Tuesday, 23 January 2018

More Day 3 (and new ones) arriving

Day 4 will be on Thursday and day 5 will be on Saturday. I have two busy days on Wednesday and Friday!!!

First in this morning is from Marjorie who says:
"I am certainly in the wrong time zone to get there first— unless I stay up real late! Greetings from the West Coast of California to everybody who’s already ahead.
My Day 3. . . and a new guess. Mr. Snuffeluphagus didn’t make it, so perhaps this is a nice little ice skate for the coming Winter Olympics?
==Marjorie Wilser

Now another newcomer to the TIAS and this time it's Brandi who's friend Tim has sent hers in. 
"Jane, Brandi is a girl at work I taught to tat. She said she does not think her phone would send the picture and asked me to do it. She does not have a guess, just wants to participate. I have given her the other 2 to do also. She asked me to forward this to you."
Thank you, Tim and Brandi.

Christine is the next into my inbox after a good night's sleep!!! She says:
"Hello Jane!
Here is my progress on this year's TIAS, Day 3. We have turned the corner, and I have several guesses as to what we are making: umbrella, parasol, or butterfly.
I have made some progress on the 2015 TIAS as well, but I didn't include that in my photo so as not to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn't tatted it yet.
I have also been tatting some pink squares for the Tat a Monument in Pink project. They snuck into the photo, it seems!
More information about the project is here for anyone interested: http://www.canarithy.be/cinema.php
Greetings to all of the TIAS tatters! It is fun to read everyone's notes and see where they are from. :)
Hope you are having a great day!
-Christine in Alabama"
Thanks, Christine.  Love the picture.

Bernice has arrived next and she says this:
"I’ve had a few family members guess a heart but I know better. It is really too early for a good guess.
Bernice B

Next to arrive is Coretta and she doesn't like armadillos and for very good reasons which I didn't know about!!  
When I read your reply I thought, “No armadillo are not cute.” Because they carry leprosy, and tear up my yard and are considered a nuisance where I live. However, this morning on my walk I startled one and watched it take off across the neighbor’s yard and as I watched it I thought, “huh, they are kinda cute.” ;) We also have lots of grey squirrels they don’t seem as troublesome as the armadillo. 
Here is my day three. "

Another day 3 and this time from Bev who says:
"Hi Jane
Here is my Day 3. I think you will take us down the split rings with small rings, then around and up the other side. Then there are a lot of joining picots that could take us anywhere.
Not a clue yet. Good fun!"
You've obviously studied BC3, Bev!!!!!  Wish I knew where we were going!!!!

Denise is next in the 'queue' and she says:
"Hi Jane, 
I got a little confused on the reversing of the rings and chains , I really have to keep up on my Tatting so I don’t have that happen again. And as it is I think the rings are backwards. Hahaha I will do another one tomorrow.

Carollyn is next with her day three and here is her picture:

Lori has just started on the TIAS 2018 and here is her comment and her pictures.
"Hi!!I wasn’t able to start till today.
I was at a quilt retreat and did not get back till yesterday.
So tonight I got all three days done! Woohoo,"

Just back after grabbing a bowl of porridge and before I go out!!! 

Next in is Thelma from Australia with her day 2. This is what she has to say:
"My Tatt it and see, project, can’t wait to see what the next instalment brings! Thelma Kirkwood from Craigmore, South Australia."

Denise is now back with her day 3 and the following comment:
"Dearest Jane,This is definitely going to be a frog. That way our princess has the a handsome prince after all. A fairy tale in progress!!!!!
My gorgeous shuttles are made by Shuttles by Design. Rita makes the shuttles and hand paints them. They hold lots of beads and threads. I’m thinking about having her make me one for this TIAS event. She is making them for the Brussels motif.
Thanks for all your work!
I love Rita's shuttles and had the pleasure of meeting her in Canada last year.  I wonder if it's going to be a frog - we'll see!!!!

Next to arrive is Zsóka who says:
"The 3. daily task was ready. I look forward to the rest of the days.
Thank you.
Best regards: Zsóka."

Now I have Martha's day 3 and the following comment:
"Dear Jane, 
Here I come straggling in on Day 3. I blame it all on getting behind with everything due to last week's snow, so I submit here my Day 3 snow sled."

Barbara from Poland is next in with her day 3. She says:
"I am Barbara Tomazewska and I am from Poland --- my 3 day Tias2018"

Finally in this batch I have another tatter from Poland who has sent in day 3. She says:
"Dzień trzeci.Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
Day third. 
Best wishes."

