Sunday, 21 January 2018

Day 2 continued

First of all - tomorrow will be day 3 so be ready!!!

First in on another wet morning here in the UK is Beata who says:
"Hello Jane.
My TIAS day 2. I think there will be a lizard. Greetings from Poland.
Beata S."

Beata is followed by Pam who is getting quite excited about this TIAS!!
"Oh this is fun can't wait for next post"

What a colourful picture next from Kay Lyn. I love seeing her dogs taking part in the TIAS but have not yet worked out how they manage to tat with so many paws!!!
"Dear Jane, We're still thinking about what this mystery item might be.....See attached."

Jacee is next into the inbox which is rather full this morning!!! Thankfully, I may add. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Day 2 and clueless. Does look like a crescent moon at this stage hee..hee…

Ewa is the next person in the inbox and she says:
"This is my day 2
Best Regards!" Ewa Szylewska"

Well Stephanie Grace has got it all worked out but do the rest of you agree? This is what she's decided it is!!!
"You can’t fool me, Jane. I’ve figured it out already! We’re obviously making the lamp from A Christmas Story! I love it! I wish I’d chosen more appropriate colors, though. 
Stephanie Grace"

I think Anne Marie has also got her TIAS sorted too. She's definitely got an opinion on what it is. She says:
"Hello JaneIs a centipede this kind of creature which you have invented for making us white nights ? In any case, it will begin to make working ours 3 cell's brain so you say !.
Thanks for your involvment for distract us !
Anne Marie ( France)"

Awwww, don't you just love this picture too? Thank you for taking the trouble like Kay Lyn did too.
"Hi Jane 
Day two hasn't shed much light on what this could be...I feel like we may be turning a corner though! For now this bird has a little snack. Looking forward to day 3."

I'm taking a break for a while to have breakfast and to get dressed. Back to upload the rest shortly.

Back again and porridge was good!!!!

Next in is from Coretta who says:
"Hello Jane,Today was lovely. Warm enough to care for my baby lime trees and pick lemons and grapefruit from the older trees. I did baking and settled down to tat day 2. My guess is an armadillo, maybe that’s just because they’ve been poking around my yard. 
Please don't talk about warm, Coretta, when we've got cold, wet and very dreary weather here!!!!  Seriously, though, love hearing about your life and hope the children are thriving.

Janet has now arrived with her days 1 and 2. Welcome aboard, Janet. She has this to say:
"Hey Jane!
Well better late than never! I started late and have caught up. Whew! 
But it is late where I am and I hope that I am contacting and sending this correctly. Here is Day One and Day Two.
Good night, Jane. 
Janet from Georgia, USA"
Perfect, Janet and there's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS!!!!!  

Next in is from Melanie who says:
"I expected today to be Day 2, but I didn’t find your usual announcement on the tatting pages. Undeterred, I went to your blog to check for myself. The closest I had found on FB was an announcement of Day 8 from 2016! What’s up?"
Well I don't go to Facebook that often and I forgot yesterday. Also I don't like bombarding people's timelines with too much either. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow when it's day 3. No idea what happened on that day 8 announcement!!!! As I said I'm not fond of Facebook so don't fully understand how these things happen.

AHA, Bev seems to understand how my devious mind works and is asking a very interesting question!!!
"Hi Jane An extra picot on Ring 8. I wonder which direction it will turn next?"
You'll just have to wait and see, Bev!!!!

Next in is Val who has been through a 'mouse tatting' phase and who recently joined the 'exclusive tatting club'!!! Here's her comment and a picture of her days 1 and 2.
"Hello, Jane!How’s the new year treating you?
It’s been a while since I tatted my last mouse, so it’s time to pick up my shuttles again. TIAS is a great motivation. Thanks for doing this. Sad though as this will be the last.
Anyhow, here are my pieces for the first two days. Can’t wait for the final reveal!"
New year going fine, thanks, Val and I'm happy that the TIAS is going the same way!!

Now this comment made me giggle and look twice at the picture!!! So funny. This is from Marjorie and this is what made me laugh:
"Dear Jane,
My Day 2 is late, alas! My brain was not fully in gear due to a cold so I didn’t even look til Saturday was almost over.
However, I am now sure it’s going to be a Snuffeluphagus! (from the Old Sesame Street series). See his big eyes?
No wait. That’s the tablecloth!"

Next in is from Mazar Aniko who says:
"Hi Jane
 I send the work of 2 day  .
Thank you, Mazar.  I love the colour of your thread.

Veronique has just arrived in the inbox with her comment and picture. This is what she says:
"‌Bonjour Jane, Merci à toi ce TIAS. voici mon travail pour les jours 1 et 2.
Hello Jane, 
Thank you to you this TIAS. Here my work for days 1 and 2. 

