Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday's arrivals!

Carol's lady arrived during Coronation Street!!!! This is what she said -
As you can see my first attempt failed, some how it got twisted. Anyway I persevered and my second attempt has turned out better. Although I didn’t think it would be a doll. I like most of the others thought it may have been a butterfly."

Mette's lady has just arrived too. She has different eyes!!! -

Last in before lunch is from Helen who says -
"I hope this reaches you. I have a new e-mail address as you will see, and a new scanner. so forgive me if the technology hasn't worked. Spot the mistake!" No mistakes, Helen - just 'design improvements'!!!!

Babette's little lady is next to pop in!!! Here she is -

"Attached is scan of TIAS2, sorry a bit late but our visitors have only just left, so I needed to catch up on days 10 and 11. When’s the next puzzler TIAS3????"

Fannie's sent hers with the following remark -
"Here are the days 9, 10 and 11. Finaly I got a card reader for the memory cards - the original camera cable is somewhere in the surrounding boxes, but what you could expect after 4 moves in less than 11 months? I am happy to know where my shuttles are (well, most of them), and I always can add some more LOL."

Now we have Teresa's -
"Finally ... just a bit beyond 24 hours later than I had planned. I had no inspiration until I picked a shuttle with plans to empty it by making a ruffled picot wing butterfly. Finally it dawned on me that Esmeralda would have curly hair. Since she's dressed in her best with her pearls at her throat, she have her hairdresser entwine pearls in her hair."

Lauren has sent hers in and she says -
"This is my 8th grader who graduates from middle school tomorrow! It is a blast seeing what others have done."

After struggling to get connected this morning I've finally managed to get online and am raring to give you the new arrivals.
First is from Marco who says - "at last, here is my lady!! I was away for a few days, toke it with me, but my shuttles were empty and I did not bring the balls with me. So I did it this evening."

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***Jon**** said...

Carol's twisted version gave me a smile. It looks to me like a skeleton doing a wheelie on a scooter wearing a button crash helmet.