Thursday, 5 June 2008

Thursday and the dawn of Day 8!

Marie has sent hers in next - with another great suggestion!
"I think it is you sweet little Abbi wearing her Miss World crown!"

The next message is from Barbara in Germany. She says -

"may I guess? I think I know what our TIAS is. It is a child sitting on a sledge, or a Greenlander (what is Eskimo in English?). The third natural colour could be the fur around the hood."

OK, I better go and tat my day 8 now, scan comes later this evening.
Shirley is next and she says - "I can really see that i've improved the new techniques that i've learned from all of you wonderful people.. "

Pam is also convinced this is going to be a cat. Here's her comment -
"I'm going along with the Cat theory. I have to say mine looks remarkably like a Cat waiting for it's ears but I do love GiGi."

Nita sounds as if she's getting frustrated now!! She says -
"I will still say a doll of some kind.Not really sure yet tho. Suspense getting worse every day. Anxiously awaiting next installment."

Ah, at last. Laura's got hers the right way up. OR has she? I'm not telling!!! This is what she says I should do with myself!!
"You are the master of deception. Did you ever consider becoming a spy?"

Karen hasn't tatted this up but has been following closely. This is what she's said today -
"Just checking in with another guess, now that I've reviewed the Day 8 scans (the ones posted so far). I still think it could be (as one tatter put it) a crinoline lady, but after seeing Tineke's Day 7 photo (the all-white with gold beads) I was reminded of a white rabbit! And of course, the third color could be the inside of rabbit ears.
"I've nearly been driven mad with curiosity over the ellipses you posted from my last guesses. Am I close? (But perhaps not as close as Wally?) Are the ellipses just a deflection to make me jump out of our comfy computer chairs in anticipation? Oooh, the suspense!
This is such fun to watch. Can't wait until I can actually play."

Wendy has just popped in with her day 7 and says -
I can see, it still could be a Christmas tree, but could also be a lady."

Well this little corner of tat land just gets sillier!! Here's what Katie has to say and just look at how she's presented her triplets!!!!!
"My three little dickens are singing, "Dancing in the dark till the tune ends . . .We're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here . ".

Gina must be on the same wavelength as Maureen because this is what she thinks it is!
"Okay...Now I'm thinking of some critter, like a fat cat, but we'll see if it has ears and what kind of ears it might be."

Maureen is next with her excuses - sorry, I mean comments!!!
"John has been quite rude about it, he thinks it's a Dalek and distracted me by hovering when I was tatting and saying "Exterminate". I now think it's a fat ginger cat!"

Here's Ginny's for today. Hmmm, Ginny, do you need to go to the optician's?!?!?!
"Ok here is mine for today and i think it is Sue Hanson in a ball gown!"

I start to smile when I see some people's names in the inbox but when I see Marjan's I tremble!!!! This is one
VERY funny lady. Remember GiGi? Well here she is in all her glory!!!!
"Oh, GiGi and I are so pleased with our turned-around-upside-down-cow...
GiGi insisted I made a picture - and here she is.... what a beauty! Am I spoiling you of what! - two pictures... one portret and one
of the whole turned-around-upside-down-cow... what a fantastic day for all of us!"

Jenny has just written with her observations and she said -
"Well butterfly has definitely gone now because it's not going to be symmetrical. You've already mentioned crinoline lady type thingies on the blog so it's not that. all I can say is "I haven't a clue"
Now, as I said to her, I could've just put those guesses on as a false lead!!! Who knows? Well, actually, I do!!! Heh, heh, heh!!!!

It couldn't have been an hour since I uploaded day 8 and already Omar has done hers. Go to bed, Omar - you live in Australia and it's your bedtime, nearly!!! She said this -
"I’ve completed Day 8 and I have to say that you have outdone yourself this time. I still haven’t the foggiest notion as to what this little inhabitant of tatland might be……..Hey!!!.just had a thought……An angel on its skateboard perhaps."

First in this morning is from Connie Angeline who sent two pictures and says -

"Here are my efforts. I had started at the beginning and followed along. This first photo is my 1st motif on hands and knees weeping and pleading for her life after she broke a ring. I unfortunately had to euthanize her and start again. I am now caught up. See 2nd photo. (I know dark humor)."


TattingChic said...

That was very entertaining, thank you!

Gina said...

I especially love the Dancing Dickens in the Dark!
:-) Gina

Gina said...

And I also love Marie & Angeline's buttons!

:-) Gina