Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday's new pieces

Tomorrow morning will be Day 8 - don't forget!!!

Today we start off with Arlene who says:-
"in size 20 & size 80.  I finally got them done at lunch today.  Very confused dragon? You're laughing, aren't you? I can hear you, you know."

Next in my inbox is from Martha who has this to say:-
"Well, I've dug out the pink&blue bead and used some purple ones instead.  One of the pitfalls of variegated thread--beads or another thread that look good held up next to the ball may look entirely wrong once work is begun.  I'm still enjoying the Pop-a-bobbin shuttle."

Now we have Bernice who has sent in the following picture.

The next comment and picture come from typstatting who says:-
"Hallo Jane! Here is day 6 of my TIAS have an idea or two but nothing definite yet!"

The final person with this hilarious picture in my inbox this morning is Anita who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I got a little behind the past few days, but I'm caught up now. 
I'm beginning to think that Mr. Cent A. Pede might just be a Ms.   In fact, the metamorphosis may be developing into a Ms Elizabeth Ard, more commonly know as Ms. Liz Ard.  She was last seen cavorting in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, USA!"

Next in is from Nancy L who sounds as if she's going through a bad patch with the weather.  She says:-
"Hello Jane, So glad to be tatting this morning  I think my little creature took a turn (LOL) he doesn't want to stick around for our CRAZY weather, 70's this morning with tornado warnings and dropping to the 20's by tonite and maybe flurries later this week. Louisiana U.S.A weather report. So again so glad to be tatting!!!"

After a breather I'm back with a few more pictures and comments. 

First in this time is from Sandra who has also blogged her days 6 & 7.  She says:-
"I'm thinking it's a lizard or a gecko or a kimodo dragon.  Also posted on my blog.  Sandra the Crazy Mom.

Next in is from Shannon who says:-
"This is my TIAS. My guess would be a frog in metamorphosis."

 The next comment and picture comes from Brenda who says:-
"I was unable to do the TIAS day by day but I have managed to catch up to day 6.  I think it might be Concorde."
 Next is from Kay Lynn who says:-
"For Day 7, I just got to tatting it.   My guess hasn't changed, but I do note that the new foot seems to be a bit broader in the base than the back two.  :-)   Maybe an adaptation for this lizard that helps it to gain traction quickly.   Interesting how the competition for first TIAS of the day has heated up.....Fun!  I think they're competing when I'm sound asleep, as their entries are posted as I first check my computer in the a.m.  Looking forward to Day 8 to see our next body addition."
Poor Nancy S - the following five words made me feel quite sad!
"I'm all out of guesses."

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tattrldy said...

Maybe Ms Liz Ard is just a pseudonym - of whatever this turns out to be! Love the picture, Anita has a great imagination. hehehehe