Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More Day 4's

Bev sent in her progress with the following remarks -
"Well after the minor 'disaster' with the broken thread - no problem today; I just switched from safety pins to paper clips and retatted the part I had to cut out.
Here are my supplies and most of day 4 (until thread broke!)
I am now back to the 1st bead join - getting to the josephine knot. I am all 'thumbs' with the new method as I was in a hurry to 'catch up' - so I'll learn that later on and just do it the way that is easiest for me right now! LOL
Here is my progress. #1 My supplies #2 Up through Day 4 before the thread broke! I'm still smiling and tatting! Never give up!

Next is
Diane from Michigan who said -
" I finally finished my day 4. I had quite a time with the JK but was determined to figure out how you did it. I was very pleased with the result. I've often avoided JK because I don't like the way the threads twist up, but with your method they do give a very nice texture and not so much twisting."

Marian sent in her day 4 and said -
I haven’t any clue what this must be wording, I am very curious."

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