Saturday, 20 January 2018

Day 2 now available

First in this morning is from Julie who has been translating the blog into French for all the tatters who need it. Here's what she says:
"Hello Jane ! 
Here is my day 2 picture !
I hope you had a good day ^_^"

Next in on this VERY wet morning is from Pam and she's sent this picture.

Christine follows Pam with her comment and picture. This is what she has to say:
"Hello Jane!
I am excited to participate in this year's TIAS.
Thanks for another fun adventure!
Here is Day 1.
-Christine in Alabama"

Next to arrive is Anita and this is what she says - oh, plus her picture too.
"Hello Jane,
Thank you again for doing the TIAS, it is so much fun and I have been looking forward to it.
I really hope it will not be the last year that you will arrange this for us!
Here is my day 2, can’t wait for day 3 :-)
Have a great day, Anita "

Jane is next and this is her comment followed by her picture:
"Hmm, too long for a butterfly body now. The middle of something."

Maureen has now sent in her day 2 and is wondering why her split rings aren't straight. Don't worry, Maureen - things will work out well in the end - promise!!!
"Day 2 shows quite clearly that my split rings don't lie in a nice straight line like the picture! - maybe all those picots will correct the curve in due course.
I hope the ancient computer will last for the duration of the TIAS: it takes twice as long for it to wake up these days as it does to tat!"
I hope the computer lasts out too, Maureen.

Next in is Barbara. She sounds VERY eager to get on with this year's TIAS!
"To mój dzień 2 
Już nie mogę się doczekać dalszego ciągu

This is my day 2
I can not wait to continue!

Well Tim has the answer yet again. He's determined it's going to be a ..... Well, here's what he says:
"See! Told you it was a snake. Hehe. We will see."

Just as I was about to leave the computer and go down the town Aleksandra arrived with her day 2. She says:
"Dear Jane,
I' m excited for this adventure. It's my day 2 TIAS "

Joli mama has just arrived in my inbox. This is what she has to say:
"Kedves Jane! Küldöm a 2. nap munkáját. Köszönöm. A Lisbeth 20-as cérnából
Örömmel küldöm, Jolimama Magyarországról

Dear Jane! I send the work of the second day. Thanks. I am pleased to send my 20s cérnából of Lisbeth, Joli Mama Hungary "

Shelly was next in and very quickly on Joli Mama's tail. Ooooops, did I just give you a clue - tail?
"Oh so pretty. It is fun to watch the colors change. Have s great day!

Margaret from here in the UK has just arrived with her day 1. This is what she has to say:
"Hello Jane, yesterday's email seems to have gone astray, so here goes again!
Thank you for yet another Tias, I do hope it will not be the last, Jan/Feb will seem empty without it and what would you do instead?!
I have turned this place upside down trying to find my hippo to go in my picture but he is hiding. I hope he will come out of hiding before we finish this Tias. My boat is not here either, maybe he has sailed away fo a holiday. Wish he had taken me with him!!!
From Margaret in Norfolk."
I'd join you on a holiday too, Margaret.  It's rained all day so far.

Lyn is next to arrive all the way from Australia and obviously a few hours ahead of us here in the UK. She says:
"Good evening from Western Australia Jane, Ian says hello! And asked if I was doing that Jane thing? LOL !"
Please say 'hi' to Ian and apologise to him for leading you astray, Lyn!!!!

Riet has just sent in Ankie Kaspers's day 2.  Here's her picture.

Joanna is back now with her day 2. She says:
"Hi Jane,here is my day 2 picture 🙂 Maybe it is a snail or a dragon🙂Have a nice day 🙂
Joanna from Poland"

My next arrival is Zsoka from Hungary and she says:
"Dear Jane!
Welcome to the TIAS participants!
I'm from Hungary and I try to focus on the day-to-day events. A great pleasure to take part in such a game: thank you Jean!
Yours: Zsoka"

Also from Hungary is Agi who says this:
"Dear Jane
This is my second day work.
Ági from Hungary"

Anne is next in to the inbox and she says:
"Hello Jane,
Here is the second part. Maybe it's the tail of an unicorn ?
Good afternoon"

Annie has just arrived too and this is her comment followed by her picture:
"Hi Jane..
Here is my work of day 2.
I guess, it’s dragon’s tail
Happy Tatting from Indonesia,

Next to arrive is Celine who has sent in her day 2. She says:
"Here is my day 2. Looking forward next step
Nice week-end.
Celine "

This is day 2 which has been sent in by Józsefné.

