Saturday, 27 January 2018

Day 5 now available

Here is the link for Day 5.  

First in this morning with her day 4 is Caroline. This is what she says:
"I am a little slow with day 4. Had to fill pill containers for a month and waited to do my shopping until some of the snow melted on the streets and my daughter came over yesterday to help with trash and other things. So been busy. We have had nice weather for 3 days but a cold front is to come in tonight so back into the freezer."

Another day 4 has arrived overnight and this time it's from Karen who says:
"Hi, Jane
Can't believe I figured this out! And I had made major mistakes. I had made two SR9's, so you figure I only had to pick back one, right? Nope. Had to do both. I'd gotten so lulled in the litany of XvspX/YvspY that I made picots on the underside of SR9! That took me soooo many hours to correct. I was determined I was not going to give up and cut the threads! As a girl my mom would say that I was just like my father--stubborn as a mule. I realized how right she was! Omg, I have to laugh. What a learning experience. And then, as I was closing R12, I realized I'd forgotten the second picot on #8! Ohhhh,"
What a shame, Karen but you persevered and I'm VERY proud of you.  Yesterday I made what I thought was a mistake on a pattern I've made literally hundreds of times so I cut back (size sewing threads) and re-did that bit only to discover that I'd done it right in the first place!!!!

Pam has sent in her day 3 followed by day 4 too with this comment and pictures:
"Hope better late than never applies here"
There's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS, Pam!!!!!

Linda T is next in with her day 4 and she has this to say:
"Hi Jane,
Got the stitch done. I found a cute basket of yours I had tatted but it didn't take a picture very well. I will try again tomorrow. 
Thanks so much for this TAL. They are fun to do and trying to guess what we are tatting. 

Sandra is next to arrive with her guess and comment:
"Last winter, our local zoo had a pre-mature hippo named Fiona, who has become world famous! Last year, I saw your old TIAS for a hippo, I knew I had to make a Fiona of my own! Now I see how silly all my previous guesses were, when all along, you were making the nice birthday surprise that Fiona loves – a watermelon! You fooled me again, Jane!"
Wonderful pictures, Sandra.  I hope Joanne doesn't eat the watermelon before it's finished!!!

First in with day five is Jenni from Australia. Sad news about her thread, though.
"I have decided it is a Mercedes Benz. (my little pocket rocket shredded a belt and....
My silver shuttle shredded the thread so it must be a car!
Going to start again!"

Jenni came back in a bit later with another version of the TIAS. I'm trying to persuade her to send her 'naughty' silver shuttle to me but unfortunately my persuasive powers aren't working!!!
"Here's the 'unfluffy' version. All better now lol :)"

Next, from America, is Teresa with days 4 and 5. She says:
"Here is my offering ... both front side of the piece and the work reversed and waiting for Day 6."

Linda arrived earlier but had forgotten her picture. Here it is now along with her comment:
"Hi Jane,
This is my day 4 of your 2018 T.I.A.S. Still no clue for me. 
Linda B. 
In northern Virginia, US"

I'm actually eating breakfast (the usual porridge!) while I'm uploading the next two. This one is day 5 from Joli Mama. People obviously don't sleep much in Hungary either!!!
"Kedves Jane! Készen van az 5. nap :-) Még mindig nem tudom mi is lesz belőle :-) Kíváncsianvárom. 
Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! Are you ready for 5 days :-) I still do not know what it will be :-) Kíváncsianvárom. 
Friendship Joli Mama"

Fiona is next with her day 5. She says:
"Hi Jane
Here is my day five, some nice easy chains. No different guess today. It's hot and humid in Melbourne today, 8.30pm and still 30 degrees celcius...ick! Very glad I have the air con and the tennis on- womens finals in the Australian open is shaping up to be a great game. 
See you on day six
Kind regards
Fiona T 
See you on SIX!!!!

Mary is the next arrival in my inbox. This is what she thinks the TIAS is.
"Neat leg. Jasper Indians USA"
So the next part will be another leg??????

This one made me chuckle. It's from Jane who says:
"An elephant with a toothache??"

Shelley is next with an interesting comment. She says:
"Fun how the colors happened to line up on the tail.  Shelly"

Agi has sent in her day 5 and says:
"The fifh day. :)

Anita has just arrived in my inbox. This is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane,
My progress after day 5 :-)
Have a great weekend,

Finally in this batch is Tim who seems to be sure he doesn't know what it's going to be!!! I think!!
"Oh, oh, oh, it's a ...oh, you know, what's the word? Not a clue."

