Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tuesday and the last part released!!!

Diane submitted day 8 'in progress'.
We've had company at our house and I've gotten very behind on my project. Attached is a scan of my Day 8 (partial). I have discovered that my button is too large."

Last in my inbox this morning and looking divine, are Katie's triplets. Those colours are fantastic, Katie. Here's what she has to say -

" Wow, Jane, see what my three little dickens turned into?! Forget the dancing in the dark now. Looking forward to the last round."

Teresa sent hers in and said -
"Well, here she is ... at least through Day 10. She's related to Popeye the Sailor ... you'll have to see my blog for a better explanation unless you can tell directly from the picture."

Ellen has sent in days 9 and 10 with the following -
"Here's Day 9 and 10 photos. I too cheated and replaced pink with black beads. So, it's a lady after all!?! My children are following the progress of the TIAS, and enjoy looking at everyone's photos."

First in this morning is from Star who sent her scan of day 10

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