Wednesday, 3 February 2016

More arriving slowly!!

I think day 11 was a bit of a challenge for a lot of people but the rest from now on is easy. If you're still having problems with day 11 then please don't hesitate to contact me for extra help.

First in today is from rhyming Sarah who says.
"Hi Jane, 
Not only was todays tatting a bit of a challenge, but keeping the rhymes going is getting tougher. Can I make it to the end with a rhyme every day? I don't know! We'll have to see. 

Today's installment was a bit tough 
my first attempt looked a bit rough 
What else could I do but the knots to untie 
and give it another determined try 
After two attempts to get it right 
here's the ear the came into sight.

Patricia is next in my inbox with her - well, I'll let her tell you!
I have given up on the kangaroo idea...and am just stubborn enough to not guess rabbit! 
Was this kinkajou your model before it found the 99 year-old lady to cuddle with? 

Now I have Janet's day 11 with this comment too.
"Hello Jane, 
I am back in the game. I only did day 8 today but will do more tomorrow. I helped piece a quilt top for a friend that has had to have a double mastectomy. She is a breast cancer survivor and had a recent scare. But the lymph nodes were clear so no chemo! So we had 5 sewing machines going and pieced together squares that had the names of God to Cody up with. We are backing it with fleece and a quick quilting so she can have it for recovery and the reconstruction phase. 
My "ear" is bent more than I have seen but my chains are tight and I am ready for the next 3 days! 
It is in the 60's here in February natural about is stormy. This kind of weather makes me jumpy, it is tornado weather. Thunder boomers tonight and tomorrow, but rain is good for sleeping 
Good Night Jane, 

Finally I have Melanie's with this comment.
"Oi wei! What a pain! I did it and undid it and started doing it again and undid that part again until I finally understood what I was supposed to do. It must have taken me about an hour or an hour and a half. I nearly resigned myself to having a shriveled-looking ear that didn't look like anyone else's and settling for a failed project before I finally figured it out. This installment was definitely the antithesis of fun. 😞"

Next to arrive is Irene who says."
"Hi Jane, 
J10 and J11 ha there, if it's not a bunny !!! ;-) I hope to apply it to my current patchwork, but it is too tall, shame. 

Shelly is next and I think she likes her rabbit!!!
"He is adorable.

Now I have Emilia's day 11 with her comment and picture.
"Good morning Jane, 
This last part has some nice twisters in it. It took me some going back and forth until the ear was to my liking. I think that I made the first vsp not good, so the ear twists a bit. But with a little force it will stay up-right. 

Sylvie had a few problems with day 11 too - like most people!!! She managed in the end, though.
"Hi Jane 
My rabbit finally has two ears. I did have to try and un-knot everything twice, and to accept that symmetry and art don't always go hand in hand, but I managed I think something not too bad (yes, auto-persuasion is good!) 
You really have succeeded in maintaining our interest even after the unveiling of the mystery. Thanks again for this exciting game ^_^ 
Have a lovely day"

This is just THE cutest picture from Helene. She says.
"Hi Jane, the cute bunny seems to be saying:
"Are you really a rabbit?"
See you soon.

Anne-Marie has just arrived with her days 10 and 11. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
Delighted with being with you a little time ! My mail actually puts so difficults to send photos, that I decided on grouping "the days".So here are days 10 and 11 
I'm glad to gain time with the TIAS 's imminent end , but so sad to leave all these friends around the world, and YOU Jane, but it will be to find again better in January 2017. 
But, I saw you belong to the tatting group with Julie Portela, Elsa, et cetera..... So we 'll meet us on FB.... 
I think suspense finished with this adorable rabbit,but last days made life difficult for some tatting amateurs..... 
Read you soon,Jane, regards. 
Anne-Marie (France)"

Melanie is the next to arrive and she says.
"Hi Jane- 
I'm not sure about tye second ear......but then again, I've never kept rabbits! I'm enjoying reading other people's thoughts. 
Thanks for the game."
Looks fine to me, Melanie.  

Now this next arrival has gone above and beyond to get her TIAS done. Here's her adventure.
"Hi Jane 
Don't ask!!! 
What a mess I've been through! 
I did my day 10 scmr (first try at an scmr) but didn't know how and got it so I couldn't slip the scmr loop through- knowing how hard it would be to undo that whole piece, I decided that since I didn't like my uneven work anyways, so I started over from scratch - different thread - everything! 
I got back to day 10 and got all the way to the first whisker and horror of horrors...I ran out of thread ! 
Well, I am determined though! I backtracked to the first 5 chain of the beginning of the scmr and added thread - well, I made it finally to the end of day 10! 
Onwards !!! 
Regards, Barbara"
That's the only way to go - onwards, Barbara but well done anyway.

The next to arrive is Celine who says.
"Bonsoir Jane. 
Voici mes jours 11 avec navettes et avec aiguille. Merci pour ce joli modèle. Bonne soirée. Céline"

Jane Good evening. 
Here are my 11 days with shuttle and needle. Thank you for this beautiful model. Good night. Céline

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