Emily is first in now I've returned to the blog. She says:
"This is lots of fun but I have to admit that I am stumped as to what it might be lol! I think I'll stick with poodle as my guess for now :)"

Lyn C from Australia is next to arrive and she has no idea either!!!
"Hi JaneHere is my day 5. No idea what it is yet. We have had some nice summer rain today.
Regards Lyn (WA)"

Now I have Beata who has sent in both day 4 and 5. This is what she has to say:
"Droga Jane.Skończyłam dzień 4 i dzień 5. Nie wiem co to może być? Miła zabawa. Pozdrawiam

Dear Jane.
I finished day 4 and day 5. I do not know what it can be? Nice fun. Regards

Aniko has just arrived in my inbox and she says:
"Dear Jane,I see I'm lucky with sending emails for this TIAS! This is the second attempt for Day 5."

Back in my comfy chair with a cup of tea beside me and I find that Jacee is next to arrive. She says:
"Here is my Day 5, Jane.Getting more and more interesting now, tell me Jane, what is it?"
I'll tell you, Jacee, as long as the bribe is big enough!!!  Ear, ear!!!!

Joanna is next all the way from Poland. She says:
"Dear Jane, my work for day 5 is finished 😊 Is it a bug? 😊 Have a nice day, Joanna from Poland"
Well it could be a bug, Joanna.  It could be but it may not be!!!!

Margaret from here in the UK is the next person to arrive. She says:
"Dear Jane, Well, you'd think after following your patterns for all these years that I'd have learnt to do what you say! But no. When 2ds didn't reach the next picot I decided to add some, and again, and again . Result? Mine didn't curve like every one else's so I had to retro tat and do it all again!
Anyway ... here it is at last along with my pram from the 5th Tias. Is it an umbrella handle? I could do with one here today!
Happy tatting all
From Margaret in a very windy and wet Norfolk."
It could be an umbrella handle, couldn't it?  I needed one this morning when I went down the town!!!  Not windy here, though.  I was telling another tatter this morning that I was making a diamond yesterday evening.  A pattern I've done thousands of times and suddenly realised I'd gone wrong.  Cut it out, looked at it and realised I hadn't gone wrong at all!!!  I was REALLY cross with myself and wouldn't let myself go to bed until it was sorted!!!  You are NOT on your own!!!

Next in I have Erzsebet who says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 5."

Now Melanie has had time to do her day 5 before starting a busy day. This is what she has to say:
"Good morning-
Slipping this in before a very busy day. Hoping to inspire more tatters in CA to join in!
I think we've tatted a handle. To .... a teapot?
Melanie in CA"
Well, well well it does look like something to do with a teapot.

Next to arrive in the inbox is from Melanie V who says:
"It looks a bit like a baby worm now."

All the way from Canada comes Nathalie next! She says:
"Hello is my day 5. It could be an snail.
Lévis, Québec"

Anne Marie has now arrived with this comment and also her picture:
"Hello Jane, I zapped one or two days cause time is missing ! My TIAS It's tatted with Lizbeth 20 color 104. Perhaps is it a small sheep much wooly ! But his leg would be too large....
Will the secret be kept for a long time ?
Read you soon Jane.
Anne Marie (France)"
I hope the secret will stay for a few more days, Anne Marie!!!

Next in the inbox is Magdalena from Poland. This is what she says:
"Dzień czwarty.Pozdrawiam serdecznie Magdalena.
Fourth day. 
Yours sincerely Magdalena. "

Another of our Polish friends follows Magdalena. This time it's Aleksandra who says:
"Hello Jane,
Day 5 is ready. Definitely a leg, probably the back of a pet. Maybe it's a dog? Because according to We have a year of the Dog's Chinese Calendar.
Aleksandra from Poland"

Karen has just arrived with her day 5 and the following comment:
Day 5 dawned and my first waking thought was for the TIAS. So I hopped out of bed and headed to the computer to see what Day 5 brought -- even before coffee.
My printer died so I am tatting from electronic screens this year. Here is my quick snapshot showing my shuttles and the screen.
I chose Lizbeth® 20 #165 Grape Splash thread to tat this curious, unknown-as-yet "wotzit." My glow worm might be morphing into an elephant trunk. But I'm not giving up on my glow worm just yet. "Lil' Lumo" might just be preparing a travel home to carry on his back!
All the love,
Karen "IsDihara" Parent"
Ah, Karen, I always tat from a screen and rarely print stuff out. I have very few paper copies of my own patterns and have just thrown away a lot of them as they just take up space!!!

Elizabeth is next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane,
I sent in a photo and forgot to put my name. I may have sent it to wrong email. Who knows.
Semmes, AL."
Photo arrived and so did both emails, Elizabeth!!!  

