Monday, 19 May 2008

Day 1 - part 6 etc!!!

Angie sent in her day 1 progress and said the following -

Here is my attempt at the new TAIS. I used a very small crochet hook to add my beads to the long picot. Other than that I have not had a problem yet. I hope my file isn't too big. I really enjoy working on these samples. They are lots of fun."

I think Ginny's been spending too much time with SueH!! This is what she said!!
"here is my mosiquito sitting on a button!"
Hmmm, it does look a bit like that!!!!

The next contribution is from Marjan Groenveld-Klomp
"Remember me? Dutch 'girl' living in Belgium?
And I do have a question for you.
Do you realise that your Tias-ses are an addictive drug?
I don't know if there is a cure... we will have to learn to live with this
addiction I'm afraid!
I think its wonderful that you have started another TIAS.
It is so much fun to tatt without knowing what it is going to be!
Lots of greetings from Belgium"

Next is Winnie's and she said - "Can’t resist joining in your TIAS again! I’ve never tucked away ends like that – only did split rings for the first time on that hippo, and have never used beads. This is the result of an evening’s work, some bad words, and throwing away of pieces….wondering what it will finally be!"

Now here is Mette's first day's work. She said -
"How exciting - this is my first TIAS. I also enjoy the look of all the beautiful shuttles, I don`t think that we can buy tem in Denmark. Looking forwards to the next step."

Mette in Denmark

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Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...

I deny everything!

Ginny though of that without any help from me...

Pretty good description though - ain't it?