Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Further day 3's and others

Don't forget - tomorrow it will be Day 4!

First in today is Alutka from Poland with her days 2 and 3. Good morning, 
"Dzień dobry Jane!Przedstawiam dalszy ciąg mojej pracy z małym opóźnieniem. Mam nadzieję, że mi wybaczysz. Są to postępy z dnia 2 i 3
Alutka (Poland)

Good morning, Jane! 
I present a continuation of my work with a small delay. I hope you will forgive me. These are developments of 2 and 3 
Alutka (Poland)"

You are welcome at any time, Alutka.

Teresa is next in my morning inbox. This is her comment followed by her pictures:
"I'm late but I've been doing a LOT of tatting. Working on the FB 1Q18 exchange (coaster from Handy Hands) and trying to complete the quilt square from Georgia so that I can get it mailed back. Here are four pictures that show from prep: selection of thread (a colorway this time, it will be interesting), beads (they match pretty closely the medium value in the colorway) as well as other implements that I use regularly."

Maria is next in the inbox with her day 2 and this is her comment (and picture too).
"Yes, I knows I'm really slow ...... I suddenly got busy with work!I'll try to keep up anyway.... My little Alligator's tail is looking good!"
Slow doesn't matter Maria as long as you finally get here!!!!

Now I have found Janet next in my inbox. She says:
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 3. I forgot to say that the thread is size 20 Lizbeth. I think the color is vineyard or something like that.
I have been reading the comments and so far I like the ice skate. I just love the Olympics!
I got to meet people at the Palmetto Tat Days last year. I was at a conference at the same place in Elijay. If you can imagine that. Stayed up too late talking and snuck out of my conference to go shopping! It was a blast. Hoping to actually go this year.
See you next time,
Well I hope you get to the full Tat Days this year.  It's SUCH fun.

Judy has a firm guess here. I wonder if she's right?
"A flower wand.. "

The next lass to pop in is Linda T who says:
"Hi Jane,
I am catching up with things here. I did finish my little purse as seen in my pics.
Just the right size.
I have finished 1,2 and 3 Hope I will stay caught up.
Have a good day

Love the little purse - aren't they lovely to make?  I'm going to have to make another sometime.

Finally in today's inbox I have Mary who says:
Probably like everyone else, you still have me stumped! The thread I chose is making an interesting pattern too making this even more fun.
Mary in California"

Between breakfast and going out two Australians have popped into my inbox. Welcome first to Frances who says:

"Good morning/evening Jane
I am a little late off the mark this year so here are days one to 3.
As you can see my tatting assistant is back playing the game as well.
Warwick Qld Australia"

After I've uploaded Jenni's I'm off out for the morning!!! Here's what she has to say:
"Oops....missed day 2!
So here is day 2 and day 3.
No guesses yet!"

Amritha is the next to arrive with her day 3. She says:
"Hi Madam, 
Am sending you third days of work completed."

Well Sandra is learning from this TIAS that other people can lead you towards working out what it's going to be!!! I'll let her explain!!
"Jane, as soon as day 3 came out, I knew it was a chain saw. Unfortunately, I was called away yesterday and did not have the chance to work on it. But when I saw the new clue that Sherri had discovered, when she caught the foxes sledding in the woods, I was glad I had not done it yet. All I could see in my first impression was a chain saw being used on a log, BUT, Sherri’s revelation caused me to do a little more fact finding myself, and sure enough, those foxes really are crazy like a fox! Thanks Sherri for the additional clue to WHO is doing the sawing!"

Next in is Karen with her camel. Well, we'll let her believe that for now!!!
Hurray for TIAS 2018! I started today and tatted parts 1 - 3 in preparation for tomorrow's exciting Day 4. You know me, I always imagine I am tatting a camel. So far my camel looks like a ruler. (Royal camel?)"
OWCH, Karen.

Brandi has just popped in with her day 3 and the following comment and picture. She says:
My TIAS day 3. No guess yet. I am enjoying this. Thanks for the hard work you put into it. Love your amazing patterns!

Next to drop in is Denise who has sent in her days 1, 2 and 3 and who says:
"Well I managed to catch back up. Here are my three motifs. It’s interesting going from such different shuttles as I move from motif to motif. It’s really putting a different view and attachment to each piece. I wasn’t expecting that.
My husband thinks they are tadpoles! But what will they transform into by the end?
Did I read a comment saying this will be your last Tias? I hope I didn’t read that. I would so miss tatting in the new year with you.
Yes, Denise, this will be the last TIAS unless something changes my mind in between.

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