Monday, 29 January 2018

Day 6

Let the fun continue!

First in this morning (another grey day here in the Midlands of the UK) is Sue who has sent in her day 5. She says:
"Just as you announce 6!!I'm sure it's the leg of my EFUS!
Anyway, back to preparing the wall in the bathroom for tiling!

Bernice from Canada is next in my Monday morning inbox. She says:
"Hi Jane,
Picked up my shuttles to do Day 5 and somehow I had done an extra SS so I had to back up a few rings to my mistake then move ahead. I have a curl on the end but there are some picots so I’m sure something is going to come around and meet it. My guess today is that this is the foot of a slug or snail. 
Bernice Calgary CANADA"

Krystal seems to have guessed what the TIAS is going to be. OR has she?
"Today we have guesses, but I say one thing and Mr says another.
One of says " Pickle Rick!!"
And the other says Larry.
I'll let you guess who says which ;) lol.
-- Krystal"

Denise is next and she's sent in her day 5. LOVE your shuttles, Denise.
"Dearest Jane,I just know I’m going to find my prince, it’s a frog for sure. Oh yes!!!!! I just bought a few tatting supplies with me. These shuttles remind me of spring. The crocus blooming in the snow. First sign of rebirth!!!! These shuttles make me smile. So I had to bring them on my first long flight. Looking forward to another clue. I just know this will be my handsome prince, the frog.😉
Denise W."

Diane has now arrived next in my inbox. She says:

"Hello Jane,

Here is my Day 5 of your newest Tat It and See. I don’t know what it is but I’m enjoying reading the guesses. Thank you for this.

Diane Saunders (formerly Diane Whisnant)"

Now I'm pleased to welcome Claire as another starter on the TIAS 2018. Thanks for joining us, Claire. 
"Hello Jane, 
It's with a late start that I join the TIAS this year. Sorry. 
Please find below my first two days and the corresponding blog post:
My first guess will be a unicorn. ;-) 
Thank you for creating this fun game. It's great to see tatters from all over the world and read about their guesses. 
Have a nice day."

Amritha is next with her day 5 and the following comment:
"Hi Madam, Am sending you my 5th days work completed to you mam. I think this will be a butterfly! Would it be that my . Thanks to you."

Now I have the first person in with day 5. It's Jenni in Australia.
"Day 6.
Maybe a chameleon??
Sweltering hot here in Melbourne at the moment. Not good tatting weather."
Grey and looking like MORE rain here.  Congratulations on being first in with day 6!

Finally in this batch is Anita also with her day 6. She says:
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 6. I so look forward to each piece of the pattern, this is so much fun!

Jane is the first one in after breakfast and tidying up the kitchen with her day 6. She says:
"It’s surprisingly difficult to follow instructions when you don’t know what you’re doing! I had to start day 6 by undoing the wrong join I made at the end of day 5."

Teresa is the next into the inbox with her day 6 and the following comment:
"Here is my latest rendering with the RW ... ready for Day 7. Still no guess as to where you are headed with this one."
But it's obvious to me what it's going to be!!!

The next person to arrive is Maureen who has a rather fearsome cat guarding her TIAS!!! She says:
"For once I was right there when Day 6 arrived! - and then had to wait nearly 40 minutes for the broken computer to wake up and unfreeze. Grrr.....
Day 6 doesn't want to lie flat, so Grumpy Stone Cat has been pressed into service. Somewhere along the way my shuttles one and two seem to have swapped over, so that I am now tatting with the beady shuttle. I shall have to put them back the way they were, perhaps if we turn another corner!"

Another Australian tatter has arrived - this time Fiona who says:
"Hi Jane,
Hope you are enjoying your breakfast. 
Here is my day 6, I like Claire's guess of unicorn
We finally have some cooler weather and rain this evening in Melbourne, looking forward to some cooler days for the start of our school year. 
See you on day 
Fiona T 

Jacee is the next person to arrive. The day 6 has only been 'out' an hour and a half!!! She says:
"Dear Jane,
Day 6 and still clueless. Was reprimanded for attempted bribery - guess by who????"

