Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Day 6 continued

Day 6 and others will be on today's list!!

First in is from Bev in Australia with her days 5 and 6. She says:
"Hi Jane
I’m catching up with the fun. We have visitors staying so things are a bit hectic here. I’ve tried to work out where things will go next but I haven’t a clue! Looking forward to Day 7."

Next to arrive is Karen who has had a few problems but has found her way around them and has this to say:
"Hi, Jane
I got stuck on day five of my first entry, so I decided to take a break. I dug around and found Elderberry Jam in size 20 that I got when I had no idea what I was doing, and some DMC ecru in size 20 from crocheting doilies. There was some of each on two shuttles, so I tied them together and plunged in. As I had worked my first entry, I'd been trying to figure out in my head which shuttle contributed what to the overall scheme of the pattern. By having two different colors you can clearly see the flow of the work. This one is completed through day three."
That looks like a great start, Karen. Or, should I say, a re-start!

Now I think Martha has got the answer!!! Wonderful picture and it does look as if it could easily be a . . . . .:
"Dear Jane,
I was pretty befuddled there for a while, but by cleverly procrastinating until 3 parts had gone by, I can now definitely say it is a toucan."

Christine with two GORGEOUS shuttles is next to pop in. She says:
"Hello Jane!
Here is my progress on the 2018 TIAS.
It strikes me as a most curious bit of tatting.... I have no idea exactly what it will turn into.
The current shape reminds me of a tornado, but that isn't a likely outcome.
It also looks like the hind leg of some creature. But that may not be correct, either...
We will wait and see!
-Christine in Alabama"

Janet is next with this comment!
"Oh Jane!
You didn't tell me you were a bobsled fan! Can't you see the upturned nose. I admit I was disappointed when the blade got to be too thick for a skate, but a bobsled is just fine. Or is this a hallucination because of my addiction to the Olympics! 11 days and counting.
I am having such fun this year. I love to see all the different threads everyone is using. I don't think there is a repeat of color at all.
Until Day 7,
Janet from GA"
Ummm, what's a bobsled, Janet?!?!?  Just kidding!

Next in is Lori with days 4 and 5. She says:


Here’s day 4 

Day 5 and still clueless!! Hehehe

Sarah is next with day 6 and the following comment:
"Good morning Jane, 
I have completed today’s task
but what we are tatting it did not unmask.

Denise W is back with another TIAS guarding her current one!!! She says:
"Dearest Jane,
Our princess is hopelessly waiting for her handsome prince. I just know it’s a frog!!!!!
Decided not to tat two. I mean, a princess only needs one frog after all.😉 Looking forward to our next clue.
Adore the pearl tatted edging displayed with our TIAS.
Denise W"
Love the crocuses on your shuttle - signs of Spring.

Coretta is next with day 6 and this is what she has to say:
"Today, it could still be an elephant trunk, but it could also be part of a bear foreleg. Mostly I’m just glad the day is over and I had a little tatting to relax to before bed. "

Bernice has now arrived with her day 6 and the following comment:
"Hi Jane
I have attached Day 6, I think this is a long cone hat for a clown. The pompom will be attached to the end.
Calgary AB CANADA"
That's a good imagination you've got, Bernice!!!

Linda T is first in - after porridge!!! She says:
We meet again. Mystery mystery. Someday?
Been a busy day. Little time. 

Celine is thinking along almost the same lines as a few others. She says:
"Day 6 make me think of an elephant’s trunk "

Maria has sent in a lovely collage of ideas. Thank you, Maria.
Hi Jane is Maria again, in the end I managed to come. This is my fifth and sixth TIAS, as you can see, it is constantly changing. It will not be long before who knows. Greetings from Poland."

Mickael is next to arrive in the inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane,I’ve just finished off my last square for the tat it pink..and now I’ve restarted the TIAS. Really liking this😃 my thoughts now turn to pussy cat paws 🐾 maybe?! We shall see.
I wonder if you giggle at our guesses?
Waiting for another day"
Oh, yes, I giggle a lot but mostly I enjoy the new friendships I make with everybody and especially those who don't even speak English. Everybody is special, though.

Claire P is now next in my inbox and she's sent in her days 3 and 4 with the following comment:
"Hello Jane and tatters from around the globe, 
Slowly catching up... 
Here are my days 3 & 4 and the corresponding blog post: https://oclairedelune.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/tias-2018-jours-days-3-4/
No new guess. I will stick with my unicorn guess for the moment. ;) 
Have a nice day."

A new arrival to this year's TIAS is Corrine F who has sent in several days. Here's what she says:
"Hello Jane, 
I join the TIAS this year.
Please find bellow my days 1, 3, 5 et 6 ! 
Congratulations, it's very fun. 
I suggest : a boot with little foot and big calf."
That's an interesting suggestion, Corrine!!!

