Sunday, 28 January 2018

More Day five and others

First of all - tomorrow will be day 6!

At the top of my inbox (or rather, the bottom as that's the first one in overnight) is Ilona who says:
"Dear Jane, here is the 5th one. I hope it's OK. Still no idea:)"

Wendy is next with two TIAS's on the go!! She says:
"Wendy Solomon in Santiago, Chile. I am enjoying this. I agree with the snail guess. A snail would be fun!"

Next in the list is Ewa who says:
"Hi Jane! I'm so glad that I could already do it part from 5 day Tias 2018. Best Regards. Ewa Szylewska"

Sam has just joined the TIAS. She says:
"Hi Jane,
Just started the TIAS last night and I'm super excited. I took pics as I finished each part yesterday and here's the one for today. All caught up and no idea what it is!
Happy tatting,

Kay's picture has sent shivers down my spine. I'm SO glad we aren't suffering the same weather. This is what she has to say:
"Hello Jane! Awoke to temperatures in the 30's below zero F. this a.m., so frozen brains all round! Ha! The Berners had to have booties on so they wouldn't frostbite their feet, and "Mom" has been busy.... Just got to my Day 5 Tatting. No new guesses; we'll stick with our dragon guess. :-) You're definitely keeping us guessing, and this is what makes TIAS so much fun.
Warm regards from the Frozen Northland of Tok, Alaska,
Kay Lynn"

I'm going to come back to the rest of the overnighters after breakfast but before I go I'm putting Caroline's day 5 up. She says:
"Suppose you ate tucked in bed by now. Well, this little fellow had better be worth the work. Not one of you nice ladies or gentlemen told me I missed a ring on day 3. Soooooooooooooooooooo I have spent all day RTO tatting and finally have it all right I think. Split the thread on a lock join so really had to work to get that corrected. Oh, well on to feeding my kitties and finding something to eat. It has been an adventures day at least."
You were right, Caroline but now I'm up and about again!!!

I did chuckle when I saw Jane's email address as she uses 'mirrorjane' at the start of it. I greatly admire left handed people who manage to learn to tat as I know it's not easy. Here's her full TIAS so far and she says:
"Hi Jane,
I’m left-handed and taught myself to tat from right-handed YouTube videos late last year. I’ve started a blog about my adventures in doing things like this backwards and am so excited about playing along with TIAS. 
So far, everything is working out quite nicely! It turned out while I was writing my blog post that my first guess is a seahorse.
Thanks for such a wonderful community adventure in tatting!
Mirror Jane

Next in is Denise W who says:
"Dearest Jane,Had to fly to see grand baby in Oregon. Forgot my TIAS. So I had to start from the beginning. The only downside is you get to see more beautiful shuttles from Rita. Plus I will now have two TIAS. Two frogs!!!! Could a girl be luckier😉🤔!!!!!!
Just home will play more catch up tomorrow!!!!
Denise W."
Two frogs?  We'll see!!!!

Pam simply says:
"no guesses as of yet"

Now I have Coretta with her days 4 and 5. She says:
I’m “catching up” today.
Here is day 4 and day 5. This could be a horse tail."
Yes it could be, I suppose!!!

A few minutes later Coretta popped back into my inbox with another guess!!!
"I take it back. It’s an elephant. My son dressed up as an elephant for school yesterday. Of course I had to come up with the last minute costume."

Linda T is the next in the inbox which isn't really shrinking as more are coming in as I type!!! She says:
No. 5 done. 
Hope your day will be good. Still no idea. Notice the little basket. Does it look 
familar? Check back next week. 
Oh yes, it does look familiar, Linda.  I made around 80 of those for one of my daughter's weddings!!!!

Sherri has just arrived with several pictures as she tries to guess what the TIAS is. She says:
"Had fun finding pictures to go with the tatting. Is the curve suppose to be there? Looks more straight in the pattern!!!"
Well you'll have to wait to find out about the curve, Sherri.  All I'll say is that you mustn't worry about it!!!!

Barbara is next in with days 4 and 5. She says:
"Hi Jane!
Here’s my Days 4 and 5. It didn’t take me as long to get caught up with the TIAS as it did editing the pictures labeling them. I think it might be easier using a computer than a “smart” phone. (There’s a joke in there, somewhere.)”
Blessings to you,
Barbara in “NorCal” (Northern California)"
I think the joke is that not all smart phones are really smart, Barbara!!!

Next to arrive is Julie who's been translating the TIAS (again) into French. This is her day 5 and her comment.
"Here is my day 5!
As you can see, I started over. I made a mistake and damaged the thread as I tried to fix it. I decided to use another thread."

Barbara C is starting another set of the TIAS. This is what she has to say:
"Dear Jane,
Days 1 and 2, second set.
Barbara, NorCal"
Well you must be enjoying the process, Barbara.  Hope you like the end results!!!

