Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thursday's day 5

Jane caught me just as I was going to turn off the computer!! Here's what she said - "I managed to do the new JR this time so my JR's are odd. I don't mind because when it is finished I can put it in my folder as a sample. I am really intrigued now, I can see a pattern emerging but still cannot imagine what it is.

Marco has just sent her day 5 and she said -

"I will think a little bit longer and than i will let you know what i think"

Next is Star's and she says -
"I am hoping that it something like a carosel?! what ever it is, I am having fun learning from you! "
Thanks, Star, glad you're enjoying it.

Sylvia has just sent her day 5 in after having scanner problems. Here is what she says -

"Fixed the scanner with a fuse in the plug...duh!!... Here is my effort so far,"

Hmmm, does SueH realise that pink and orange together are my favourite combination of colours? Anyway, here's her contribution and reason for a late (it's never late in this game!) addition to the blog!!!

" I'd finished day 2 but didn't get time to scan it with organizing the Tatting Exchange on HBT. In the stage of waiting for registration forms to come in, so got time to play last night. I'm now up to date - with Day 5!!! Is it a bird? No is it a plane? No it's one of Jane's mysterious creations...? At presant it looks more like part of a very deformed bell! LOL We will just have to see which way her twisted mind goes next! LOL"

Next is from Ginny who said she had trouble with her picot and had to start over.

The first I've opened today is from Teresa down in sunny 'Palmetto Land'.

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