Friday, 30 May 2008

Day 6 on Friday

If I've missed anybody off, please let me know. I had a 'mishap' with my blogging half way through yesterday afternoon. Can't blame blogger - it was my own stupidity!!!! I've got all the pictures saved and can find the comments - just need telling!!!!!

Shirley's comments are next -
"I think the figure is a person on a skate board. I hope I'm doing it right. Having a hard time with SS. The picture is confusing, so i'm tatting so the colors are the same in my tatting."

Carol says -
I think it is a necklace."

Babette says this -
TIAS2 looks a bit like a flutterbye, but with you I’m remaining a bit cynical that everything is quite that straight forward. Enjoying the experience despite the adventure with ferocious safety pins. Did not try your way with the Josephine knots, that will keep for later."

Gale Marshall has a great idea about the TIAS -
looks like a millipede doing sit-ups"

Gina's watching this TIAS and has come up with this suggestion -
"Even though I haven't had time to tat it, I've been watching. My guess is 2 kids...I saw someone said a carousel and that is what I was thinking, only the word I was using was merry-go-round. I thought a teeter-totter at first, but now I would say a merry-go-round."
For those, like me, who don't know what a teetter-totter is she has now translated it into English English - it's a seesaw!!!

Sylvia from Wales says -
"Have up-side-downed it, and it reminds me of a lambs face, or maybe the button is to be a pigs snout, I haven't forgotton that I have a shuttle of natural wood.
Oh heck! I now have to wait a week."
Well, Sylvia - cancel your holiday!!!!

Karen from Woodbridge says this -

"Today I think it looks even more like a bell shape, but I keep noticing that there are still two unused button holes on that button on the this could just as easily be a ......."

Now this made me giggle too. A message from Jenny -

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Could be a butterfly, but I'm not sure that you are a butterfly person. We haven't used the other two holes in the button yet so maybe but I think I'm going to go for a rabbit and say the ears will be from the other two holes. Not much good listening to me though. I am so dim that I didn't recognise Diane's tulip till it got its stalk. I was expecting two more days of it on day 8, Well tha's my excuse anyway. Must go and tat now."

Kristina says -
o me it looks like a flying bat now. :)"

Next from BJ comes the following - "
Since we are only using 1 button I had ruled out a bicycle/motor bike - but it occurs to me that the 'wheels' could be tatted! - so I think it is a person riding a wheeled conveyence. LOL Is that obsure enough! I decided this on Day Five.
Totally cut apart everything I had done up through Day four - and retatted up to day five last night."

JeanneZ sent this message in earlier - "
My guess is either a bell or turtle."

Barbara says -
"here is day 6 of the ???."

From Winnie came this suggestion -
"Maybe a bell, like I said in the last mail, or ......

From Wendy comes the following -
"It's either a Christmas tree or a Bubble car. Remember those?? "

Nita says -
" have moved this around several different ways, still no real guess. "

From Marie came this remark! -
"Oops, I changed my mind, Jane. I think it is "Bob The Bike" on his bike or a skateboard!"

From Winnie came the following -
It is starting to look like a bell to me now…….."

JeanneZ sent inn this comment -
My guess is either a bell or turtle. "

Katie's finished day 6 too and she says -
" ........ but what it is is beyond me, except maybe a zipper pull."
Further thoughts from Katie plus here TIAS's!!!
" here are my little babies, or sort of babies, I guess, because I can't guess what they are, but I think they'll have triangular features, or at least one triangular feature. It's lots of fun. Now, do I have to wait till Sunday for the next bit?" Yes, Katie, you do!!!!

Oh dear, I feel so sorry for some of our tatters!! Poor Marjan. She's really trying so hard to guess what this is. I start giggling as soon as I see her name in my inbox -

"Here is day 6 - Gigi is a happy 'thing', no more legs! I'm still wondering what it is going to be but GiGi thinks she knows! ' Put me upside down' she said this morning, 'and look good.... I am a cow!! My two horns, my two ears en two eyes, a big nose.... yeah, for sure, I am an upside-down-cow!!' Again, it is what GiGi thinks... I still don't know. lots of greetings from Belgium!"

First one in with day 6 is Ginny. Does this woman ever sleep? Is she right with her guess? This is her guess now -

"I think it is turning into a butterfly!"

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