Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday's arrivals

Here we are and it's another Friday!!!  Do you know I find you get a Friday every week - how weird is that?  

59.  First in today is from Nancy from Confluence Pennsylvania, USA which is about halfway between Pittsburgh and Altoona on the beautiful Youghiogheny Dam.  She says this:-
"Here is my finished, not blocked yet though, tias 2011.  This was so much fun.  Thank you.  I was sorry to see the fun end.  Now I am working on making your seahorse.  Thanks again for the super fun time.  I really do appreciate it."

60.  Next in is from Beelizabeth in the USA who says:-
"Alligator Air  flight 1 is flying in from West Valley City, Utah (second largest city in Utah and across the Valley from Marty in Salt Lake City) for a landing at your private airport.  I was pretty sure it was an airplane after the second back wing was on, but the alligator versus rabbit was more fun to write.  Thanks again for the fun."

61.  A short note from Star as she came in to land.  She says:-
"This is star! Here is my airplane."

62.  Next to land is from Ladytats who says:-
"I finally had a bit of time to get caught up this week, and here is my day 10, the finished airplane.  Thanks Jane for all the fun."

63.  Next in from here in the UK is Margaret's plane.  She says:-
"I attach my Tias the first one was the blue and black,   but I put the wrong beads on they are too small,   silly stupid me after 40 years of tatting you would think I would get the size of the picots right,  anyway the yellow and black is no 2."

I'm sad to tell you that there's been an accident - here's the link.  Reports don't say whether there were any injuries so hopefully all passengers and crew survived.  I'll keep you informed if there's anything further news.

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Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

They are flying in from all around the world, your Tias has been great and enjoyed every minute of it, I have e-mailed with mine. Big thanks for doing all the hard work enjoyed every minute of it, looking forward to next year.