Monday, 22 January 2018

Day 3 has arrived.

Here is the link to Day 3.  You can also find it at the side of this blog.

Julie who is kindly translating the TIAS into French sent in her day 3 yesterday.  Here's her picture.

Next in my inbox is Bernice who has been learning to love split rings!!! She says:
"Hi Jane,
More split rings please, I’m starting to not mind them so much. 
Calgary AB Canada"

Denise W is next and this is what she has to say:
"Dearest Jane,The excitement of each clue!!!!!! I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Not guessing as of yet. Maybe after day 3. Thank you for all your work!!!!
Denise W."
Have I said it before, Denise?  Your shuttles are SO pretty.

This next email in my inbox is from Deana who has this to say:
"Here it is from Deana Tatting away on a very foggy day in 2 and as with day 1 a few more days and we will have a nice little centipede...."

Jane is fast and is already in with her day 3. This is her rhyming comment:
"A basket to carry? 
A canoe to row?
I must say at this stage
I really don’t know!"

Fiona is next again with her day 3. She says:
"Dear Jane
Wow, day three already! I have a bit of curling, which makes me think this could be a leg or a tail...but we might not be making a critter. 
I'll keep thinking... 
Fiona T 

Finally in this batch - breakfast calls - is Tim who has a novel idea!!!!
"After day 3 it looks like a shillelagh. A nice one though."

The next person into the inbox is Cathlen from Hungary who has just joined in the TIAS. She's sending in her days 1 and 2.  Welcome, Cathlen. She says:
"Hello Jane ! 
I am Cathlen from Hungary i'm sorry I was ill.
Thank you very much TIAS game this year.
I am sorry to hear you've been ill but I'm very glad to see you in my email inbox.

Francoise from Belgium is next into my inbox with her day 3 and she has this to say:
"Hello Jane, here Tias 3. Highly later, no idea, the future will tell! 
Françoise Belgium"

Next to arrive is Ilona from Hungary. She says:
"Here U R the next one :)Ilona (Hungary)"

Lelia is next in the inbox. I will miss the TIAS next year as it's the best excuse ever invented for NOT doing housework!! Lelia says:
"Dear Jane:
We, tatters, are grateful for the game! What fun -- Day Two. Looking forward to Day Three. More rings .... more split rings .... maybe some chains .... 
Perhaps it will end up being a dog -- " 2018 is a Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle. 2018 is an Earth Dog Year. "
Always, Carol NWInd USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II
Well, that's a good thought, Lelia.  I wonder.  LOVE your shuttles.

Next in is Barbara with her day 3 and Ewa's day 2. This is what she has to say:
"Mam mój dzień 3. 
Ewa wykonała pracę na dzień 2. 

I have my day 3. 
Eve has done work on day 2."

Dziękuję, Barbara i proszę, dziękuję również Ewa.
Thank you, Barbara and please say thank you to Ewa too.

Finally in this batch is Maureen from Australia. This is her comment followed by her day 3:
"We've turned the first corner! and there were flocks of screeching cockatoos overhead all afternoon, so here is my little china version to remind me.The chains are getting longer, so I think we might be tatting something quite large. Probably not a butterfly then."
How lovely to have cockatoos around you.  Wish we had exotic birds over here.

Still in Australia and the next to arrive is Lyn who says:
"Good evening JaneHere is my day 3. Glorious weather here today.
All the best
Western Australia"
Well we've had two days of solid rain over here, Lyn so I'd swop places any day!!!

The next arrival is Ildiko who has sent in her day 3 and says:
"Dear Jane,
Day 3 is finished."

Grazyna is the next person to arrive in my inbox with her day 2 and she says:
"Jane, My 2 day is ready"

Edyta has just sent me her day 3 with this comment:
"The next part is ready. I still think it will be a butterfly? 😉😉
Regards, Edyta."

Barbara has sent in Ewa's day 3 and Ewa says:

"And this is my day 3.  What will it be? It is something to think about, more and more intriguing puzzle"

Just got home again and my inbox is pretty full!!
First in is Joanna who says:
"Dear Jane, my TIAS day 3 is ready. Thank you for the fun."

Next in my inbox is Aleksandra who has this to say. I think your guesses might be right, Aleksandra, but there again they might be wrong!!!!  I LOVE your picture.  
"Hello Jane.
It' s my day 3. Maybe it will be a skier or child on a sled
Aleksandra from Poland"

Shelley simply says:
"Day 3 yippee!Shelly"
Glad you're enjoying it, Shelley!!!