Next to arrive is a message from Barbara who has sent in her day 6 along with Ewa's too.  They say:
"Hi Jane!!! 
Wysyłam Ci dzień 6 Ewy i mój. Nie możemy się doczekać dalszych kroków... 
Frywolenie z Tobą, a z Tobą i z całym światem - to prawdziwie światowa zabawa!!!

/ I am sending you the day 6 works of Ewa and mine. We can not wait for further steps ... 
Tatting with you and with the whole world - it's truly world fun !!! /

Ewa : A może to kończyna jakieś istoty nie z naszej planety, może UFO?

/ Or maybe it's a limb, some creatures not from our planet, maybe UFOs? /

Nadal myślę, że to będzie ogon jaszczurki lub dinozaura, ale propozycja Ewy też mi się podoba 

/ I still think it's the tail of a lizard or a dinosaur but I also like Ewa's suggestion.  

Greetings from Poland!
Ewa & Barbara"

Sonja's just popped into my inbox with her days 1, 2 and 3 with the following comment:
"Hello everybody. 
A little bit late, but here is Sonja from Holland. I made my first 3 days in one. Rest will go on quicker
Greetings from a sunny Holland after a lot of rainy and windy days. We had 11 on the cost where I live. 
Greetings from Sonja from Holland"

Next is Christiane who has sent in her days 3, 4 and 5 with this comment:
"Hello Jane, here are my days 3-5 of the TIAS. I don't really know if the LJs are fine and the tension is a bit high but I have much fun! Mhm what can it be? First I thought a monkey but it seems to be something different. May be - a rabbit? Best wishes from Switzerland Christiane"
Well it could be a rabbit, Christiane but we've already done one rabbit.  I may be giving you another, though!!!!  Pretty scissors you've got there.

Annie is next to arrive with her days 5 and 6. She says:
"Hi Jane..Here is my Day 5 and Day 6.
I guess this is a tail.
A tail of.... (I didn’t know 😄)
Happy Tatting,
Annie - Indonesia"
Yes, it could be a tail but I'm not telling!!!"

Next to pop into the inbox is Judy who simply says:
What a wonderful adventure!"
Glad you're enjoying it, Judy.

Linda's another person who thinks it's a leg. Well, Linda and everybody else who thinks it's a leg - it's NOT MINE!!!
"This is my day 6. It's a very shapely leg. ;)
Linda Barnes
northern Virginia, USA"

Next to arrive is Kay with another wonderful picture.  Iorek looks slightly bemused, though.  Kay has this to say:
"Dear Jane,
Hello! Well, it's a bit warmer today....-20 degrees F., so Iorek is happy as he can go outside and play again. In the attached, he's outside on our street, Spruce Street, imagining that dragon flying above just like his friends, the Common Ravens, do. He LOVES flying feathered friends, so he's sticking with this guess! :-)
Kay Lynn"

Deanna is next and she's having lovely weather too. Here's her horn!!!
"I’m back in the game.....my horn is a little crooked though....It is a beautiful sunny day here in London Ontario Canada.....but everything is under a blanket of white fluffy stuff!!!!!
Tatting in Ontario Canada"

Next to arrive (through Riet) is Ankie who says:
"Hallo Riet.
Dag 5 is ook weer klaar.
Ik denk dat het een dier word.
Wens je een fijn weekend.
Groetjes Ankie

Day 5 is also ready again.
I think it will become an animal.
Wish you a nice weekend.
Greetings Ankie"

Carollyn has just popped into my inbox with her day 6 and she says:
"Well it still could be the Viking woman's horns maybe?"

Just about to pick up some tatting to do when Wendy popped into my inbox!!! She says:
"It’s an elephant that’s it’s trunk
Wendy "
Well, Wendy, you're not the only one thinking it's part of an elephant!!!!

Krystal has two guesses today - this is what she thinks:
"Day 6
Is it a mermaid or humming bird?
:) Krystal"

Last one today and this time it's from Samantha with a rather sad tale about her TIAS!
"I still don't know what it may be.. perhaps an elephant? I had to start all over. I made the mistake of thinking I could do just as well with my 2 year old grandson on my lap while he watched Barney! It was a very unforgiving mistake. Oh well, more time to ponder on what I'm making. So here are days 1-6 of the new, ummm, elephant/tea kettle?
Sam Mace
North Carolina, US

p.s. Notice my cat, Willow, tried to take credit for day 3. I assure you, it's my work :)"
Well you'll just have to teach Willow to tat too!!!!

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