Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday and more coming in

Now here's Doreen who has a funny anecdote to tell too!!! -
No 1 Miss-Hap is now happy in the great tatland in the sky. Here is Mims Hap-py. The hair was chosen by he who crawled on the floor for the one remaining (blue) beads. It was fun to do, I learned a lot - two of them patience and perseverance as well as a couple of tatting tips."

has just sent her lady in. If you look closely you will see that she has eyebrows too!! Rika had to wait for her son to make the picture of her lady - thank you, Rika.

Marty is next and she says -

"This poor little dear is very mixed up she's got Betty Boop hair and punk lipstick. Of course, who could resist lipstick to match her eyes?

This TIAS has been so much easier for me as putting it on web pages rather than a blog has meant that everybody can take their time to complete (or even start!!!). This means I'm not trapped in front of the computer for hours on end!!! Anyway, here's Shirley's finished piece and she says - "I finally got it together and finished my project. she's not perfect, but i learned a lot and enjoyed doing the tatting. i would have wished for brighter colors but the pastels were all i had to work with in #20."

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Anonymous said...

Love the Betty Boop hair!