Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday morning - once more!!

First to greet me this morning is Sandy who says this:-
"Dear Jane, here's my day 9. Should have finished sooner, but got picky about the last lock join, took it out, and managed to pull out one of my first 'ends' with it. Bother! Too short to work back in... I 'stuffed' it into the backside, so even though this little 'plane' looks airworthy... always have the flight crew do a walk around before take-off!! (this may be the occasion for a touch of glue.... ugh!!)"
Next in is from Erika who has a very brief message!
"(Almost) ready to takeoff!"

Now I have Val's to show you and she says:-
"With the CNY going ons, I'd not been able to get online for close to 2 days. Gosh, I almost missed Day 9! But now it's done. I'm sending the product taken in 2 orientations because I really can't decide how I should look at it. Gotta give you the credit. LOL"

Now I have Jeanne's and she says:-
"Here is my day 9.  Can't wait for the last day to see what your TIAS is."

Next in is from Mary who says:-
"Well is done day 9."

Next in is from Margaret who says:-
"Hello Jane ,on this grey Saturday, where the only bit of sunshine is the TIAS !  Here are Dasiy & Dan on their 9th day, I'm sticking with crocodile skinks for my guess."

Next is from Nancy E who says:-
"Looks a lot like an airplane, but not with the bumps on the wing.  So still guess it to be some kind of lizard, croc or gator."

Now we have Rayanna with day 5 who says:-
"How are you?  I'm doing good.  I am finally getting back into tatting and blogging.  I can't seem to find my TIAS Day 4.  I did blog about it on my blog though.  Have a great evening."

Next is Elfriede who says:-
"Hi Jane,
now are the days 7, 8 and 9 is finished and there is no rhinoceros as suspected by me. On Monday we got the last part, it's a plane ....!!!
I was again very curious to see how it goes to the next day.Thank you very much for the TIAS."

 Last in today is Sharren who says:-
"Coming down to the wire - and it could sortakinda be a plane, or it could sortakinda be a creature -- David said "Ha! I was right! It is an axolotl!"
He also said to tell you that he commends you for making such a puzzler -- it's been great fun to tat and guess at what it is.  Every day brings new guesses!
Looking forward to Day 10 and the big reveal!"

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Jenni said...

In case anyone is wondering what an axolotl is ... I had to look it up.