Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday again!!

Another Wednesday and that means it's time for Day 8 which is here.  I'll be out all morning teaching.  I do the library on a Wednesday and a local 'old people's home' on a Tuesday morning.  What do I do?  Teach Silver Surfers - a voluntary thing but something I LOVE.  
So, who will be first in today?  Will it be the intrepid Isa, the manic Maureen or 'nobody's going to stop me' Omar?  Only time will tell!!!

First of all I have the overnight arrivals headed by Melanie C who says:-
"Here's Day 7. I took a scan of day 6, but it evaporated! So, here's my current critter. yes, I'm thinking it's an animal of some kind. Perhaps a dog flopped down on the carpet after a good run in the park?  Looking forward to Day 8."

Next in is from Sarah with her days 6 and 7 and she says:-
"The more I tat this TIAS the more puzzled I become. More clues please, please, please give me more clues!    :-)"

Now I have Iza with her days 6 & 7 and who says:-
"I am terrible! I know that and I am really sorry. I cannot wait for another piece of your pattern - this is true. But it is also thruth that I cannot sit by computer to upload my pictures. If I sit by computer at night, I am gone. I search the Internet and I always find something new and very interesting. I try to avoid it. 
Today, I let myself "sink"into the Internet.
I'm sending to days od your project and my work."

Finally before the day 8 is due out I have Patsy who has this to say:-
"Here is my day 7.  I think I'll reverse my former guess of cartoon airplane with turned up nose.
Now it's the tail end of a yet to be completed air plane."

Next in (after shower and before breakfast) is from Margaretha who says:-
"Hi Jane! Hope all is well with you here is my day 7 and I reckon it's a gator!"

Well the answer to who got here first on day 8 is ................. Isa by just two minutes.  VERY closely followed by Maureen.  
So Isa says:-
"Good Morning Jane:  I hope my TIAS day 8 arrive in time :), from a rainy day here in the south of Sweden with 0 degree C/34F.  Send you and all a big hug."

Closely followed by two short, short minutes - here is Maureen.
"Running as fast as I can.... part 8 should have come yesterday, because then I could have said "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits" for the new month! It's either a dinosaur or an aeroplane with a fat leg - or maybe it's a prehistoric sort of rabbit - still evolving......"

Just back and I've found this message from Isa following on from her previous one!!!
"Hi Jane I was in hurry before and i forgot to show you my pictures.
Here in the first one I'm waiting for TIAS day 8 and the second one in the finished part of TIAS DAY 8."

Now this is from Omar who says:-
"Here is my day 8.  I didn’t hurry tonight...Still getting the dinner ready.... Another stinker of a day ....boiling hot and the nights are really hot too....very hard to sleep.  We are all very concerned about poor Queensland again!!! There is a category 5 cyclone about to hit the northern coast. Great devastation is expected. The cyclone that destroyed Darwin was a category 4.  I’m thinking that this is starting to look a lot like a crocodile lying flat out.  Whoops there goes my oven timer.  Looking forward to Day 9."

Next day 8 is from Jenni who says:-
"Finally got the scanner going.  Here is Day 8.  OK it is a crocodile that has just eaten a rabbit......."

Now in is Nima's and she says:-
"Here is my day 8 progress...I was waiting for today's piece of pattern...was curious to see how it is going to change my'm afraid it has a swollen leg...or is it my work that made it swollen..."

Now from the dear old UK comes Geraldine who says:-
"welcome to windsday very blusty here in loughborough.  Well I'm changing my idea from animal to airplane, why because if this is an animal it has funny front legs.  You have us all on tender hooks as to what it is, well done brain cell3# has done it again.  happy tatting."

Finally in this batch I have Rosemary's days seven and eight.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, finally I've caught up and here is my effort.  I'm enjoying the process but I can't figure out what I'm tatting this time.  Enjoying  this TIAS.  Wish this heatwave would go away it saps all my energy.  It's hot every night so I seem to be tired all the time.  Looking forward to Day 9!"
Next I have Valerie who says:-
"TIAS Day 8 is done! I'm inclined to think it's a creature... I see "two eyes" (the 2 blue rings on the top of its head) but I guess you didn't include beads there so they won't give your "secret" away until the time is right. HEEHEE.  I WANT MORE!"