Next to arrive is Nathalie who says:
"Hello, is my day 3 maybe a butterflyI'm sorry for my english.
I'm Nathalie, Québec"
But, Nathalie your English is excellent. Thank you for sending your day 3.

Jacee has now popped in to send her day 3 and this is what she has to say:
"Dear Jane, you'll be happy about this - Here's my Day 3 and still don't know what it is.Jacee "
I'm glad you don't know, Jacee!!!!

Now Veronique has sent in her day 3 with the following guess. Well all we need to know now is what sort of animal it's going to be!!!
Pour le jour 3, je vois une ressemblance avec un animal sortant la tête de l'eau ...
For day 3, I see a resemblance to an outgoing animal head water ... "
LOVE the picture too and I must share what Veronique had used for the name of her picture - LE MONSTRE DU LOCK NESS!!!  

Next in is Sue who seems to be rather stuck up at the moment!!!! Here's what she says:
"Here you go miss
Says the lady who just found 5 mins to spare after playing with glue to seal the bathroom floor before laying the tiles...
Sue (Pigmini)"

Melanie is the next in the long list of arrivals today!!! This is what she says:
"Hi Jane-
After a busy weekend, I am happy to tat up Day 3. Thank you for writing up your patterns with written (easier for me to catch the SS) and diagram (easier to catch where to join) directions. I find I need both when I'm this busy. Less untatting needed ;).
Melanie in CA"
Ah, the dreaded untatting!!!!  I do so much of that when designing!!!

That's pretty strange - another Melanie following in after Melanie from CA!!! Here's what the Melanie 2 says:
"Finally a shot that does justice to the colors!"
Lovely shuttles, Melanie.

Next in is Joli Mama who has sent in her day three and says:
"Kedves Jane! Elkészült a 3. nap. :-) Egyre jobban várom, hogy mi lesz belőle. Barátsággal: Jolimama Magyarországról.
Dear Jane! It finished the day third. :-) more and more to look forward to what's coming. Friendship Joli Mama Hungary."

Margaret has now sent in her day 3 along with a past TIAS!!! Here's what she says:
"Hi Jane, here is my day 3. I still say it is a flag pole, we have just tatted the knob on the top! I am flying it to you by Tias Airline no.3."

Celine is next with a good try at guessing. She says:
"Hello Jane, here is my day 3
With the two pearls that may become eyes, we guess that will be a pet but we don’t know which one 
I ask my 14 years old daughter to make the sentence above to exercise her English!!
Nice end of day. 
Please tell your daughter that she did a very good job.

Now we're off to Singapore and Val. This is her comment and picture:
"Hi Jane!
Here’s my day 3! It looks exciting, but I haven’t a clue. Can’t wait for more... More!

Carolyn hasn't found day 3 yet but she's sent in day 2 and here it is:
"Day two just found out you posted 3 but it hasn't showed up here in Tennessee USA yet, I marked day one the coiless pin sometimes I get confuse and this helps"

Agi is the next person to drop into my inbox and she's got this to say:
"Dear Jane
This is my third day work. I really enjoy the game.
Ági from Hungary"
I'm glad you're enjoying it, Agi. 

I like the way Cathlen has written on the picture the beads she's used and thread. 
"Day 3 "

Elizabeth has sent this picture and comment which Joli Mama kindly sent on to me. She says:
"Kedves Jane! Erzsébet Pál is elkészült a 3. napi feladattal. Küldöm szeretettel. Jolimama
Dear Jane! Elizabeth Paul also completed the 3-day tasks. I send my love. Joli Mama"

The next picture is from Ankie.  Riet has kindly sent it on to me.
Ankie's day 3 picture.

Carole seems to have the rain that's been here for two days.  Thankfully it's gone for the moment.  This is what she says:
"Hi Jane, Checking in with day 3. Rainy day here in Ontario, I hope this turns into a lawn chair. Carole On., Canada"
That's a good guess, Carole.  I wonder if it is!!!!

Now I have Mazar's day 3 and she told me yesterday that she'd hand painted the thread.  Isn't it lovely?

Nona has a very good idea with her guess but I wonder if she's right? Who knows!!!
"I think it’s starting to look like a be completed just in time for Valentine’s Day.Nona"

Caroline is next with her day 3 and a story about her appalling weather. Here's what she says:
"Well, kids have another day off from school. A huge snow storm is coming in and I see the snow is starting now. Schools, colleges, business etc. are all closed. I think they are afraid they would not be able to get the kids home safely. We will have a lot of wind with it so visiabiilty will be bed especially out in the country. Hope you are having better weather.