Next into the inbox is Margaret with her day 2 and this is what she has to say:
"Hello Jane, here is my day 2. You said this Tias is going to be different from any thing you have done before, so I am going to guess that it will be a flag pole! In ten years I have never guessed right though.
My picture today includes my "Norman the Rooster" from your second Tias. Also my chicken wing coaster."

My next incomer into the inbox is Krystyna who says:
"Witaj Jane ! Dziękuje za zabawę , zgaduję że to będzie zwierzątko . Pozdrawiam Krystyna z Polski
Hello Jane! Thank you for fun, I guess it would be a pet. I greet the Polish Krystyna"

Now we're off to Hungary again and this time it's Erzsebet who says:
"Hi Jane..
Here is my work of day 2."

Another email, another day 2, I'm happy to say. This time it's from Edyta who says:
"Next days Tias. I can not wait for the next part.Regards, Edyta."
Sorry but you'll have to wait a day or two so that others can catch up, Edyta!!!

Caroline H is now back with her day 2. This is what she has to say:
"Here is Day 2. I sat here by the computer and tatted it. I have a pair of eyes staring at me wondering if I am ever going to give her breakfast. The other one has not showed up yet. I got a battery tender put on the battery yesterday so hopefully I will get to church before the icky stuff gets here. It has been a little warmer but is to get colder again. Not doing to well with pictures this year. Sorry."
Don't worry about the pictures - it's just good to see you in my inbox.  It's been VERY cold and wet here today with promises of more to come tomorrow.  Good tatting weather, though!!!

Joli Mama has sent in Elizabeth's day 2 for her. This is her comment:
"Kedves Jane! Erzsébet Pál is elkészült a 2. nap munkájával. Kérésére küldöm, szeretettel. Jolimama
Dear Jane! Elizabeth Paul also completed work on the second day. I send my request with love. Joli Mama"

Melanie has now dropped into my inbox and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane-
It must be because I'm using thread color "Carribean." I didn't get to tatting day 2 until after a walk. It was a bit cold, but the whales are migrating. I didn't see any, but the boats are going out regularly. Could we be tatting a kayak?
Melanie in CA"
Bet it's not as cold as it is here, Melanie!!!!  A kayak?  No idea!!!!  I lie - I do know what it's going to be!!!

Now the next person to drop in is Izabela who has this to say:
"II. Tias' day is my work.  Greetings from Poland - Izabela"

Next in is Katie with her tribe of six TIAS day 2's!!! Here's what she has to say:
"Hi, Jane! So the little cuties are growing! Sooooo fun!
Ever onward!! Here's to Day 3!"

Maria has arrived - just as I was going to pick up my shuttles!!! This is what she has to say:
"Second day TIAS. Hi Jane is Maria from Poland again. My "insect dragonfly" takes shape. I can not wait for the final.Greetings to all participants of the game."

Ildikó has a good guess today. She thinks it's going to be a .......
"Dear Jane,
I think, TIAS is so interesting. It will be a cat?
Ildikó from Hungary"
LOVE your drawing.  Made me laugh.

Next in is Anso who has also sent in day 2. This is what she says:
"Hi Jane.
My day 2 :
I don’t know what it is. I looking forward to the next few days to try to guess what you have prepared for us.
I’m sure that like last year it will be a nice surprise.
Thank you
Best Regards,
AnSo Alia"
I hope it is a nice surprise.  I just hope it isn't a horrid one!!!!

Barbara is next to arrive and she says:
"I am Barbara Tomazewska and I am from Poland --- my 2 day Tias2018"

Mary has just arrived in my inbox too and this is what she says:
Here’s Day 2 and I’m already wanting Day 3! Still no idea what it is, and I’m sure if I had an idea it would be wrong this early in the game.
Thanks so much for the time you devote to this game for all of us tatters.
Mary in California"

The final entry into the blog today (I'm off to bed) is Christine who has this to say:
"Hello Jane!
I hope your day is going well!
Here is Day 2.
I just started the 2015 TIAS, as I have not tatted that one yet. So I am including Day 1 in the same picture.
I am using the same thread for both - Lizbeth #20-168, Latte Foam.
Thanks for the intriguing patterns. :)
-Christine in Alabama"
That's very brave of you doing two TIAS's at once, Christine!!!!  


Jennifer said...

The link to day 2 isn't working - or is that just on my computer!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer. My humble apologies. I've fixed it now!!!!