Friday, 23 May 2008

Day 2 - more arrived

I found this message particularly interesting and it's something I'd not thought of. Through doing this TIAS people are learning other skills - not just tatting ones. This is a picture from Nell Westerlaken in The Netherlands. She sent it to Riet who then sent it on to me with the following comments - worth reading. Thanks both of you.
"Here is a picture from Nel Westerlaken a member of the dutch guild. She really likes it and she learns a lot not only tatting, but scan her work and mail the picture, first it didn't work. so she would ask a boy that lives next to her, but he wasn't at home so she tried again and it worked.
You know I think we must learn al those world leaders to tat, there wouldn't be a war anymore, don't you think so?"
Yes, I agree, Riet.

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