Sunday, 27 January 2008

To sum up!!!

I was planning to upload completed hippos tomorrow but they are flooding in so some will be out shortly (today) and I will start another post later with the others. I may find that there are three or more posts with completed hippos!!!!
It became apparent after Day 5's posting that guesses were becoming a bit 'close to the mark'. In fact I think it was after day 4 that Pamela Myers guessed that the TIAS was going to be a hippo. Day 5 also brought in a very rude suggestion from Gina Brummett - I will not repeat it here!!!!
Also on Day 5 Ginny Weathers came up with the suggestion that it was going to be a hippo. I asked her if she really wanted to know and then I challenged her to make a hippo out of what she'd got so far -this is what she came up with!! What a clever lass. I then gave her the url with the hippo on and she sent the next picture back a couple of days later with a lavendar version.

Jane McLellan sent her progress on day 5 - but no guesses!!!

Katie Verna also thought that it was going to be a hippopotamous on Day 5 - that's after a previous guess that it was going to be a pool table!!! (Do I feel a pool table design coming over me?!?).

Marie Smith came up with this poem and suggestion on day 6!!

I thought I saw a purple cow

I'd hoped to never see one.
But if I saw a purple cow I'd rather see than BE ONE!
She followed the poem with the following remark.
Although, mine is a variegated blue! That is my guess........ Or is it a DAFT MOO???????

On day 7 Joy also thought it was going to be a hippo. Sorry, Joy, I wasn't going to put you out of your misery!!!! On the same day Tine, Tami, June P and Gina guessed at a hippopotomaus or rhinocerous. Well done everybody.
So did Wendy and but she hedged her bets by suggesting an elephant too!
Nita, Shirley P, Mary (in SE Michigan), Karen in PA, and Eileen all thought of an elephant or hippo too while JeanneZ thought of a rhinocerous or elephant. Elizabeth from Mobile, Sally from Malvern, Sylvia from Penarth, Utlinde, Katie, Carol R, Laura Blanton, Teresa from SC, Mark Myers, Linda B, BJ (Beverley) and Joan also guessed a hippo.
Heidi and her daughter are fixed on a hippo and have already given her a name -
Hermoine Hippo (they were wrong about the name, though!!!!). Doreen, Mee Suan, Sylvia Maziarz, Omar, Roger, Karey and Linda B all seemed to be certain it was going to be an elephant. I think Omar's hoping for one to help her with moving house!!
Rebecca, Stephanie and Lorena have all taken the 'safe' road and guessed it's an elephant, rhino or hippo. Liz in Melbourne also guessed the same and added a pig to the menagerie! Dear, dear, Omar's now changed her mind and thinks it's a rhino!!!

EttaJ seemed to think it was certainly going to be a water buffalo.
Sue Hanson suggested it was a Rhinosercow - well, we all know Sue's slightly demented!!!
Gale Marshall suggested a hippo and also said something very unkind about herself. I told her off!

Jenny Griffin thought it was Reggie Perrin's mother in law - a hippo (apologies to those who don't know The Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin on the telly in the UK!!).
Unarae and Lorena (hers is green!) guessed it's a hippo or a pig!
BJ thinks it's a hippo but her DH is sticking to it being a rhino - wonder if it'll cause a divorce?

Now here's an animal I must try to design sometime - an olifant!! This was from Marian. Joy in NZ is one of those who is 13 hours ahead of us. She thought it was a pig on day 7. I find this time zone thing very strange! Lieve thinks it's a pig, too.
Mary in Indy says it looks like a pachyderm or elephant. There will be some weird colored elephants (IF it is one!) completed. A technicolor nightmare or hangover! Liz now reckons it's a pig or a hippo - I wonder!!
Ruth Ann has come up with two guesses - a goat or a sheep.

Day 8 and Anne Godfrey, Sally Magill, Sherry (ladyshuttlemaker), Patty Dowden and Tara say it's a rhinocerous, Mary Donohue, Michelle Roebuck and Bob a hippo. Sunela and Diane Bayley think it's an elephant - ooooh, I wonder!!
Pat Tinney thinks it's an elephant or a rhinocerous (ish!). Karen's now changed her mind and says she thinks it's a rhinocerous!
Cynthia thinks it's going to be a dog and has added some small beads to it's collar! Elizabeth got some bits in a bit of a muddle here but she was brave enough to continue!!!

Jane in
Zimbabwe sent in several stages of her TIAS and this is one of them.

Day 9 and Omar emailed at beeroclock (porridgeoclock here in the UK) to say that it was a hippo. Bob now thinks it's a rhino! Anne Godrey and Mark now think it's a hippo! Mark thinks her name is Henrietta - how wrong can he be? Carol's saying it could be a hippo, pig or rhino today.

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BJ said...

Hi Jane! I keep re-visiting the hippos because plain Jane and Miss Pearl want to visted their 'realatives.' I like to check back and see who is new to the boat.

Thanks X