Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday and more coming in!

Tine has sent her picture in and she says -
Now the head and the arms, with beads, and the lady is ready."

Mystery solved - the following picture is from Elizabeth. Now why wasn't I able to match things up - DUH!!!! -

"Still no guess but it certainly is intriguing. Love the color combinations others are using."

Adrian has sent his next. He said -
"Here's my Day 8. Still not going to hazard a guess what it'll end up as. :)"

The next picture is from Jon in Malasia - she says
"Looks like it's going to be a Victorian lady (or something like that), and my guess is you are going to add a parasol. And the bonus is a gentlemen in a bowler hat by her side. Am I close?" I'm not telling, Jon. My lips are sealed!!!!

Last before breakfast is from Karen in SC -

"Here is the latest - day 8. Having a good time with this TIAS."

Teresa has sent her picture in with the following comment -
"Here is my latest progress. I have no idea but somewhere between Sunbonnet Sue and a ballerina I think!"

Ellen sent in her guess and picture this morning too -
"Now, it looks like a cat to me!"

First this morning is from Marian who says -

"Here is my result from the eight day of the tias.

I think now that it must A woman. Am I right?"

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