Another Australian has arrived and this time it's Lyn who says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day 6. Windy and cold here and it’s the middle of summer.
Lyn (WA)"

Now the first day 6 has arrived from Hungary - Joli Mama. She says:
"Kedves Jane! Már itt is a 6. nap. 
Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! Already in the sixth day. 
Friendship Joli Mama"

The final person in this batch is Ilona who is also from Hungary. She says:
"Hello Jane. Here in Hungary there is great sunshine:) . So, I've done my homework and it's time to go outdoors:)"

Shelly is next to arrive and this is her comment and picture:
"I got nothin’Looking forward to the guesses. Patiently enjoying the tat and appreciating your cleverness. Thank you for sharing.

Tim has come up with probably the strangest guess so far!!!
"A new car! No, wait. That's Let's Make a Deal. I know. It's a leg of lamb with cranberry sauce. Looks like it."

Next to arrive is Barbara who also thinks it's a leg but probably a different sort of leg to what Tim has guessed!!!
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 6 day Tias2018
It will probably be a leg
Regards from Poland."

Another new starter has now arrived in the TIAS 2018. Welcome, Rogue.
"Hi Jane.Thank you for running the TAIS.
I have only just started the TAIS yesterday. So I have 2 pics for you.
Pic 1: Days 1-5 Complete
Pic 2: Day 6 Complete.
My guess for what it is..... leg of an Alpaca or Llama.
I am really enjoying this.
💜 Rogue ☠️

Mary is next with her day 6 and the following comment!
"Leg getting fatter. Like mine  Have a good day
Mary Jane. Jasper Indians. USA 🇺🇸""

Each time I think I've caught up somebody else pops into my inbox!!!! It's a good excuse not to finish tidying up my tatting cupboard!!!  This time it's Iza who says.
"Good morning, Jane.  I carried out the task put on day 6 of Tias 2018.Regards and waiting for the next part.Maybe it's Seahorse ???"

Emily is next in my inbox and this is what she says:
"My new guess is a mermaid... but I'm not super confident about that lol :) It's fun reading all the guesses, I can't wait to see what it will be!"

Ewa is now here with her day 6 and the following comment:
"Hello Jane!This is my today work. Best regards from Poland. Ewa Szylewska."

Next to arrive is Melanie who says:
"More like a leg of mutton now, I think."

Now I have Aniko's day 6 with her comment:
"Hi Jane,
Ready 6 day !
A beautiful week !"
Pretty picture, Aniko.

Val is next with her days 5 and 6. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Am sending you days 5 and 6. It’s looking to be a leg of a dino! I’m pretty sure  it is. Looking forward to a most colourful giant amphibian. 😄"

I'm back again and the first person in this batch is Krystyna who says:
"6 dzień TIAS i ciekawa jestem co to będzie ? Pozdrawiam Krystyna 
TIAS 6 days and I wonder what would it be? Regards Krystyna"

Next in my inbox is ldikó with her day 6. She says:
"Hello Jane,
Here is my work, day 6 is finished.
Ildikó from Hungary"

Agi is next with her day 6. She says:
"The sixth day. :)

Margaret has lost something so she says!!!!!
"Oh dear, this Tias is going way too fast for me! What a wonderful response you have had this year.
Here is my day 6. Sorry I can't show my boat from the 6th year, my boat hasn't come in yet. Hope hippo hasn't sunk it!
Thank you Jane"
I think it's going too quickly too and I'm delighted that so many have joined us too.  Fabulous picture but no sign of the boat, yet!!!

Next in is Elizabeth from Hungary who says:
"Kedves Jane!
Köszönöm a kedveséged és a blogod is nagyon tetszett! Türelmetlenül várom mindig a következő napot amikor elküldöd a játék ujabb kis kirakós részletét! Mi lesz ebből!
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth

Dear Jane! 
Thanks for the blog is kedveséged and loved it! Always look forward eagerly to the next day when you send the game to another small portion of the puzzle! What is this! 
Yours Elizabeth"

Marla is next in with her day 6. She says:
"Here is my next installment ..... & I have to say, it's beginning to look like some of the squash from my garden last summer! 😜"

Erzsebet is next to arrive is with her day 6 and the following comment.
" Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 6."

