Saturday, 26 January 2008

Day 10 - last part!!

Thank you so much for taking part in this 'experiment'. I would appreciate any scans/photographs/comments etc on the TIAS so that improvements can be made in the future. My email address is lovetotat @

I am also very happy to help others who wish to do something similar with their own designs. A summing up post with everybody's guesses will be on this blog tomorrow and following that any other additions which happen to fall into my inbox!!!


For the very last day of TIAS you will need one bead for an eye. If you don't have one to hand then don't worry!!! The bead should be slightly larger than a seed bead.

Abbreviations for today!!

R: ring. SR split ring Cl close SS switch shuttles RW reverse work vsp very small picot Lj lock join Ch chain
NB – Don’t forget the italics (red text) are for those who like to do ‘front side, back side’ tatting and show where you need to reverse the order of working double stitches.
This does not apply to the second side of a regular split ring.
R44: 10 – 2 Cl SS
Ch: 2 + (R44) 12
6 vsp 6 add bead to centre of R before closing by pulling down the core thread from the centre of vsp. Add bead to the core thread, take the shuttle through the loop and close carefully. RW
Ch: 12
6 vsp 6 Cl RW
Ch: 8 Lj (vsp R46) 2 T & C to vsp on lower face chain.

Below is my hippo!! Just in case you wondered what the pattern was for.


wickedtats said...

Dear Ms Eborall, it was great fun! Will you be doing another one?

Clyde said...

Jane, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this it was a lot of fun.

Jane Eborall said...

Ooooh, wickedtats, I do hope to do another sometime!!! I've learnt a lot from this first one!! At least one more designer is talking about doing one!!!
Clyde, it was fun. Worrying at times but fun!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Thanks for coming up with such a fun project and keeping us in suspense. I will be tatting part 10 today to finish mine and then I'll post a picture on my blog, which I have neglected for at least 8 months.

LimonVerde said...


oh looking to your website will take a lot of my time, you have got a great blog site. Thank you for giving your link to me.

I loved your hippo, anyway i thought it would be a dog, sorry ;)


Susan said...

Hippy the Hippo... he is so wonderful
Thanks for the pattern and the adventure of the tat along.....

Susan B T

ginnyw said...

this has been so much fun Jane thank you so much!!!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Well.....Ha I was right. I said it started with an "H" and I was right. The "B" or "P" were my second guesses. But I have to to tell you...I was starting to think I was wrong and that it was a Rhino when I saw day 9. I knew you yhad already done a few I was thinking outside the box to Africa. Cool design. What thread did you make him out of. I will send you a picture of my Hippo as soo as I get day 10 finished.

Anonymous said...

Well my sister-in-law, who is visiting, has won the box of chocolates - my guess was either an elephant or a rhino. And she doesn't tat! The men's guess was a joint hipposaurausderm so they get to buy the chocies. Thanks for the fun Jane

Anonymous said...

The Tat It And See, was a lot of fun.
Just finished Hungry, Hungry Hippo, lol.
I think that was a game, wasn't it?

Thanks again for a fun, Tatting Adventure.

Teresa said...

I was right too! I'll send pix to your gmail later. I have some brown size 20 that I want to do another. My "beta" version could only hide in a very colorful water hole ... he's a flowery sort of hippo.

So much fun and I hope you'll treat us all to many more TIAS. They are really a lot of fun!!

I even wound up giving an impromptu "private" lesson at the PTG guild meeting last week.

Happy Tatting!!
Teresa Woods