Sunday, 18 May 2008

Day 1 - part 3, 4, 5 & 6

Now this is from Liz in the USA!
"Morning Jane,
It was only one failed attempt to make this, is it what it is supposed to be?"
Well, she's spot on too!!! Well done, Liz.

Next in was from Nita and here's what she had to say -
"I am mostly a visual person, and not always too good at interpeting a pattern.
Thanks for your help,, I love this idea, and learn a lot each time.
I must add that Nita's only problem was with printing out the pattern so I sent it to her in a Word document. Well done, Nita.

The next one is from Riet and she says -
"OK the biggest thing of the TIAS is the fun we have all together, thank you for that."
Poor Riet did say that she nearly threw the computer and mouse out of the window when she was doing the blog for the guild in The Netherlands!!! So many pictures and so many words to translate. Sorry Riet.

SueH has just sent her WIP and remarks after day 1. Good to see you here, me old mucker.

"I was too busy preparing for me trip to join in with the hippo fun. But here I am this time
Day 1 Me posh Peter Coa shuttles wound wil Manuella #20, #11 seed beads loaded + spares and 1/2" MofP button finally chosen!
Tails left uncut for two reasons:
1. Prefer to trim mine after the adjacent tatting is completed
2. For newbies to see that they come out at the back of the work
OK it's a tadpole sucking on a button?"
By the way, Sue, you're wrong - it's not a tadpole!!!!

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