Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Completed hippos! Part 5!!

Tuesday morning and the next few hippos have wandered in overnight!

First is BJ's worked in vintage American cro sheen - this particular batch is a firm thread. BJ said.
"That 'eye' ring was a challenge. This was so much fun."

Next is Karen Lowrimore's hippo. What a stunning thread. Karen says it's a size 10 Aunt Lydia thread - she has no idea the color name/number. She also says.
"I am slower than most of the folks that participated, but here she/he/it is. Had to have some tutoring, but made it through!" Well done, Karen.

Next is Becky Snyder's hippo. She says.
"This has been a blast! Thank you so much for coming up with this neat idea!"

Coby Roozendaal said that she liked the program, but not knowing what it
should be, she didn't know which colour she had to use. After findingout at the end it was a hippo, she tatted a new grey one on Sunday.

Lieve Rabaey, is (like Coby Roozendaal) also a member of the Dutch guild but she is a Belgian tatter. Thank you, Riet, for passing these two on to me.

Now you ain't seen a hippo like this before! Is this a new species? This one has just come from Michelle Roebuck who is the editor of the Ring of Tatters Newsletter. It's taken her a few days to find her digital camera and connections to the computer but it was well worth the wait, Michelle. What a beauty!!

My very big apologies to Lynda Krupka who has just asked where her hippo is that she sent on Sunday. I'm sorry to say that he arrived safely but just didnt' get onto the blog!!! Here he is now in all his glory. Sorry, Lynda.

This wonderful hippo in it's own very pretty setting is from Elisabeth Geurtz. She told Riet that she wasn't intrested in the pc that much, but when she read about this project, she was running to the pc every day , to look to see if there was another piece. She likes the result but she regrets that it is over. Thank you Elisabeth I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Can you divorce an adopted son? I wonder. No, probably not and I don't want to either. A few years ago I decided to adopt Mark Myers and the joke has continued, but after his hippo just turned up I'm wondering what I've taken on!!! It's well worth a visit to Mark's blog for further instructions on how to work his version of the hippo. Well done, SOJ

The next hippo is from Agnes de Koning. Thank you, Riet for passing him on.

I'ts now Wednesday morning and here is Sharon Davis's hippo. Apparently he was kidnapped by her great grandson!!! She got him back after he'd been named 'Hulk'!!!!

Wendy Durell sent her hippo in on Monday but he obviously found a better watering hole and didn't arrive. Thanks for sending him again this morning, Wendy.

The hippo who is next in the parade is from Jane McLellan in Zimbabwe who also sent in some WIP scans last week. This is Hippy the Flower Power Hippo. Well done, Jane for getting to the end and coming up with a fantastic result in spite of having to learn several new techniques!

The next hippo is from Rika Hekkelman. Riet forwarded it to me and said the following. "It was a big struggle for her, not the tatting but making a picture She got some help of her son a nice boy, but a son who can tease he called the hipo a little pig."

Another member of Riet's tatting guild sent her the next hippo by snail mail. It was safely sewn onto a card. Her name is Tine van Hoof.


BJ said...

Thank you Jane for bringing some sunshine into our lives! And, thank you, too, for the quick tutorial on "tail" section.
When I make it again, there really should be a couple, I won't leave quite as much thread between the first Days rings. Also, I'd make the ring larger in front of the the back leg join; and, in back of the front leg join - also I'd tat the 'jaw' tighter.
I love those done in varigated threads - my plain gal may have a Pizzaz boyfriend, courtesy of Yarnplayer. LOL
Great Fun!
X Beverly in New Mexico

Crow Calling Woman said...

Must have more! More-More-More-TIAS! Now that I have learned most of the basics, I totally want to play next time 'round. :)