Friday, 19 January 2018

More day 1

Don't forget - tomorrow it's time for Day 2. Please don't lose your tatting between now and then!!!

First in this morning with SIX day 1's is my dear friend Katie. This is what she has to say:'
Hi, Jane, Thrilled that the fun has begun.
A bit of doggerel to celebrate:

Six little cuties, all in row,
Six little cuties ready to grow.
What they will be, 
We'll just wait and see. 
Jane's designs are ever trés beaux!

Thank you!!
Katie V in NC"
Thank YOU, Katie.

Next in is Carole who has sent in her day 1. This is what she says:
"Experimenting with 3threads of embroidery, not sure how I’m going to go, we’ll see.My guess is a butterfly 🦋 "

Shelly also arrived overnight and this is what she has to say:
"Yippee! I was so happy to see your post. I had some variegated thread on hand that I picked up on sale with no plans for it yet. Here we go and thank you. Shelly"

Denise B is the next tatter in my inbox. She has this to say:
"Hi Jane ! Here is my day 1, it’s a little rough because I haven’t been tatting for months. But as usual I couldn’t resist the TIAS 2018.
Thank you , Denise Brant"
Glad to have you back in Tat Land, Denise.

Now this next TIAS day 1 is from Anita who says this:
"Hi Jane,
So excited to participate in the TIAS again, it is so much fun!
This is my tatted piece day 1.
Maybe this is a dog’s tail? (2018 in the Chinese calendar being the Year of the Dog) 

Barbara has just arrived in my inbox. Probably the last person I can deal with before I go out until later this afternoon. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Here’s my Day 1 for this year’s TIAS game. It’s hard to determine what this could be the beginning of, but I’m going to guess it’s a support system, like a spinal column.
Thank you for continuing these annual TIAS’. It brings anticipation, a bit of suspense and a lot of fun to generally grey skies and cold weather days.
Barbara in Northern California, USA"

Back home again and I've two more day 1's in my inbox. Here's the first person who is Annie from Indonesia and she says:
"Dear Jean,I am Annie from Indonesia.
I’m happy doing Day 1 of TIAS 2018, and happy to see you again.
It’s my second time joined TIAS.
Happy Tatting,

Next in is Coretta who has taken part in the past. Welcome back, Coretta. She says:
"Hello Jane!Sad to hear this was your last year leading the TIAS, but I suppose all good things come to an end.
Here is my Day 1 in Lizbeth Wedgewood Lt (655). I’m waiting around to get the oil changed on my vehicle. Glad I don’t have to do it myself in uncharacteristic freezing temps in Central Florida.

Ewa has just popped into my inbox and she has this to say:
"Hello Jane!
I am Ewa Szylewska from Poland --- my 1 day Tias2018. I'm using Babylo 20 - col.4502.
In my opinion it will be a snake :-) .Regards from Poland. Ewa"

Finally as it's my bedtime I have Carol who has sent in her day 1. She has this to say:
"Dear Jane, 
Thank you for hosting our tatting game. i think it might be too soon for guessing : )
Always, Carol NW Indiana USA
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