Saturday, 19 January 2008

Day 6

You might well start guessing what this is today but please email me privately with the guesses so that others are kept 'in the dark'!!!!

Abbreviations for today!!

R: ring. SR split ring Cl close SS switch shuttles RW reverse work Lj lock join Ch chain

NB – Don’t forget the italics (red text) are for those who like to do ‘front side, back side’ tatting and show where you need to reverse the order of working double stitches. This does not apply to the second side of a regular split ring.

SR28: 8 / 4 – 4 Cl
4 / 4 – 2 – 6 Cl SS
Ch: 10 RW
2 + (last p SR29) 2 Cl RW
SR31: 4 / 6 + (last p SR29) 2 + (next p SR29) 4 Cl
SR32: 6 / 4 + (SR28) 4 Cl Lj (R2) SS


Anonymous said...

Got my mind wondering now, lol. Have a couple guesses, but will wait for next installment.

Take care and be well,

Needledreams said...

I'm still without a clue! :-)

severnswan said...
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