I now have Krystyna's day 5 and her comment:
"5 dzień zabawy. Pozdrawiam Krystyna
5 days of fun. Regards Christine"

Next into my inbox is Janet who has this to say:
"Happy Saturday Jane!
I have been an early bird today. Out of the house before 7 and went out to breakfast. Then a quick trip to Walmart to get a bridal shower gift. Then I sat down after I fixed a cup of tea (PG Tips if you must know). 
I still see that skate blade forming.
Have a great weekend,
PG Tips? Good lass!!!

Just arrived in the inbox is Denise R who says:
"Still thinking horse."
Neigh, neigh, neigh. But don't translate that as nay, will you?

Marjorie is back now with her day 5. She says:
"Good morning Jane!
Beautiful sunlit day. The oranges are beautiful but won’t ripen for another few months. So sweet when they do! Wish I could ship you some.
This time, the caterpillars got together! Oh, my poor leaves! I have a feeling I’ll forgive them when they turn into lovely butterflies.
==Marjorie W (with greetings to all California tatters! is there some way we can get in touch? I live near the Lace Museum)"
Any Californian tatters who want to touch base with Marjorie can always send me an email and I'll put you in touch.  Sounds a great idea - could lead to more Tat Day meetings and that's a 'win, win' situation.

Cathleen is next in with her day 5.  This is her picture.

Sarah's just arrived with day 5 and another rhyme too. She says:
"Hello Jane,

We’re tatting a creature is my guess 
for this year’s TIAS
But a tail, a leg, a trunk, a wing
this little piece could be anything!

Sarah "

Carollyn's just popped in with a guess!!!!
Well you never know, Carollyn!!!

Celine is next with her day 4 and 5 combined. She says:
"Hi Jane, here is day 4&5, forgot to take picture of day 4...
Maybe it is a paw of pet, but don’t know which one ???
Have a nice day"

Eva is next with her days 4 and 5. This is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane,
Tag 4 und 5 ist auch fertig
Liebe Grüße
Eva Ziegler

Hi Jane,
Day 4 and 5 is completed
best regards
Eva Ziegler"

Finally in this session I have Anso who says:
"Hi Jane,
This is my day 5.
I look like a sheep or an animal.
Best regards,
AnSo Alia
Pau - France"

Well that wasn't the end of the session as more TIAS's have come in!!! Next is from Grazyna who says:
"Witaj Jane. Day 5 już mam. Wygląda interesująco chociaż nadal nie wiem co robię
Hello, Jane. Day 5 already have. It looks interesting, although still do not know what I'm doing "

Next to arrive is Cindy and her comment is as follows - interesting hook you have, Cindy:
"Hello Jane,
Real quick, my Day 5.
I have a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby to attend to… But I wanted to do Day 5 first. BTW, that is my ‘crochet hook’ that is laying next to it. I am loving it. I received it from my Grandmother-in-law (age 98), who was using it as a wall decoration! It is old, though I do not know how old. It has 3 tiny crochet hooks in it, but the cover keeps the hooks from damaging things when not in use. You have me stumped as to what this could be, especially with the 2 little picots right at the ‘bottom’… I love the Teapot Idea, it certainly could look like the spout, and then the 2 picots could be for steam coming out? I loved the chance to practice Lock-joints though. Never did that many in one sitting before! "

Next person to arrive is Kathryn who says:
"Sorry, I didn’t know where to send it to.
Kathryn in Fareham UK"
No worries, Kathryn - you found me in the end!!!!  I've got several email addresses but they all filter through to the one which I use all the time!!!

Marla has just arrived with her day 5 and she has the answer - she thinks!!!
"My little alligator's tail is looking good! 🐊

Next in is Linda B who says:
"This is day 5, I've already frogged it once...I know where the boo-boo is..but wanted to email it to you...will fix it tomorrow. 
My guess is a two-toed sloth? :D 
Linda Barnes
Northern Virginia, US"

Now I have Alutka in my inbox next. This is what she has to say:
"Dzień dobry Jane!Przesyłam 5 część tajemniczego zadania :)

Good morning, Jane!
5 I am sending part of a mysterious task :)

Mary is the last person in today as I'm off to bed! She says:
What a wonderful imagination you have! Still no idea but it looks like an
animal tail of some sort?
Mary in California"

Now I have the last two entries for today as I head to bed. Firstly it's day 5 from Christine who says:
"Hello Jane
Here is my progress on the TIAS, Day 5.
I hope you have had a great weekend!
Looking forward to Day 6 :)
-Christine in Alabama"

Judy is definitely the last on this Sunday evening. This is her comment:
A caterpillar on a flower?"
That's a good idea, Judy.

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