Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday's landings

First of all a reminder - it's NEVER too late to send in a completed TIAS.  I will take them into the TIAS blog anytime.  The number who have already arrived is now 65 (at the time of releasing this morning's arrivals).  Happy landings!!!!

64.  First in this morning and despite cross winds over the Atlantic is Maggie B from the  USA.  She says:-
"You had me fooled till almost the very end as I was convinced it was a shark.  Thanks for a great TIAS as they are always such fun and a wonderful way to brighten a cold and dreary January. We had a blizzard last week - according to news reports, the worst in over 50 years - so my plane was grounded for a bit while runways and driveways were shoveled out and things like planes and cars could be cleared for take off. 
Thanks again, I really appreciate all the work and energy you give to making Tatland such a fun place to visit.  Maggie, Liberty Missouri.

65. Next arrival is from Izabela who says this:-
"I am sorry I didn't send you my work earlier. But for the past few days, I' ve not been in my skin. I am so tired and sleep many hours. It's not me!!
I finished my plane, but I made few mistakes. I have no idea how to correct them, so I left them as they are.  Thank you so much for this game. Thanks to you, I learned some new things, I have never tried before.  I hope soon we got new pattern to do.  Thanks again,  Izabela."

66.  Whoopeeee, another arrival.  This time from Terri who says:-
"Here's my finished TIAS airplane. All along I thought it was going to be an alligator since I know how much you love tatting critters. I was amazed to see it transformed into an airplane during the last couple of lessons.  Thanks again for the wonderful fun we all have doing these projects, the guessing game, and the end result. It's always so much fun and I'm already looking forward to the next one.  Terri"

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