Maureen's back now with her day 5. Here's her comment too:
"I am catching up! - and Jane in South Africa thinks we are tatting an elephant, so, just in case we are, here are three of mine. They are Indian elephants though, so they have small ears. don't they?
On to Day 6."
Well I guess ears can grow!!!!!  Oh, probably not!!!

Sandra has sent in her day 5 with this comment:
"Well... clearly... it’s a mermaid! 
DISCLAIMER: no fish were harmed in the making of this picture. The fish is her pet, not her dinner!"

Just back from a lovely walk with signs of Spring in the hedgerows. First in in this batch is from Ildikó who says:
"Hello Jane,
Day 5 is finished.
Ildikó from Hungary"

Iza is next in my inbox. She says:
"Hello JaneBest regards from the rainy Poland.I am sending my work on the 5th day of Tias 2018.  Regards, Iza."

I have 3 new TIAS day 5's in this next email!!! They are from Ewa, Lucyna and Barbara who is the very kind friend who has sent them in. This is what they all have to say:

"Ewa 5 dzień
Dziś stawiam jednak na jakąś kończynę, górną lub dolną? Ale czyją, oto jest pytanie? 

/ Ewa 5 day
Today I bet on some limb, upper or lower? But whose, that is the question? /

5 Lucyna
I to chyba będzie...Ślimak? 
/ And it probably will be ... Snail? /

A ja dalej myślę, że będzie to jaszczurka lub dinozaur.
/ I still think it's a lizard or a dinosaur. / /"

Next to arrive is Karen who has had a few hiccups on the way!!
"Hi, Jane
Can't believe I figured this out! And I had made major mistakes. I had made two SR9's, so you figure I only had to pick back one, right? Nope. Had to do both. I'd gotten so lulled in the litany of XvspX/YvspY that I made picots on the underside of SR9! That took me soooo many hours to correct. I was determined I was not going to give up and cut the threads! As a girl my mom would say that I was just like my father--stubborn as a mule. I realized how right she was! Omg, I have to laugh. What a learning experience. And then, as I was closing R12, I realized I'd forgotten the second picot on #8! Ohhhh, no. I'm not going back. I'll figure something out. I will improvise."
I'm sure you'll be able to work something out, Karen.  As long as you've got a fine crochet hook you'll be able to 'invent' that very small picot when you need it.  It's only a joining one so won't be a problem.

Next to arrive is Edyta who has sent in her day 5. She says:
"This is my 5th day TIAS 2018 .
Greetings Edyta."

Katie is next to arrive with her 6 day 5's. This is what she has to say:
"Hi, Jane, 
Day 5 makes me think I'll have a herd of alpacas when our TIAS is completed.
Looking forward to Day 6 tomorrow!
tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC"

Next in the inbox is Elizabeth who says:
"Kedves Jane! Már Nagyházi Miklósné Jolimama segítségét kérve elküldte neked az én képeimet a játékba Erzsébet Pál (Elizabeth Paul)név alatt! Segítségét ezuton is nagyon szépen megköszönöm neki!! Most én próbálkozom neked elküldeni!
Én egy Romániai kisvárosból Margittáról (románul Marghita) neveztem be a játékba. Kihívás nekem ez a játék mert még egy éve sincs hogy tanulgatok hajócsipkézni! De minden percét élvezem bármelyik mintába is fogok bele.
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth!

Dear Jane! Nagyhazi Miklósné been asking for help Joli Mama sent me to you my pictures in the game under Paul Elizabeth (Elizabeth Paul's) name! I thank you very much for your help, I will then be !! Now I'm trying to send you! 
I was called into the game in a small town in Romania Margittáról (Marghita in Romanian). A challenge for me because this game is not even a year ago that tanulgatok hajócsipkézni! But I will enjoy every minute of it either sample. 
Best regards, Elizabeth!"
I'm so happy that you are taking part, Elizabeth.  I think the translation for tanulgatok hajócsipkézni is I'm learning how to laugh which I hope everybody is doing.  
Annyira boldog vagyok, hogy részt veszel, Elizabeth. Úgy gondolom, hogy a tanulocatok hajócsipkézni fordítása megtanultam nevetni, amit remélem mindenkinek csinál.

Laurence is next to arrive and she's sent in her days 2, 3 and 4 with the following comment and pictures:
"Bonsoir Jane.
J'ai oublié de vous envoyer le mail avec les jours 2 et 3, du coup je rajoute le jour 4.

Good evening Jane.
I forgot to send you the mail with days 2 and 3, so I add the day 4."
No problem, Laurence. There maybe still people who are going to start the TIAS. 

Wendy is next with her day 5 and seems to be convinced on what it's going to be!
"If not a fat worm, then a caterpillar

Cynthia is the next to arrive and this is her comment:
"It is a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. I did it in the 20 and the other is size 80 just to prove to myself I can... Hugs Jane"

Maria has now arrived with her day 5 and the following comment:
"Dear Jane,I’m still in a fog....
This year is very difficult to guess, will see tomorrow.....
I'm pleased to hear that it's difficult, Maria!!!!!

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