Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday and more day 6

Pamela has just sent in her day 6 with her comments which are -
"I really haven't the faintest idea what it is going to be. It does look bell shaped AT THE MOMENT but I am sure that will change. Still looks like a person driving a something or other.
The other colour is going to be the key. What a fiendish lass you are!! the old brain must go into overdrive!!
the josephine stitch does give a lovely edge."

Teresa has just sent her latest piece in and is very much tied up in knots working on her next project!

Elizabeth has had four of her cattle escape - oooh, must be a week ago. She has been trying to find them and get them back. Two have now been caught. The reason I'm telling you this? So you can understand her latest guess at the TIAS!!!
"With my current preoccupation, it is becoming abundantly clear to me that the TIAS is a polled steer with a beaded halter and a nosering!"

Next is Liz's day 4 and day 5 picture. She says -

" I am sorry these are late, but better late than never. so far, so good, I think."
They can't be 'late' Liz as there's no time limit on doing the TIAS!!!!!

Jane in the UK has sent in hers this afternoon and she says -
"Well every idea I came up with someone else has already mentioned it. I even checked out the hippo blog to see how many days it took before someone came up with the answer for that. The only thing I can think off that no one has mentioned yet is a Christmas Tree. But I don’t mind not knowing it is such great fun to take part and compare notes with everyone across the whole world."

Wally has sent her day 6 in too and she says -

"I keep thinking it looks like is going to be a ballerina or something like that. Hmm... A Southern Belle perhaps?"

First in this morning is from Omar in Australia and she says -
"Well Jane, I think that you have at long last found that thing my grandmother used to call …… ‘A Wigwam for a Goose’s Bridle!!!!!’ lol"

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