Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 9 and you're nearly there!!!

Here is the penultimate link - day 9.  I will be very busy over the weekend so I'm going to keep the last one until Monday morning.  Sorry about that but little sisters come first!!

First one into the inbox this morning is from Mary who says:-
"Day 7 and 8 and still don’t know what is."

The next comment and picture come from Bonnie who says:-
"Ok got it... I didn't take pictures every day but here it is upto day 8.  I do have 2 say rings 36 41 & 43 really have me confused as 2 what it is .. and only 2 more days 2 go ... hummm."

Next I have a link here to Corina's days 7 and 8.  Corina is a very talented lady and it's worth spending time looking through her blog.

Now I have Anke's day 8 and she says this:-
"It's not 8 o'clock yet and I am up and tatting  - that's VERRRRY early for me because I am a night owl from childhood on...  But I could not sleep any more (don't really know why!) and had not been able to tat the last  days because of a sprained wrist so I thought I could do Day 8 as well NOW!  So here it is: Day 8 and still not knowing what it could be Hier klicken!  Only two more Days? So I guess sundayit will be more clear..."
Sorry, Anke, you'll have to wait until Monday as my sister is visiting me at the weekend!

So, the winner today of the "first to do the day's part" is ISA!!!  Trumpets sounding and the welcome mat is out too.  This is what she says:-
"Good Morning Jane I was worry about TIAS day 9 because I didn't know when it comes.  But here it's my TIAS day 9.  Send you a big hug and I tell you it's a big moment of fun to participate in your TIAS 2011.  I hope to be the first one today and I'm sorry Maureen :) for TIAS day 8 :)"

Second in is Maureen who is admitting child cruelty in her message!!!!
"I may, just possibly, be a tiny bit obsessed with waiting for each part, although I myself would NEVER say so; poor Ben, my 7-yr -old grandson has had to wait so patiently for his chocolate pudding tonight because Part 9 arrived just as we had finished our meal! - he thinks it's a walking crocdile."

After Jenni's which is next, I really must go out shopping!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Yes indeed a plane - which would be why your tester FLEW through it perhaps????  BTW glasses made SUCH a difference.  Thanks Jane this has been fun."

Short and sweet from Jane M!!!  She simply says:-
"Aha. Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is from Josie who says:-
"Well, I have enjoyed this TIAS so much, I am going to be lost when it is over.  Happy tatting."

Now I have two pictures from Anke.  This is what she says:-
"here comes my day 9 and now I also think it must be a airplane. It looks just like the one on the attached picture."

Next in is from Elizabeth - another short and sweet message:-
"Odd critter this is."
Next in is from Heather who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is day 9... it is looking more like a plane."

Next in is Wanda who says:-
"Hi, Jane. Here's day 9 - okay, it's looking like an airplane short one wing. I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow!"
Not tomorrow, Wanda - Monday is the last part!

Next in is from Eva who says this:-
"Hi again!  I had to start all over after some days..... But I have tatted all day long:-)) and just finished day 9.  Still I wonder.......  Thanks....  Have a nice weekend."

Caroline has just dropped into my inbox with her day 9 and comment.  She says:-
"Well an airplane it is.  You sure kept us guessing.  Will miss the challenge when it is done."
Oh, Caroline, so will I.  It's been in my life for several months now!!

Now into my inbox pops Terry.  He says:-
"Good Afternoon Jane, or is it good evening? I feel like I'm always 6 hours behind the times. I may have to redo today's tatting. It looks like my new plane may have run into the terminal one time too many. The nose is a bit flattened. My first plane is in the shop for repairs, hopefully to return to service shortly. The fleet, both planes, should be back in service for the last day."
Hmmm, glad I've not booked my next trip on your first plane, Terry!!!!

Next in with her day 8 is Nicole who says:-
"heres my part confused to what it could be.... On to 9......"

Next is Ridgewoman's picture and comment.  I'm not able to translate this as I haven't found an online translator that can cope with it!!!  She says:-
"0&%$@@@****&&&muffle gruffle"

Next in is from Wendy who has this to say:-
"Ok, so it probably is a plane."
Saturday afternoon.  Please note that there is a colour 'blip' on Wendy's day 9 on SR50.  This is entirely the result of a slip in brain cell number 3's  concentration and NOT Wendy's fault at all!!!!  I got the drawing wrong!!  I apologise and have now put it right. 


Liyarra said...

It is with great sadness that I report that version one TIAS 2011, following it's takeover by QANTAS, suffered engine failure over Mt Miss Kitty late this afternoon.
Flyovers of the area by search craft have only reported seeing TATTERED remains of the craft.........
So I have sent you version 2 instead.

Isdihara said...

Ttragedy befalls Liyarra's TIAS 2011 project? Oh NO!

Ridgewoman said...

. . . .muffle gruffle! Because arriving at ring 50 with no problems, flying along...there was a sudden down draft of a broken picot with bead back on 49; returned to home base and took off again this time without incident. Then, I shot off a witty repartee to Jane; and, forgot the attachment...muffle gruffle indeed! But after the short delay the plane touched down at Stratford Upon Avon. It was, hopefully, not ‘in’ as in the Hudson and Cap. Sully a while back.
Something obviously amiss with our flight plans....P

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

This has been such fun watching, and seeing such beautiful tatting!!! At first I was sure it was a crocodile/alligator,,,but now I am starting to wonder if it is going to be a sea turtle. Will be interesting no matter what it is. Either way, I have a feeling it is definitely a 'critter' of some sort :)

Sorry to hear Liyarra of your great sadness :(

Glad you got yours going again BJ! :)

Maureen said...

OIh poor Miss Kitty, I hope she didn't swallow the beads!