Thursday, 24 January 2008

Day 9

Abbreviations for today!!

R: ring. Cl close SS switch shuttles RW reverse work vsp very small picot Lj lock join Ch chain

LSC lock stitch chain – work first half of the double stitch as usual followed by second half UNFLIPPED to lock it. In the instructions the number of times you need to work this is shown as x and the number. So x 3 would mean you work first half ds flipped (turned) followed by second half ds unflipped (not turned) - three times.

NB – Don’t forget the italics (red text) are for those who like to do ‘front side, back side’ tatting and show where you need to reverse the order of working double stitches. This does not apply to the second side of a regular split ring.

Ch: 2 RW
6 vsp 5 Cl RW
6 RW
4 vsp 3 Cl RW
6 RW
3 vsp 2 Cl RW
8 vsp 1 DNRW
LSC: x 3 Lj (R43) x 4 Lj (R42) x 4 Lj (R41) x 4 Lj (last vsp on neck – adjacent to R16) continue with
4 Lj (next vsp neck Ch) 4 Lj (next vsp neck Ch) 4 Lj (next vsp neck) RW SS
Ch: 2 SS


BJ said...

Hi Jane!
The instruction for the lock chain stitch is very clear; even I should be able to follow this Day!
I personally like the pace because it gives me time to rework a section if it is needed.
XX Beverly

severnswan said...

Hi Jane
After re reworking a few days. I am catching up now, to day7,
take care