Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday's arrivals!

55.  First in this morning (a quiet start) is from Sue Anna in the USA.  She says:-
"Ta Da day 10 is finally done and ready to hit the 'runway' of Jane's airlines. It has been great watching all the different planes 'fly' into your blog. I wasn't expecting an object for the TIAS so it took until almost the end to know what it was. Good job Jane. Until the next 'game' or when you need cheering up from winter blahs. Sue Anna"

56.  Next in is from Leah in the USA (Tucson) who says:-
"Attached is my multi-colored plane! I suppose that's what I get for using the same colors as your diagrams - switched 'em part way through. I was waiting with baited breath between each TIAS day's release - thanks for TIAS!"

57.  A slow day at the terminal but that's fine.  The next in is from Prabhjyot who says:-
"I am sending you my finished airplane.  Also I am sending you my finished Hippo as I told you in my first email that I am so excited that I want to make all the previous TIAS also.  I will be making all the other TIAS also in next few days.   Thank you for all the excitement & will look forward to the next one."

58.  Next landing in my inbox is Emilia from THE NETHERLANDS.  She says:-
"Finally, here is another plane flying over to you. Thank you for all the fun.



Ridgewoman said...

I think that is really neat that at least one person is making all of the TIAS...I came in at the hippo, Belle; what was before that?
Seems like a good idea to have a set! LOL
xx P

Eliz (tatknot) said...

Jane, thank you so much for TIAS! They are such fun to follow as well as to tat.