Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 13

Please note - this is NOT the last day!!! The next part will be available soon. 

When day 14 has been done I would love to hear from everybody who has taken part with their country of origin (that sounds posh, eh?) and the threads used - if you know them.  Even if you haven't posted before I'd love to hear from you so I know roughly how many have taken part.  Pure nosiness, really!!!!

Just for your information - Christine at Alchemy Stitchery was the  first in on day 9 with a positive rabbit.  Before that there were a few tentative 'guesses' including Maureen who has been guessing 'rabbit' since the birth of the Tat It And See!!!!!

Top of the list today is from Nina with her day 12. Thank you for reminding me about Roger Rabbit, Nina. Love the picture!

First in this morning with her day 13 isn't Jaycee but Maureen!!! If Jaycee was in England I'd think she was having a lie in!!!!
"Came home in time to find my two-legged one-armed rabbit hopping around impatiently - he's been waiting for his other arm so that he can wave to Harvey Campbell and all the other rabbits. We are looking forward to the carrot, and he is very glad to be getting teeth as well - to eat it with!"

Anita has just arrived with her day 13 and she says this.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my white little bunny, a bit hungry and just waiting for something to eat! 

Next to arrive is Jaycee who is getting ready for the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year, Jaycee.
"Dear Jane, 
Here's my red rabbit ushering the auspicious CNY which is tomorrow. Hee.. hee... 
Happy Sunday, 

Heeee, Heeeeee. Patricia's back with her day 13 and two pictures.  So glad that Elmer is now being 'dealt with'.  He deserves all he gets trying to shoot rabbits!!!!
"A kinder, gentler post--at your request! 
This has been a hoppin lot of fun! Thank you so much Jane! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb "

Next to arrive is Jane who has sent in her gorgeous apricot rabbit. She says.
"Ah, a hungry dancing rabbit!" 

Elisabetta is next to arrive in the inbox. She says.
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Le presento i miei coniglietti quasi finiti. Attendo di vedere come il giorno 14 li completerà. 
Le auguro una buona domenica 
Con affetto 

Hello Jane, 
I present my bunnies almost finished. I look forward to see how the day 14 will complete them. 
Have a good Sunday 
With love 

Blanche seems to have made two very impatient rabbits!!!! Love what they're saying. Not long now little rabbits.
"Hello Jane, 
Here you are the photo of Day 13. 
Thank you for everything !!!!!"

Finally in this inbox session I have Bev who has a lovely pink rabbit! She says.
"Hi Jane 
And hi from the rabbit too! Looking happier at the prospect of food and teeth on Day 14. 
Can't wait! 

Back again and M@dinin is first in on this session. Her comment is.
"Bonjour Jane, je suis contente de te présenter mon lapin....vert !! Bon dimanche."

Hi Jane, I'm happy to present you my green rabbit .... !! Good Sunday. 

Next in is Sue who is worrying about her rabbit. She says.
"Harvey Campbell waving and saying to hurry up and finish the carrot and his teeth... He wants a nice warm fragrant bath and a blanket to keep him warm... It's cold outside in the carrot patch!!"

Barbara is next to arrive with her day 13. She says.
"HI Jane 
Got day 13 added - he's cute - (even with his lopsided ear)!! 
Regards, Barbara"
There's nothing wrong with a lopsided ear!!! 

Margaret has just popped into my inbox with this comment and picture.
"Hello Jane, here is my bunny after day 13, nearly missed day 12 altogether! Yesterday the "penny dropped" and I realised what it was we were supposed to have been doing with that second ear to get a "down" picot. Oh well, better late than never!!! I don't think there is a standard way of writing it out is there? I seem to remember us having this conversion a few years ago and not getting very far. Looking forward to the last day but not to finishing, this is always such fun. 
Margaret in Norfolk"
It's difficult to know how to describe a 'down picot'. Many ideas have been put forward and tried over the years but I've really never found anything yet that 'does the trick' better than the good old Victorian sets. I suppose being an old git that I'm stuck in my ways. I'd love to find a better solution to this conundrum. 

Oh, WOW. I've just had a message from Ankie in Facebook. She says this.
"here a picture of my rabbits. I was right at day one that I thought it would be a rabbit, haha"
You are so funny, Ankie

Martha (who has been on an Alice in Wonderland theme) throughout has sent in her day 13 with this comment. 
"Rabbit scrambling away from giant Alice."
How do you do it, Martha?  LOVE your pictures.

Melanie has just arrived with her day 13 and this picture and comment.
"Hi Jane- 
Attached is my second arm attached. Maybe if I add a fluffy tail I won't see my mistakes......"

Sharon is next with her day 12. She says.
"Better late than never?

Some say that Jackalopes
Do not exist
But Jane knows the truth
I look just like this"
Pleased to see you back, Sharon but I'm not sure I know the truth!!!!

AnneMarie has just arrived with her rabbits. She's planning on a 2017 TIAS too!!!!
"Good evening Jane, 
Here are these small rabbits which wait only for their carrot.They look like triumphant.We haven't guessed their identity before the last days ! 
I imagine you already planning the 2017's surprise ...... 
Read you soon Jane !"

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ChristineAtAlchemyStitchery said...

How fun that I was the first to say definitely that it was a rabbit!
And sneaky of you, Jane, to find my Instagram photos to link to.
I am working on starting a blog, but nothing is posted yet....

-Christine in Alabama