I gave him yellow teeth so they’d show up a little better. I think I’d like to put little white rabbit on a greeting card. 
The white is Aunt Lydia’s #20 thread. And the carrot is little bits of Lizbeth. 
I hail from Olds, Alberta, Canada. And I enjoy your TIAS. I hope you will keep it going. 
Yours delightedly, Cheryl Cameron Batty Tatter."
Certainly will keep it going, Cheryl.  I'll be back next year.

After this rabbit from Nancy my inbox is empty - for a while only, I hope. Here's what she says.
28. "Hi Jane 
Here is my bunny finished. He is made with Lizbeth 20. The carrot and teeth are scraps. The carrot got backwards but it is easier to eat this way! 
Nancy, Ontario, Canada"

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