Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Day 4

Abbreviations for today!!
R: ring. SR split ring Cl close SS switch shuttles RW reverse work Ch chain DNRW do not reverse work

NB – Don’t forget the italics (red text) are for those who like to do ‘front side, back side’ tatting and show where you need to reverse the order of working double stitches. This does not apply to the second side of a regular split ring.
Also from now on there are no gaps btween SR's!

In case anybody's lost - the working shuttle is the one on the right coming out of SR18!

SR19: 2 – 6 / 4 – 4 Cl
SR20: 4 / 4 – 2 – 6 Cl SS
Ch: 10 RW
R21: 2 + (last p SR20) 2 Cl RW

Ch: 10 DNRW SS
SR22: 4 / 6 + (last p SR20) 2 + (next p SR20) 4 Cl
SR23: 6 / 4 + (SR19) 4 + (R17) 4 Cl


Jules said...

OK, this has blown all my ideas out of the water now, Jane. I'll have to start from scratch you sneaky thing! New list of guesses....

maureen said...

it's a letter - I'm sure it's a letter.....

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, tat's a thought - I wonder!!

Anonymous said...

I still have no idea what it is, and I can't wait to see!!


Carol Lawecki said...

I thought it might be a heart since Valentines Day is coming up, but I don't think it is taking the shape of a heart??? Maybe after installment 5 we will have a better idea????

Eva said...

I have absolutely no idea of what it will be. Just started tatting this today, but now I'm ready for next clue.It is very fun. Thanks!
Greetings from the very south of Sweden and Eva

Spinn said...

More greetings from Sweden. I finally found the link to this blog yesterday morning, and now I'm up to date. A nice way to practise split rings and front side/back side tatting. Looking forward to the next part.
/Kristina in Sweden.

Lolita said...

friday? we have to wait til friday?!? Thats just not fair! hahaha.
i actually got out of bed early this morning to see whether part 4 was posted yet;)
This is my first actual tatted pattern. I love the concept. Will ther ebe more?

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, Lolita but I have a busy day on Thursday. It also gives time for people who work and those who maybe struggling to catch up!! Time flies so Friday will be here soon!
Will there be more? I'm sure I will in due course but it will be difficult to do one that has the 'puzzle' factor built in!!! Perhaps another designer will - hint, hint!!

Anonymous said...

Well Maureen, it does sort of look like a letter "J", hmmm for Jane, lol.


Mortaine said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks for the pattern! I started tatting less than a week ago. I posted to a lacemaking group on Ravelry about doing a tat-along, and they directed me here! Awesome project, and lots of fun!

I wonder if you could offer some clues about how long the tat-it-and-see will be (5 days, 10 days, 365 days?). It would also be helpful to know if one ball of thread is likely to be enough. As a beginner, I've only done a few smaller projects, but I can already tell that I have no idea how much thread it takes to make something!

If you've already posted that information somewhere, forgive the question-- I looked everywhere I could and didn't find it. :)

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Mortaine
The whole thing is 10 days long so we're half way there! A ball will be easily enough.
Duh, I probably didn't post that information - I'm a bit forgetful and it's the first time this has been done in tat land!!!