Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday!! Just Sunday!

Good morning, world!!!!  Today I have more of the TIAS's that have popped in overnight.  

Tomorrow will be the final day.  Don't forget that those who haven't been sending in work in progress will be VERY welcome too to send in their final piece to be displayed on this blog.  Please send the name you like to be known as online and where you are from too.

First in today (what stunning colours) is from Kay Lynn who says:-
" appears that my "lizard" boarded the cute little airplane that several guessers have seen for some time now.  :-)"

Next is from Isabel with her days 8 and 9.  She says:-
"I'm not sure what can be ............ I think it's a plane, but can also be a plane .......... or maybe a Plane ........... Although it also could be an airplane, jejejejejejejejejejejeje ............. I have not at all clear!!"

Next is from Bernice who says:-
"Here is my TIAS day 9.  I still think it is a lizard.  Bernice"

Now in next is Nima's day 9 and she says:-
"I'm slightly late with day is my progress. It's some prehistorical animal....looks huge in its is it a new age aircraft....anyway it was fun....can't wait for the last bit of the pattern. Thank you so much Jane."

Next in is from Omar who said this:-
"I’m basking in a lovely cool Southerly Change. We have had some terribly hot days and nights. I’m really looking forward to a cool night and a good sleep.  I’m going to have to change my mind yet again and go with the majority and say “Aeroplane.” I think a good name for it would be............
Rabbit Airlines JJ"

Next day 9 is from Liz who says:-
"I still have no idea what this is – I really can’t wait until the unveiling."

Now into my inbox is Sonja who says:-
"My plane was making a loop. It’s back now to the usual way.  Sonja from Holland."

Now we  have a 'fly past' by Katie V who says:-
"In configuration awaiting final instructions!"

Now this next day 9 is from Geraldine who says:-
"Here's my day nine FLYING into your box. It may have suffered some turbulance getting there as it's so windy here in the East Midlands. Have been watching the planes go by as i'm a short way from the Airport."

Now the next picture and comment come from Anita.  What a delightful scene she's made with her day 9.
"So I''m wishy washy.... going back to "the happy little plane with an attitude", except I've switched his nose for his tail. LOL... after all, he is a magic plane!"  Anxiously awaiting the last day, but hate to see it end!!!"
I hope there's a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, Anita.

Next in is Emilia with her days 8 and 9.  She says:-
"Day 8 and 9 from the tias. One of the picots was to short so I couldn’t place the bead. I think one window less in the airoplane???"

Next in with days 8 & 9 is from Marion who says:-
"Here are my pics, finally got to catch up.  I'm beginning to think it just might be a plane!  Wish it were real so it could take us away from all the snow.  It's been so bad, we've had to shovel roofs off!  This has been lots of fun and took my mind off the huge piles of snow outside!!"

 Now I have Nina's day 9 and she has this to say:-
"Please fiind my TIAS up to day 9 . I'm in Denver CO USA  . NOt snowing at the moment and actually see some sun!"

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