Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday and time for more!

Oh dear, I've let my friend Ridgewoman down.  I went to bed instead of uploading her day 8.  Well how was I to know it was going to drop into my inbox as soon as I went off to bed?!
Here is what she said just after I'd sent her an email and gone!
"OH NO!!!!! YOU CAN’T GO TO BED, YET>  HERE is Day 8 taking off into the sky (yes, the sun came out here).  I think it is an airplane!  I see yup.  Airplane!"

Next in is from Beelizabeth who says:-
"It looks like Alli Alligator may have developed some airplane engine tumors on his front legs.  He may have to join the dog-eat-dog world of the airline business and eat up the the rabbit airlines competition!! That crocodile better not have eaten Alli's rabbit and laid down for a nap- if he did, that croc will be in for a big fight."
What a vivid imagination you have, Beelizabeth!!!!

Next in is from Rose Anne who says:-
"OK lock my answer in for an airplane with the beads as the portholes and we're building towards the front and then the final wing behind the plane!  This was so much fun.  Thank you Jane!!!"

Following in hot on Rose Anne's heels is Sue Anna who is stuck in the middle of a huge snow storm.  Great to have extra tatting time, though!  She says:-
"Hi Jane from the winter wonderland!  Attached is my 'Bleep'. He looks kind of like the pet of Olive Oil and Pop Eye that would pop in and out! lol Sue Anna."

Now we have Katharine B from SC who says:-
"It's Katharine B. from South Carolina.  I've been keeping up with the tatting just not emailing my progress.  Here's day 8.  I am at a total loss as to what it could be.  Try as I might I can't find anything to relate it to the Royal Wedding!  Thanks."
Hmm, Katharine the Royal Wedding wasn't even in the pipeline until after I'd designed the 'thingy'.  Good idea for next year, though!!!!

Next in with a VERY pretty pansy shuttle to show off is Patsy G who says:-
"Here's my day 8 and my solution.  I'm sticking with airplane.  The beads are the windows of the airplane.  We have just finished a large wing with two engines  and the ring at the end of the wing is the little red flashing light. That's my solution and I'm sticking with it.  Maybe.  : )"

Now we have Sharren's day 8 with help from her husband!!!  She says:-
"This has moved way beyond my guesses - what the heck is this???  David said to tell you his guess is an axolotl."
OK so I didn't know what an axolotle was either so I had to look it up.  Here's a link!!!

Next is from Karen L who says:-
"Only two more days??? How can it be coming to an end??? Still no guesses, just having fun with the tatting."

Star has just sent in her day 7.  She's a busy lady so no time for a message.  Thanks for the picture, Star.

Now we have Iza's day 7 and she says (she's very right too):-
"I know it is not race, but I don't postpone this one. It is fun!  Here is my next day.  Thanks."

Next is from Jeanne L who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is day 8.  No guesses, I will just be pleasantly surprised to find out what we are tatting."

Now with a brief message is Bernice:-
"Day 7 & 8 from Bernice"

Now you've just GOT to read this next comment.  This is one clever lass who has got it worked out (she thinks!!!).  Don't forget before reading it that I live very, very close to where Shakespeare was born and do take that into consideration!!!!
Marty says:-
"Here's my day 8 -- I did the other 7 days too (see?), but didn't scan them.  I've figured out what we're making.  It's a poet.  It's embarrassing to take so long and only get it after that last clue.  Very cleverly, I've been reading the file names.  Day 8 did it -- Bobby Bruce.  So, we're tatting a poet who can make a poem out of: Snow, Anglea, Dinahs, Spagboll, Thrush, Kidsrfun, Fishchips.  Yeah, pretty strange poem, but then there are some pretty strange poets out there.  This is one of them -- strangest form I ever did see in a poet."
I must add to this - Bobby and Bruce are my friends and Bruce is actually a direct descendent of Anne Hathaway.  Go figure!!!!!

Finally in my inbox this morning is Erika who has sent this colourful picture.

Next in on a sunny afternoon here in my corner of tat land is Sarah who says:-
"Hi Jane, I got to the end of day 8 only to discover I had not tatted the required number of rings on day 7! ...and just when I was beginning to think I might actually get through a pattern without having to un-tat!... Ah well, un-tat I did and here is the result. I am inclined to agree with others who are thinking jet airplane... but who knows... could change altogether with next installment. OH the anticipation! :-
Laugh, sing and count your blessings. Doing this little TIAS is counted as one of mine. :-)"

Now I have a message from Sandy S who says:-
"Due to maintenance and scheduling delays my day 8 had trouble with boarding, but now has confidently taken off and soared over the pond to land in your inbox and taxi into sight.... yup... I'm going with an airplane!!!"
Next to drop in is Brenda who says:-
"Here is my day 8. I have given up guessing. Will wait and see what it is."

Now the next arrival is from the very cold part of America - Alaska.  Kay Lynn says:-
"Here's my Day #8, and I've noticed yet another Berner hair with my lizard.  Evidently, my lizard likes associating with my Bernese Mt. Dogs.  I haven't changed my idea, but truly wonder what the little rings on that front leg represent...... ??  With only two days left to go, you've certainly kept most of us guessing."

Next in is from Arlene who has had a bit of a hiccup.  She says:-
"I made a mistake with my size 80 version so that picture will be delayed.  I'm going back to my airplane guess."

Arlene's back a little later with her day 8 in a size 80 thread.  Brave woman!!!  Here's what she says this time:-
"here it is, in size 80. Pay no attention to the stray threads.  Pleeeeeease, pay no attention to them."
I see no stray threads, Arlene!!!!!

Now we have Nicole with days 6 & 7.  She says:-
"ok with the blizzard and snow days... I am behind lol here is the combined 6&7 I am working on 8 now.... My Lizzard has a huge leg now..... I think its turning into a dog........"

Just want to share this comment with you from Patsy.  I remarked further up the page on her pansy shuttle so thought I'd put her remarks here.  I'm even MORE impressed now.  This is what Patsy said:-
"You mentioned my pansy shuttle in the TIAS comments. I just wanted to tell you that those are "real" flowers.  They are a miniature pansy that was growing in my yard that I dried then with clear nail polish I applied them to my "made in England" Aero shuttles so that if ever one of my shuttles "walked away" I could identify it.  I'm very protective of my "made in England" Aero shuttles."

Finally on my way to bed I have Anita's comment and picture.  She says:-
"Now you have Mr. Cent A. Pede, Ms Elizabeth (Liz) Ard and I all 3 confused.  We're just not sure what's being created here.  Could it be that we have completely metamorphosed into a very gaily decked Pol R. Bear who is enjoying the U S's recently blizzard?"


Corina said...

Lovely to see all those pictures. Mine you can find on my blog...

Tattingrid said...

Am following all of you, can't make it myself, because with my way of tatting one cannot make splitrings, but that doesn;t matter. I love looking at what others make and there are enough patterns left for me. I go for a crocodile...
(and yeah, I was missing your's in the list, Corina)