Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Completed hippos! Part 6

The hippos are still arriving from all round the world. There are now 76 - whoooopeeeeee!!!

This one is from Nancy Clemmons in Alabama, USA.
She said the following and left the shuttle next to the hippo just to prove her point!!

"This TIAS project was a blast! It was fun and educational. I tried not to panic when the beady eye wouldn't beh
ave. See how little thread was left on the shuttle? I was determined to finish before I ran out.. "

Next to arrive late on Wednesday evening is from Jolande Donders who is a member of Riet's tatting guild in The Netherlands. What a happy looking hippo!!

The next hippo is from Stephanie Bryant who said.
"I had to set my little hippo aside for Days 9 and 10, but I finished up the other night. I think my hippo is a little "odd" (possibly because I haven't starched it) but I love it anyway!" So do I, Stephanie.

Friday morning and a lovely surprise as another hippo wanders into my inbox. I thought they would have stopped arriving by now but the more the merrier. This one is from Patty Dowden.

This one is from Betty Vos (via Riet). She says she will wait for the next project. Well, Betty - I'll try my best!

Saturday morning and the parade of hippos takes on more members!!! Here is one from Diane Saunders and she said.
"Henrietta so enjoyed watching the Hippo Parade with me. Here she is, trying to decide which color was her favorite."
I love the picture of Henrietta - very original background!

Diane also sent her friend's hippo and said this.
"I'm also sending you my friend Bert's hippo. I taught Bert to tat when we met 3 years ago in Florida. She's from Iowa, and we've had a nice little tatting reunion this month and have enjoyed working on this project together. "

Another hippo has come in from Riet. The message with it says
"This one is from Rita Brienissen and she would like to let you know that she really enjoyed it to take part in the project. There are now 17 hippo's that came and one is on its way isn't that great from such a small country? to be honest 2 are guildmembers but live in Belgium. I am proud of my country."
I proud of The Netherlands and it's guild members too.

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Maggie the Crochet-a-Holic said...


I'm so excited!! Someone sent me the link to your tat along just when I needed some inspiration to pick up the shuttle again.

I can't wait to paroose your pages...the hippo looks really cute---a little manipulation and it could very easily look like a Newfoundland dog (I'm looking for a pattern)

Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!!

Maggie the Crochet-a-Holic