Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hoppity hop!

A few more rabbits have arrived overnight so I'm pleased to introduce them to you all. 

First of all I have Lou who has sent in a lovely picture. She says.
40. "Hi Jane! Thanks again for another great tias. My bunnies are done in lizabeth thread ocean teal dark and mocha brown, with an orange crush carrot. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks for the fun time Lou Dawn Renton, WA USA"

Next a very pretty picture of her rabbit which Brenda has sent in. Love the 'fluffy' topped carrot and that's such a pretty pumpkin edging too. Thank you, Brenda.
41. "Hi Jane, 
Thank you for designing such a cute rabbit. He is very happy in the pumpkin patch. 
He is made with Lizbeth size 20, col 616. 
Brenda (Ontario, Canada)"

A quick message from Marla who will be back with her rabbit soon.
"I'm not done yet..... I've just suddenly been very very busy with work, family (cats), life and other obligations ........ 
I just thought I'd let you know that I'm still here and haven't given up and thrown in the towel. 
My purple-BUNNY-people-eater is sleeping peacefully in his cryogenic sleep chamber for a few days until I can pull him out and finish him up. 
:) we WILL get him all pulled together!"
No problem - you've got almost another year to get him done before the next TIAS starts!!!

Teresa has arrived next with her finished rabbit. She says.
42. "Let me see whether or not I can get my tablet to work. This my white rabbit. He's like me and “long in the tooth” so his teeth are yellowed. I frayed out his whiskers and the carrot greens. I think he's looking for more carrots. Thanks again for all the great designs and wonderful games we get to play with you. 
Teresa Woods "
I like the frayed whiskers and carrot tops.  Great idea.

Linda is the last of the overnighters in my inbox. This is what she has to say. 
43. "Hi Jane 
I have had so much fun to tat this Tias this year. But it's time to do the other catch up. 
I do enjoy your thoughts on your blog and comments on facebook. Will gather together again next year. I hope. Thanks for your talents and your willingness to share with the rest of us. 
Linda "

Good afternoon people - I'm back and have the pleasure of showing you Ann-Sofie's rabbit next. She says.
44. "Hi Jane, 
Here is my finished rabbit at last. He and his unborned siblings will soon be very nice gifts for my friends. 
I used Lisbeth 20 Pink Med. 
Thank you so much for this years TIAS. Looking forward to next year. 
Ann-Sofie (Sweden)"

Betty has just arrived in my inbox with number 45 and her comment.  She says.
45. "Dear Jane, 
It was very nice to follow the TIAS. A photo of the Rabbit is attached. One ear is not quite right but I am content with it. 
The rabbit is made with DMC nr 20 in the color cream. 
This Rabbit comes from the Netherlands from the city of Soest, that is in the middle of the country.
Thank you very much for making this TIAS again.
Betty Vos- den Blanken"
Thank you for taking part, Betty.

Just back from a lovely chat with a neighbour and nearly bedtime but I'll get my inbox emptied before I go. Next in is from Caroline who says.
46. "You are probably thinking bed time by now. Finished my bunnies last evening and blocked them a bit. They are really hopping with joy as Easter will soon be here and they will get to deliver Easter baskets. Hope he puts plenty of chocolate in mine. I used Lizabeth size 20 # 622 Pink Medium and 679 Lime Green for the bunnies and 695 Bright Orange for the carrot. I found some Buceilla Wondersheen when my daughter and I were going through things so used that for the teeth and used DMC size 80 color 701 for the carrot tops. I have really enjoyed making my bunnies. I am going to attach them to my sweatshirt that I made into a jacket and put tatting and crazy quilting on. Looking forward to next year. 
Caroline Omaha Nebraska USA"

Next in the inbox is a message and lots of pictures from Adeline. I'm so pleased to see all these pictures and I must say your English is very good, Adeline. Thank you.
47. "Hello Jane :-) 
I would say thank you very very very much for your TIAS ! I loved work in this rabbit. There are my differents step... (sorry but my english is bad... Lol)"

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