Sunday, 14 February 2016

Another rabbit or two!

Well it's Sunday evening in my corner of Tat Land and I have a new arrival. Here's Elsa back with her final rabbit - with carrot and teeth! She says.
54. "Hello Jane 
Here is my rabbit. 
Thank you very much for your game ! 
Elsa Schneider-Manuch 

Wanda has just arrived with her rabbit and she says.
55. "Hello, Jane. Woo hoo, I finished! I'm sorry I didn't send the daily updates but I was having trouble finding time to sit down to do this. I ended up doing most of it the last couple of days. I did something not quite right with one of the ears, but I made it work. I also think the 2 eye beads are a little large, but they will be ok. 
I used Lizbeth size 20 in#672 Burgundy. 
Thank you, Jane, for another cute pattern and a fun time. 
Wanda from Kansas, USA"

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