Monday, 4 February 2008

Completed hippos! Part 7

Whoooopeee. Numbers 80, 81 and 82 have trundled in today (Tuesday).
Wednesday morning and number 83 has just arrived. This was followed in the afternoon by 84 and 85 and in the evening by number 86.

This hippo is from Eileen Roberts who has been struggling to get him out of her computer and into mine. Thanks to her son in law, Stephen, her hippo has now arrived. Thanks for persisting with getting him here, Eileen. He was well worth the struggle and you have also learnt lots of new computer skills too.

Next in is from Winnie van Vegchel who is another member of Riet's guild. Winnie said.
"I finally finished the hippo, although you wouldn't say it was one! Had some problems with it, but Riet told me to get on with it, and not to stop so near the end. I am sending you the picture, so you can see I did try! I did enjoy the project!"
Well done, Winnie. I love the colours of your hippo (and it DOES look like a hippo to me).

Dani the geek's hippo is now on her web site here.
Dani said that she'll blog it soon, but that I could have it first! She also said it was made with recycled string and that she had a heck of a time finishing the nose and changing strings at the same time!

Becky Snyder has been really busy and has done another hippo. A baby one to go with the big one!! She said -
"Here's my little one along with his Mom. I just haven't figured out who's the daddy yet!"

The next hippo to arrive is from Anna Jean who said -
"Since I live in Memphis,
TN my hippo has been submerged in the Mississippi River for several days and has developed a case of the algae, hence his greenness. Lots of fun with the TIAS. " Thanks Anna Jean - he's great.

The next one is from Gerda Klumperman another member of Riet's guild. Thank you, Gerda - I love the colours of the thread.

This next one is from Stephanie who had a few problems getting Petunia to behave. Here's what she said.
"Petunia the Purple Potamus said she had a date with a gentleman hippopotamus this evening. I convinced her that a tiny bit of pressing with the steam iron would make her feel fresh and pretty, but when the first bit of steam hit her tail, she went screaming out of here. If she runs your way, grab her!" I caught her, Stephanie, and she's now being very well behaved.

The following two hippos are both from Gina Oschmann another member of Riet's guild in The Netherlands. Riet said that it seems to her that they are a he and a she but she doesn't know if it's true. I like the colours of these two and I'm sure they are related to each other some way.
They look as if they're talking to each other!!!!

Shirley Hill sent in the following hippo and said -
"I actually finished them on the last day as I was like a small child with a new toy and I could not put it down. (yes I did two one for me and one for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodness knows what I was thinking I forgot I could send it by email !!!!!!!!!!!!!! put it down to age!!!!!!!!"

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