Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wednesday and more completed .....

Tami's had trouble sending her picture to me but I'm very pleased to have it now. I think her lady's been travelling round cyberspace all day!!! Here she is -

Next message and picture came in with the following -
"Well, I finally finished up. Take note, one foot is larger than the other to be a constant reminder to me that it took me a week to figure out how to successfully make a twisted Josephine Picot. I think the colors I used are telling me to call her Weird Betty.
Also, I continue to be in awe for your ability to use tatting stitches to achieve specific shapes. I am hoping some of this content sink into my overworked gray matter. Thanks so much for the wonderful learning experience. It makes me feel as if I just returned from a Palmetto

Marcella is an amazing person. She's a relatively new tatter and uses the needle tatting method. Not only has she managed to 'translate' my shuttle instructions to needle but she's produced two excellent pieces of work. This is her message and her two pieces.

"I did complete the first one but didn't think it was as good as those posted so hadn't sent it before. Changed my is my "Richard". And here is Helga, again I'm not certain she is up to the rest. But, I'm a fairly new tatter, I attended a once a month needle-tatting class for about about a year and a, I only know how to tat with needles. Makes some of the parts kind of a challenge."

Next person to send her piece is Star (DO take a close look at the eyes) who says -
"I have learned a lot!! now I just need to find more time to practice and get better and then it will be onto designing! thank you again!"

I think these two are out to confuse me as next into the inbox was another Sylvia - this time from Canada. She says -

"Oh what fun this was. More........More..........More!
Here are my ladies!!! Elena and Ann (named after friends of mine)."
I couldn't open Sylvia's file so am waiting for her to send another!!!
Ah, here it is now and well worth waiting for. What LOVELY colours.

Next is Sylvia's. She's called hers Esmerelda and she lives in Wales!!!
Here tis Jane, much enjoyed"

Here's Laura's now. Her remarks are quite true about being old!!
"I've named our little girl Agatha as she was such a mystery!
Thanks Jane. I enjoyed this very much and learned some new things. Never too old, or too smart to learn!"

Now we have Pamela from Ireland. She says -
"Here she is, not sure if the 2 beads were meant to be lips or a collar..mine look a bit washed out. Changed the eye beads when I realised as they wouldn't have looked good. Thanks for the fun once again."

Liz is next and says -
"Here she is, still have to 'hide' a couple threads, but she is DONE!"

Nancy from Canada is next and she says - "
Finally finished my TIAS. I have been busy with the cruise ships getting my Tartan clothing ready. I really enjoyed doing this TIAS. I hope there is another one soon. Had fun doing it."

Adrian's completed lady is next and he said -
It's been great fun. Especially seeing all the other tatters' creations and the speculations as to what it'll turn into at the end."

Still in The Netherlands and the next one in is from Nel. She sent hers to Riet who sent it on to me. Riet's message is this -
Here a picture of Nel Westerlaken She made a card and glue her lady on the card She wrote that it was really fun to do and asked me to mail it to you."

Next to The Netherlands and Tine who has also made hers into a very pretty picture -

"This is mine tatlady. Ze is greting you and thanks you so verry much for the nice tatting hours. I'll wait for the next. It was verry nice to do."

Now we're in Sweden with Ann-Sofie who says
"My girl has been tatting too much that´s why her eyes are so red. In fact, these are the only bigger beeds I have at the moment. I think she looks pretty any way."

Back to the USA for Sharon's completed piece -
"Great grandson Aracin on the eight day said it was a kitty cat. So I named her kitty."

Ellen sent this picture of her finished piece!!

"Here's Rose in Singapore!"

Now we have a budding princess who needs a tiara!!!
Here is my finished princess. I think she needs a tiara. I really enjoyed participating."

Next is Jane in the UK who says -
I feel really sad now that it is all over. I have enjoyed myself so much and am really proud of my Maisie (named after my Auntie) I have never bonded so well with a piece of tatting. I do hope that someone will come forward to allow you the entertainment you have given us over the past few weeks."

Here is Becky's completed lady too. She says this -
"have thoroughly enjoyed the anticipation and several members of my family have gotten involved in the process of guessing what the final product will be."

Next is from Sue and it's interesting to see what she has to say about her re-discovery of tatting. Thanks, Sue -
I truly enjoyed my very first tias with you. I learned split rings, beads, and hiding ends. I even discovered my tatting was pretty even, considering I haven't ever really done anything with it since I learned in 1973. Now I've discovered that it's not all lace and doilies. YAY! I can maybe create (or unvent, in a famous knitter's words) something I can enjoy."

First this morning is from Riet to whom I would like to say a very big thanks for translating this into Dutch for her group in The Netherlands. Here is what Riet has to say -

"Here is my little one Her name is Poeike"

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