Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Day 1 - part 7 and onwards!

The first one this morning is from Marian van de Zanden. Thank's Riet for pointing out that I got muddled up with my words. I DO wish I could speak Dutch half as well as you speak English. You are amazing, lass.

The next is from Teresa Woods. I just HAVE to show her picture of the threads and beads before she started. It's a work of art in itself. The colours - yummmmyyyy. "The royal blue is Hakelgarn and the complimentary color (orange) is a Flora as is the "natural" I chose, a medium to light value gray. The beads are some hanks that I had gotten YEARS ago on a trip to the Cary-Raleigh NC."

Fannie sent hers in next and had this to say -
"Here's mine picture for the TIAS 2. I use DMC cotton perle size 8, it's almost the same as the size 20, in red, pink and pale yellow."

Martha Ess sent hers in too. This is what she had to say - "I've finally come to a satisfactory set of threads and beads for the TIAS. It promises to be fun. That's a good trick Gina has for the split ring. If your tail isn't quite long enough to come around to the pinch, you can put it across the working area and wrap it around your pinkie finger a few times to hold it in place."

Marty sent in this pretty WIP next. "I've tatted this much so far. I don't see much of anything -- well, not anything I could mention in polite company. It will turn out to be something I CAN mention in polite company, I'm certain." Don't worry, Marty. You'll certainly be able to mention it!!!!!

Omar sent hers in too - "Here is my contribution to the Day 1 family album. I must admit I had to read those instructions more than thrice before I felt ready to begin . LJL Also the camera lies here …I’m not using Blue….I’m using Purple!!! So you’ll have to use your imagination."

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