Marjorie is back now with her day 6 and this is waht she has to say:
"Here it is Jane, and I’m changing my guess from caterpillar to seagull! one nicely outstretched wing may deserve another. TIAS6b will be along in a few more minutes. Have to take the car for its oil change first!
Another beautiful day, temps predicted in the 26.6 (c) or 80s (f).
Greetings to Californians! I alternate between Bay Area & Santa Barbara County & would be happy to meet tatters."

Next in is Edyta who has also sent in her day 6. This is what she has to say:
"My 6 day fun is ready. Regards Edyta"

Wanda has sent in her day 5 with the following comment:
"Hello, Jane
Here is my Day 5. Maybe not a kite, but we still have a few days to go yet to find out. 
Now I need to get on with Day 6!
Wanda from Kansas, USA"
See you soon with day 6!!!

Melanie C was next to pop into my inbox with her day 6. She says:
"Hi Jane-
Here's what came of my picking up my shuttles before I'm fully awake. No further guess. I've got a tea pot on my mind.
Thanks for the game.
Melanie in CA"

Wrong, Karen, wrong. It's not a forest of trees! Least I don't think it is!
"Most intriguing! I really feel as if I am not seeing the forest for the trees. ~ Karen"

Józsefné has sent in her day 6

Joanna is the next person to arrive. She says:
"Hi Jane, my day 6 picture is ready 😊 I think it is a bug 😊 Joanna"

Sue's back now with her day 6 and her Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand. 
"Here you go miss... that's a very shapely EFUS we're making!"

Eva is next into my inbox. She says:
"Hallo Jane, der Tag 6 ist fertig.
Liebe Grüße

Hi Jane, the day 6 is finished.
best regards "

Ha, ha, ha. Somebody has got it right at last. Best guess so far and it's from Pam who says:

Véronique is next to arrive with day 6. She says:
Je verrais bien la patte d'une licorne

I would see the paw of a unicorn

Anso is the next to drop in with day 6. She says:
"Hi Jane,
This is my day 6. I still think it’s an animal.
Best Regards,

Sherri has been busy not only tatting but preparing her comment and pictures too.
"Took me forever to find fruit to go into my new tatted cornucopia, so I had fun coming up with these other three images.
Sherri Bertrand
Burke, VA


MY TATTED CORNUCOPIA...better on me???

... or not???

Next to arrive is Alicja who has sent in her day 6 saying:

"Hallo Jane! Today I think: it's scorpio 
Many thanks! 
Alicja "

Now for another set of fantastic pictures from Alexander who says:
"Witaj Jane,
Dziś mieliśmy ciężki dzień. Wybacz, że tak późno i po polsku. Nie mam siły pisać po angielsku. Nasza ukochana Limka (suczka rasy Cavalier King Charls Spaniel) rozchorowała się i musieliśmy jechać z nią do weterynarza. Ma anginę.
Jednak dzięki tobie moje dzieci i ja mieliśmy małą chwilkę radości. Co też to będzie. Ja myślę że ślimak, mój syn widzi słoniową trąbe a córka krokodyla. Świetna zabawa.
Aleksandra z Polski

Hello Jane, 
Today we had a tough day. I'm sorry that so late and Polish. I have no strength to write in English. Our beloved humpbacked (female Cavalier King Charls Spaniel) fell ill and had to go with her to the vet. He has a sore throat. 
But thanks to you, my children and I had a little moment of joy. What will it too. I think that the worm, my son sees the ivory crocodile and the daughter of trumpets. Great fun. 
Alexander of Polish"

Sorry to hear about your poor dog. Hope he's better tomorrow. 

That was the final TIAS for today. See you all tomorrow.

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