Friday, 30 May 2008

Friday and more Day 5's

Pam has written in too to have a guess.
"I probably won't start day 5 until Monday. I would like to have a guess. At this point I think it could be a Moth, but where is shuttle 3 coming in? Could shuttle 3 be a bit of a red herring, probably not, so my second guess is that it's a Bell."

This next guess comes from Zarina and she says -
"It looks like a christmas decoration - a bell to connect with 2 button holes. But then the part to hang the decoration using 2 button holes???
Uuuum - you really got us stumped with this one and its a long one (more than 5 days and still not complete).
Good and challenging. Unfortunately no tatting for me - yet!!"
Perhaps next time, Zarina?

Now here's Marie's but I've had to bleep some of her words out as I don't allow that sort of language on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Finally getting around to scanning the little (beep)! Is is a (beep)? or a booger?"

Wally has sent her day 5 in and says -
"Gosh! The curiosity is eating me! lol"

Karen has sent in days 4 & 5 which are below. She says -
"Here are days 4 and 5. I am concerned that my attempt looks so lopsided. Do you think I should start over?"

ext is from Diane Lawrence who says - "It has been much more challenging than I expected, as a lot of these techniques are new to me. I'm not sure I did the one bead between the two rings right. Thanks for posting my pictures." That bead looks perfect to me and you've done an excellent job of it. Many congratulations.

First one in (and before I'm properly awake) is from Fannie who says - "Looks horrible, but the kid went to a vacation and took the camera with her, and the only way I can take pics is with the cell phone. Poor me."

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