Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 11

First in of the 'overnighters' is SueF who says.
"This has been a hoppingly good amount of fun. Looking forward to tomorrow's part of the pattern. 
Sue F"

Brenda's 'wabbit' has been shopping with it's own basket - a one armed shopping wabbit!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Now, I think this is not just any ordinary wabbit. It could be a bleary, red eyed Easter Bunny after too many late nights hiding eggs. 
Wonderful design. Thank you."

Last of the overnighters is Coretta who has sent in her day 10. She says.
"Well a bunny then. Yes, that crossed my mind at first with the legs. I'm thinking I should have done smaller beads for the eyes, I can barely see the whiskers. :) "

First in with day 11 is, as usual, Jaycee who says.
"Dear Jane, 
This second part of its ear is quite fiddly to do, hope I got it correctly worked out. :-/ 
It looks as if the first part of the ear has got twisted, Jaycee.  Not sure if you've done the seta picot setb on the first half to give yourself a picot to join to on the second half.

Maureen is next in with a good looking second ear for her rabbit. It is a bit hard but I think if people follow the directions carefully they should manage.
"He can nearly see!! - and it's just the House Rabbit on duty tonight, the others are Biding their Time....I had a little difficulty with the ear instructions, so I don't know if it's right - couldn't quite understand why it isn't matching the first ear. But all will be revealed I'm sure."

Bev has just caught me as I'm off out. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Trickier and trickier! OK - it's a rabbit, but a dancing jelly monster rabbit! I think my large beads are too big, hiding his whiskers. Maybe I'll make another one once all is revealed. 
I can't believe how you have combined such fun with intrigue and challenge!!!! 

Elisabeth has just arrived with her two day 11's. She says.
Non sono molto soddisfatta del lavoro che ho svolto. Le orecchie non mi sembrano simmetriche ma purtroppo รจ tutto quello che ho "capito". La saluto e le auguro una buona giornata 

I'm not very satisfied with the work I have done. The ears do not seem symmetrical but unfortunately it is all I have "understood". I greet you and wish you a good day 
The ears are perfect. Absolutely perfect.

SueD needs to go to Specsavers!!! Here's her day 11 along with her comment.
"Here you go... Now where did seta setb come from with nothing on the abbreviations??? You shouldn't confusticate us like this... I thought we were rabbiting not setting!!! Vbg"
Look at the top of the page, Sue.  It's there - promise!!!

Jaycee is back with her corrected day 11. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
It's been corrected - hope right this this time. Misinterpreted 6 seta and likewise as 6 half ds instead, only discovered the mistake after my second attempt of retrotat!! 
Happy Tuesday, 

Back after an afternoon out and I've found Blanche first in my inbox. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
I'm learning a lot with your TIAS ! 
Even if it's very difficult sometime, 
especially with my new Polochon-TIAS with two colours (thread size 40 because I don't have 20 in black and white ;-) but it seems ok) 
Thank you !!! 
They both look GREAT, Blanche.  

Nancy has just arrived with her day 11 and she says.
"Poor little bunny is a bit wonky but he made it. I shredded some thread with the crochet hook and had to back up in order to join in a new thread. Seta did not twist with the extra thread being hid in there. 
Nancy, in sunny Niagara"
I LOVED my visit to Niagara last year.  It's an amazing spectacle the Falls.  Your TIAS is looking ACE.

Jane is next with her day 10. She says.
"So, as they say round here, run that by me again. Ah, I think I have it. I hope I have it!"

Judy has just arrived with her day 11 and this is what she says.
Day 11.. My guy is doing a jig he is so happy that he is coming together."

Last (I think!) in this batch is Margaret who says.
"Hello Jane, so now our rabbits have two ears! I expected a floppy ear and mine certainly looked unusual the first time. I've only come across "sets" as in victorian sets so that is what I was doing. Couldn't get the "wrap" bit either but decided on unflipped. So I don't know if it is right or not but it looks like others which you say are right. So here's hopping! 
Margaret in Norfolk"
Yours looks perfect, Margaret so you're hopping good to go!!!!

Elizabeth has now arrived with her day 11. She says.
What a cutie this is going to be. 

Next in the inbox is Christine who has this to say.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 11 of the TIAS. 
My rabbit now has two horns, er, ears, I guess. 
The down picots were a neat trick. :) 
-Christine in Alabama"

Caroline has just arrived in the inbox. She says.
"Well, we got our snow. Real heavy and wet, They say more about 5:00 and it should be lighter. The kids are coming to scoop the walk and drive. A lot of businesses closed and all the schools and many other places are closed. Here is my day 11. Not real sure of the ear. Thought I followed the directions carefully but not sure of the results. 
The ear looks fine to me, Caroline.  That's the worst part of the TIAS over now!

Now I have M@dinin who says this.
"Bonsoir Jane, voici mon Day 11. "

Bernice has had a problem with her ears. This is what she says.
"Poor little thing had his ear ripped out twice but it has grown back with help from Jane. Must learn to read directions properly. 
Bernice B 
Calgary Canada"

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