Back again from a morning's crafting with my local group. First in in this batch is Karen who says:
"Hi, Jane 
Here is a pic of my TIAS so far. I managed to get hint #3 started, but I got stuck with the instructions in red. When you reverse the work and start with the second half of the ds first, are the stitches supposed to flip or not? And I'm not sure what you man when you say switch shuttles. If shuttle number one (on the right) is the core thread, which one am I supposed to use to continue the work?
I hope you can help if you have the time. I'm using Lizbeth #10 in Pink Blossoms and two 6mm pearl beads. It's what I had on hand and I'm not adept enough to try this in size 20 yet.
Thank you, Karen"
Those are sensible questions.  Yes on the chain after the SS at the end of SR9, the stitches are supposed to flip on this occasion as it's just a normal chain.  You are still working in the same direction.  Just drop the shuttle you've been using to make the SR9 and pick up the other one.  
When it comes to rings 10 and 11 in red and italics you don't 'have' to do the second half of the stitch first - it's for those tatters who like their work to be showing the doubles the same on both rings and chains (front side/back side).  

Next in is Sarah who has her usual rhyme!!! Don't know how she does it!!!
"Hello Jane, Here is day 3 with the rhyme.

The corner I have turned
but the magical creature I am tatting 
I have not yet discerned."

Anita has just arrived with her day 3. This is what she says:
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 3. As always it is so hard to guess what it will be."

Joanna has just found out about the TIAS and has joined us with her days 1, 2 and 3. Here's her comment and picture:
"Hi Jane
Thank you for publishing the TIAS. 
I am from Hong Kong and I only learn about the TIAS today. I quickly catch up and here is my progress!

Annie is now back with her day 3 and the following comment and picture:
"Hi Jane...Here is my work of day 3,
oohhh.... my dragon is flying away 😊
Happy Tatting
Annie, Indonesia"
A dragon?  I wonder!!!!  

Krystal is next in with her day 3. Here's her comment and picture too:
"I agree with the other gal, those of us in Cali really won't be the first to submit! Lol
Finished this last night, was trying to tat at work but pulled too tight on the thin thread and it snapped on a ring! Fixed it with a knot and some glue- not the best but I can keep going now. Maybe I'll try and empty another shuttle and start a second like some of the other lovely ladies.
Well you might not get in here first but you do a wonderful job even when you have to resort to knots and glue!!!  I can't see where you've had to use the 'cheats'!!!!!!!

I have a short comment from Denise R who appears to have given up trying to guess!!!! She says:
"No idea...."

Sherri has just sent in her day 3 with this comment:
"Jane,I wasn’t sure how to post pictures on the tat and see blog. Here it is!!! Sledding foxes!!! 🦊 🦊 🦊 Can you post it for me??? Cute!!!
Sherri Bertrand
Burke, VA"
I'm afraid you can't post on the blog, Sherri as I don't want to let spammers or others who have nasty motives onto it!!!! That's what I'm here for to do that!!!
Thank you for sending in your AMAZING picture and comment.

Kay has arrived with another pretty picture and she's still working on the same idea too:
"Hello Jane!
We've "turned the corner", haven't we? I must be longing for wildflowers of spring/ summer, as today, I saw our TIAS becoming another pollinator for the blossoms. :-)"
That's a lovely picture, Kay.  Thanks.

Cindy is next to arrive and she's been studying the url's I invented too!!! I now deliberately choose them to amuse people!!! Here's what she says:
"Good morning Jane,
At least in my neck of the woods it is still morning… :) Please find my TIAS day 3 attached. We appear to have reached an edge, maybe the bottom? And after asking “what’s for tea” and “cup of coffee”, I am starting to guess: a pastry of some kind? The beads could be part of the decoration… In reality I have no idea yet… Thank you for making this cold and often dreary period of the year so much more fun. I will really mis it if this really is the last time.
Cindy from Dallas
Ravelry ID:cinhad

Denise J is next to arrive in my inbox with her day 2. She says:
" didn’t realize day 3 was out! I better get back to tatting! Here is my day two. Hope to get to day 3 by tomorrow if not this evening.
I’m going to guess I’m tatting puppy dog tails! Because I have two dogs smashed one on each side of me as I try to tat these motifs. Makes for a very snuggly afternoon, and makes it hard to want to get up off the couch to do something else. If I wasn’t rushed to be elsewhere I would just relax back and keep on going with day 3...ahhhh maybe I should throw out my watch, forget everything and just tat with my dogs."
That's a good idea, Denise.  Now where can I get two tatting assistants like yours from?

Wendy has just arrived and she's sent in her day 3. This is what she has to say:
"Still could be a worm

Another day 3 has arrived - this time from Szlaukó who says:
"Name: Szlaukó Istvánné
Thank you very much"

The final entry today in my inbox is a newcomer to this year's TIAS. Hello, Emily. Here's her days 1 and 2:
"Thanks for hosting! This is my first year and I'm already having so much fun (even though it is so hard waiting for the next set of instructions)! I cannot wait to see what it is :) For now I will guess it's going to be a chameleon!~Emily"

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