Next in is from Jane who says this:-
"Hi Jane, can't wait for the next installments! Happy tats, Jane"

OK, next in is from Heather M who has this to say:-
"OK... today it has really thrown me, not sure what it is ???? I am sure it will work out in the end thou ..... heather"

Now here's Sonja back again with her day 8 and a WONDERFUL drawing.  She says:-
"Hello Jane and Riet.  Here my day 8. I go back to my idea about a crocodil (but in reality no idea)
Fun, fun, fun."

Following in next is Josie who says:-
"I see Hamish is flying in again, I change my mind every day.   You really have managed to keep us guessing :-)  happy tatting."

Next is from Katie V who says:-
"I think I've got it!  Beowulf had his Grendel, surely a figment of a Brain Cell #3.  Yours is a newly figmented, mythical Tatty Beast, an explosion, er, sorry, creation, from your Brain Cell #3!  Do wonder we can't guess it!  What are those nubbins we tatted this time?
But,  do I really want four of them?!! ;)"
SO, where are the other three, then Katie?!?!?

Next is a short guess from Elizabeth:-
"Leaping Lizard coming in."
Just in is day 8 from Terry who made me smile with his comment.  Haven't we all done this???
"Day 8 was by far the hardest pattern for me. I think I was too excited. I managed to make rings instead of chains and chains instead of rings. Spent too much time untatting - although, I'm pretty good at it since I get so much practice.  I have to stick with the airplane, especially since someone boarded while I was getting ready to take the picture."

Next in is from Margaret J who is in a windy part of the UK - but not as windy as those of you down in Australia.  Here is what she says:-
"As I started arraigning the^&*_+ on the scanner today it struck me that they looked rather like Norfolk windmills.  We have got enough wind here to keep several windmills going.  But thankfully, not cyclones, we are thinking of you all in Australia."

Next piece in is from Wanda.  Please take a minute to look at the tatting in the background of this picture too.  Amazing.  This is what Wanda says:-
"Here's my day 8 after a few minor problems. I noticed this morning that I didn't follow directions for day 7 very well so the colors are switched, but I just left it that way:-)  Then my thread broke which I did fix.  I'm not sure what this is yet but I think it's trying to play Chameleon, maybe because of the problems I had?"

The next picture and comment come from Melanie C who says:-
"My cats must have read the message I sent yesterday. They shed over my desk and scanner so well, you can see the fur tatted into this little guy.....well, you have to look close. I still think it's a critter taking a rest with me after all that romping outside the last 4 days.  Two more days to go???? hmmmmmmm"

Next in is from Caroline who sends her day 8 in too.  She says:-
"I am beginning to think that my guess might be wrong.  You are sure making sure we are in suspense."
Next in is from Joanie who says:-
"I also thought it looked like elephants sitting with their front legs and trunks going up! I think it was Margaret J's picture!!! You have really outfoxed us this time!!!"

Next is from Marco who has this to say:-
"Here is a picture from my day 7 and 8.  No  new ideas what so ever. Haha"

Final one today as I've got to get some sleep is from Wendy who says:-
"Dolphin, shark, whale?"


Anonymous said...

Morning Jane!

Just copied today's part, and watching this page with my daughter, she asked: "it's an elephant, isn´t it?" So I am throwing another bet out there... I am still convinced it is an air plane!

Peace! Monica

Ridgewoman said...

Just awoke and copied Day 8. Love that bit on the pattern where you explain ‘why’ you’ve removed previous parts to save space. Baloney, it is so we can not see clearly the shape that is emerging.

Getting wise to your tricks mate! LOL Time to begin to think seriously folks because we are coming to the end!

From a snowy winter wonderland in the high desert of New Mexico. DH definitely not driving about today ~ yesterday the sun came out and we had a bit of a thaw so he made a quick trip to town ~ NOT today! He might not get back up to the ridge as under the snow is the ice from the ‘melt’ yesterday afternoon....snow over black ice strands us on the ridge.
xxxx P

Ridgewoman said...

OH, I forgot ~ just posted my Day 8...with a sketch...LOL xxxx P