Well Sandra seems to have developed an affinity for ants!!!! Here's her picture with the anteater:
"As I started Day 1 and was feverishly doing the rings, I reminded myself of Ralphie on the Christmas Story who was using his ‘code ring’ to get the secret message, and wouldn’t open the door no matter how much they beat and cried to get in. (Never saw it? youtube: Ralphie code ring) ANYWAY, that’s what we look like when we get your new lines Jane! 
DAY 2 – OH NO! THOSE POOR ANTS! This is taking a sinister turn.... I’m going to hide under the covers!"
Just going to look that up on Youtube, Sandra."

Next to arrive is Amritha who has sent in her days 1 and 2. This is what she has to say:
"Hi Madam,
Am sending you my two days of work together. Sorry firstly thought I will not participate, laziness, that's all. But lidyani Djisastra, am sorry whether I spelled her second name right, as in FB if we type full name appears easy. But now l know l made right decision to participate in the game. Thanks.
I'm sure you won't regret taking part, Amritha.  There's always fun to be had in a TIAS.

Francoise is back again with her day 2 and this is what she says:
"Bonjour Jane, Toujours heureuse de suivre votre Tias !
Excellent dimanche et vivement demain :-)
Hello Jane, 
Always happy to follow your Tias! 
Excellent Sunday and strongly tomorrow :-)"

I was wondering where Wendy had got to in this year's TIAS. She's always been a good supporter of the game. Well, she's arrived!!
"Hello Jane, 
A bit behind but I’ve caught up. I think it is a worm
I do enjoy these TIAS’s
Canterbury (if you wanted to know)"

Linda is next to drop into the inbox. She says:
"Couldn't find the link to send photos...I hope this one is alright? Here's my day 2...
Linda B.
In Virginia, US"
Well it arrived safely, Linda!!!!

Ilona is back now with her day 2 and this is what she has to say:
"Dear Jane,
This is my second day production. It looks like a tail of something:)
Ilona (Hungary)"
There are many types of tails, Ilona!!!  I wonder if this is a tail?!?!?

Next to arrive is Ania and she says:
"Hello Jane
TIAS day 2
Ania Krause"

Denise R is now back with her mind set on one thing!!!! She says:
"Still thinking caterpillar...."

Sue (aka Pigmini) is now here with her day 2 and the following comment although I can't help thinking she's a bit odd thinking it's going to be an EFUS (elephant's foot umbrella stand). Here's her comment and, by the way, we are good friends and I know she'll laugh at me saying she's a bit odd as she knows I'm odd too!!!! As the saying goes - 'takes one to know one'!!!!

"So here's Day 2. As you can see it's now turning to make the base of my EFUS. Lol bet you've got some twist for me to change my mind!! Is it a snake or a turtle... it must be a TIAS!!

Now I have another new arrival with her day 1 - Grażyna:
"Hello Jane. J am Grażyna and J from Warszawa - Poland. It is may 1 day Tias 2018. J used thread Limol. Basia Słodka invitation my."

Sarah has just popped in with her day 2 and this is what she has to say:

"Hummm…. Me thinks this little worm 
will soon morph into a magical creature
conjured up by our wizardly teacher.


Next to arrive is Cindy with thoughts on what this TIAS is going to be. She's analysing my style too!!! 
"Hi Jane,
I actually finished last night, but the light was horrible, so I chose to wait until today. It is gloomy, dark, and 22 degrees. Last week my outdoor faucet was frozen solid! Thank you for providing a solid, cheerful and happy interval in these crazy days. I love watching the Butterfly Breeze color of my Size 20 Lizbeth develop. Knowing that you usually only use vsp’s for attaching, this is obviously going to be covered on both sides with more tatting. Which I guess makes my idea of a giraffe less likely, unless it is it’s body? I was thinking yesterday, that it could also be a building, like Big Ben? 
Greetings and thanks,
Cindy from Dallas
Ravelry ID:cinhad
Big Ben?  That's a good idea.  I guess it could be!!!

This is the final entry of the day as I'm on the way to bed. This one is from Judy who says this:
"Dear Jane,
It's an Easter basket handle."


Tim Kaylor said...

Just wondering if the 2 beads will be "required". That is, would it not look good if I leave them out and use size 80 thread? Would a picot be a suitable replacement? (I am using 20 as instructed at present).

Jane Eborall said...

It really does need the two beads, Tim. Sorry. I guess a picot would do but personally I wouldn't waste my time tatting it without the beads. Haven't you two very tiny beads that would do for size 80? I'm thinking a size 14 or similar?

Tim Kaylor said...

I don't think I have ever seen size 14. Is that what is used for size 80 thread normally?

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Tim, I'm taking a guess at being size 14 because I usually find very small 11's to use on an 80 thread. Size ten and eleven beads seem to vary a lot!! Probably best to use 'guesswork'!!!!!

picotsnkeys said...

Yes, size 14 beads works for size 80 thread. Unfortunately, they come in quantities of 1000 or so. But, more for later! Melanie