Izabela has just sent this day 3 in.  Here's what she has to say:
"Hello Jane
Here is my work on 3 Tias 2018
Greetings from Poland."

Linda is the next person to arrive and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 3 of the T.I.A.S. 2018. My piece is beginning to curve some too. I think it could be a paw for an animal? Not really sure yet...but that's part of the fun. 
Linda in northern Virgina, US"
Keep guessing, Linda.  Keep guessing!!!!

Joni has caught up again with her day 3. This is what she said:
"Had a busy weekend so I caught up with everyone this morning. It is fun to see everyone else’s versions on your blog. I like split rings! I have a little gap between SR4 and SR5 that is bothering me a little bit but not enough for me to try to open up the rings after they are closed! I have never successfully accomplished that feat. 
Oh, Joni, don't worry about that gap.  A blind man would be glad to see it as the saying goes.  It'll make no difference to the finished item.  Promise.
The easiest way to open up rings or split rings (if you need to) is to push a fine crochet hook down between two doubles about 3 or 4 from the last double of the ring.  Ease the core thread upwards with the hook and then with the fingers until you've got a loop of around 2".  Next hold the LAST double of the ring and ease it towards the right thus opening the ring.  The rest should be easy.  Hope this helps.

Next to arrive is Erzsebet who has also sent in her day 3. She says:
"Hi Jane..
Here is my work of day 3."

This next day 3 is from Krystyna. This is what she says:
"Witaj ! Dzień 3 .Stawiam że to będzie samolot
Hello ! Day 3 .Stawiam it would be a plane "

Another Polish friend has just arrived. This time it's Grażyna who says:
"Dearest Jane , Day 3 is ready. Grażyna "

Ania is next to arrive with her day 3. This is what she says:
"Hello Jane
TIAS '2018 Day 3
Maybe it will be sleds ?
Ania Krause "

Next to arrive is Anne who says:
"Hello Jane
My day 3. It's ... a cat ? :-) "
Are you sure, Anne?

Here's Ewa's day 3 now. She says:
"Hello Jane!This is my work on 3 day. Regards from Poland. Ewa Szylewska"

Next to arrive is Eva who lives in Germany and who has just joined the TIAS.  She's sent in days 1, 2 and 3 and says:
"Hallo Jane,
ich bin Eva Ziegler aus Deutschland, Mitglied auch in der Gruppe „Hajócsipkék“.
Ich bin Ungarin und lebe seit 29 Jahren in Deutschland und ich kann leider kein Englisch. Occhi habe ich vor etwa 50 Jahren gelernt aber
Ich mache zum ersten Mal mit an TIAS .
Hier die Arbeiten von Tag 1, 2, und 3.
Liebe Grüße aus Bayern

Hi Jane,
I'm Eva Ziegler from Germany, a member in the group "Hajócsipkék".
I am Hungarian, living in Germany for 29 years and I do not speak English. Occhi I learned about 50 years ago but
I'm doing for the first time at TIAS.
Here the work from day 1, 2, and 3. FIG.
Greetings from Bavaria
Eva Ziegler"
Welcome to the TIAS, Eva.  Thank you for joining us.
Willkommen bei der TIAS, Eva. Danke, dass Sie sich uns angeschlossen haben.

Katie with her six TIAS's is next to arrive. This is her comment and that's followed by her photo:
"It's fun imagining what these cuties may become! Ring by ring, chain by chain, they grow slowly and carefully! Although I think I put them upside down for the pic. They're still cute!
All the best,

Maria has now sent in her day 3 and she says:
"Hi Jane, again Maria, my Tia is changing direction. My insect dragonfly is closer to transformation every day.
On the 10th day, when the night replaced the dawn i kiss my insect dragonfly so that she could take the form of a ballerina or some kind of animal, which only Jane knows."
You're right, Maria - only I know!!! Well, the other translators know too!!!

The final arrival today (I'm off to bed now) is Margaret. This is what she has to say:
"Hello from down the road in Bucks UK. Thanks for another TIAS. When you do frontside/backside rings do you also need to reverse the join?
Did you know there is a town call Tias in Lanzarote. Anyone from Tias doing the TIAS?
Best wishes Mary"
No, I didn't know that!!!  I wonder if there is anybody from Tias or even Lanzarote doing the game with us?
As for reversing joins - I don't but then I'm not a perfectionist and wouldn't worry about things like that.  Perhaps others will offer advice in the comments?

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Marjorie said...

I reversed my join for R's 10 & 11, the first I recall doing that. I figured if I had reversed the DS's, perhaps a "backwards" (upside down) join would be appropriate. ==Marjorie in California (just emailed my Day 3)