Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Day 8

Please take another look at day 7. A ring (R38) got missed out/or was in the wrong place!! I forgot to check it before posting! Blogger doesn't easily do copying and pasting without having to change fonts, line spacing etc. My apologies. I corrected it as soon as I realised but one or two early birds might have missed it.

Abbreviations for today!!

R: ring. SR split ring Cl close SS switch shuttles RW reverse work vsp very small picot Lj lock join Ch chain

NB – Don’t forget the italics (red text) are for those who like to do ‘front side, back side’ tatting and show where you need to reverse the order of working double stitches. This does not apply to the second side of a regular split ring.

Ch: 8 vsp 4 vsp 4 vsp 4 Lj (R16) vsp 4 RW
4 + (p SR18) 4 Cl RW
Ch: vsp 4 RW

R40: 4 + (p SR19 front leg) 4 Cl SS DNRW (you are now going to work back over the previous row) - see the small picture at the bottom.
vsp 4 Lj (vsp below R39) * vsp 4 Lj (next vsp last Ch) repeat from * 3 times RW SS (you are now going to work back over the previous row once more)
Ch: * vsp 4 Lj (next vsp last Ch) repeat from * twice vsp 4 Lj (next vsp last Ch) 4 Lj (last vsp of last Ch) RW SS


Anonymous said...

Well it's totally looking like something else to me now, I might want to change my guess, lol.


severnswan said...

Hi Jane,
I am try to catch up. Must make a special effort this weekend. When I can leave all the household work until next week! At this time I am only up to your day 6, but enjoying the challenge.
take care

Anonymous said...

Jane, regarding ring 38, I just assumed you were trying to fit everything onto one A4 printer page so "no worries" to quote the locals. But please clarify one point. When you are joining one split ring to another as in the main body of this work do you leave a false picot or butt them up to one another. I've tried both versions and cannot decide.


Jane Eborall said...

Hi Babette
Unless I've put a Fp (false picot) then you butt them all up to each other. Really friendly, like!!!